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Children need vitamins, right? And as a parent, you want to make sure they take them with you. This is how you get the children’s vitamins, of course. But have you ever stopped looking at the nutritional information of vitamins for children? I’m not referring to the vitamins and minerals they contain – I’m talking more about all of those nasty extra ingredients that are hidden on the label – like SUGAR! And loads of them. “Healthy” vitamins for children can contain five grams of sugar per serving. This is basically an oreo cookie … in a vitamin for kids! And sadly, it doesn’t stop there – artificial colors, unhealthy preservatives, citric acid, pork-based gelatin … um … all stuff that pediatricians and dentists should be careful with. It turns out that children’s “vitamins” aren’t even regulated, which means the big vitamin conglomerates can get away with some nasty things, allowing them to basically sell candy disguised as healthy supplements for our kids are.

Enter hija! Hiya is a clean children’s vitamin designed for picky eaters and developed with the help of pediatricians and dentists. Hiya is a daily chewable product with 12 organic fruits and vegetables, no sugar scrap. It is then loaded with 15 essential vitamins and minerals, including zinc, vitamin D, B12, manganese and eleven other vitamins and minerals – each sourced individually for optimal potency and known to support immunity, mood, focus and development – all special important for children today.

And yes! Zero added sugar. No dyes. No preservatives. and none of that rubbery junk which can get stuck in children’s teeth and cause tooth decay. Although no sugar is added, hiya tastes great. That’s because hiya is naturally sweetened with monk fruit, a super fruit that is 1000 times sweeter than sugar.

And it’s not just the vitamin that’s great. Hiya sends its vitamins directly to you, which means that its vitamins are not on the shelves and arrive faster and fresher. And get that – when you receive your shipment it comes with an adorable refillable glass bottle that your kids can decorate with stickers they send – which kids love to do! Then they send out eco-friendly vitamin refills every month … without the plastic waste that you get with most vitamins. So it’s not only good for you but also for the environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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TO WIN: 24/7 Moms and Hiya are giving away a month’s supply of Hiya for every child in three happy families!

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Disclaimer: I partnered with Hiya to support this campaign. We have received compensation for participating in this promotion. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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