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Debating about which stand mixer to buy? If you are deciding between the Bosch Mixer and Kitchen Guide, this has everything you need to know, including insights from lots of different users, as well as a comparison guide with various KitchenAid models to the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, Bosch Compact, and Nutrimill Artiste. 

Kitchen Aid versus Bosch

Stand Mixer Comparison

Growing up, I always admired my mom’s KitchenAid mixer that sat proudly on her countertop.

That KitchenAid has lasted many, many years, and she still lovingly makes rolls, cookies, and other treats for her many children and grandchildren.

So when I got married, I registered for a KitchenAid mixer. I dreamed of making delicious treats and homemade baked goods for years to come.

My parents were so generous and bought Forrest and I the bright yellow KitchenAid Artisan Mixer that sits in our kitchen now. It’s followed us through many moves, made hundreds of batches of cookies, and reminds me of my time growing up.

With that said, over the past year, I’ve noticed its performance going down – it overheats with a simple batch of cookies or a small roll recipe. So when I was approached with the opportunity to try out a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, I was excited to try it out.

Of course, there was a part of me who felt like I was cheating on my KitchenAid mixer…because I really do love it. But after it stopped working for a little while recently, I knew it was time to consider something new.

I’ve heard about Bosch mixers over the years, and everyone I know who has one loves it. So when I was presented with the opportunity to review one, I jumped all over it.

I love to bake, and I felt like it was a natural fit to review this mixer. Because there are often a lot of questions about the two, I decided to do a comparison based on my use over the last month or so.

Although Bosch did send me a mixer, I hope that you know I have taken this comparison very seriously. I’ve tried to hash out the pros and cons of both mixers. I believe in the principal of buying it once and buying it right, so I hope that this will help you make the right decision so there’s no buyer’s remorse.

This comparison is primarily between the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer and the Kitchen Aid Artisan. While there are more powerful KitchenAid mixers available (which I include in the comparison chart below), when I’ve talked to people, it’s almost always the Bosch Universal Plus or the KitchenAid Artisan that they have or are deciding between.

bosch mixer and kitchen aid artisan

Comparison Video

If you are more the visual type, here is a video that goes over some of the pros and cons of both mixers, as well as shows our little mix off!

Side by Side Comparison of Mixers – Comparison Chart

In this comparison chart, you will see a couple of different mixers:

The first three are the different mixers available through the Bosch/Nutrimill family. The second group of three are from KitchenAid. KitchenAid has tons of different mixers, but I chose these three because I’ve seen them for sale in the store, and I thought it gave a nice look at versatility. Be aware that there are models no longer available (such as the Heavy Duty), but you may be able to buy these on eBay or at garage sales.

Depending on your computer or device, you may need to use the scroll bar to see this entire chart.

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Bosch Compact Nutrimill Artiste KitchenAid Artisan Kitchen AId Pro 5 Kitchen Aid Pro Series 7
Price $399 $159 $299 $499 $799 $799
Power 800 watts 400 watts 650 watts 325 watts 450 watts 500 Watts 1.3HP high efficiency DC motor
Bowl Capacity 6.5 quart 4 quart 5.5 quart 5 quart 5 quart 7 quart
Bowl Material Plastic (stainless steel can be purchased separately) Plastic Plastic Stainless Steel (glass can be purchased separately) Stainless steel (glass can be purchased separately) Stainless steel (glass can be purchased separately)
Colors White White White with choice of white rim, black rim, or silver rim Over 50 options Red, black, and silver Six Colors
Width 15.5″ 10.5″ 13″ 8-7/10″ 11-5/16″ 13-3/10″
Height 10.6″ 10.25″ 11″ 13-9/10″ 16-1/2″ 16-2/5″
Weight 17 pounds 9.75 pounds 10.287 pounds 23 pounds 24.91 pounds 25 pounds
Dough Capacity 14 pounds (around 9 loaves) 6 pounds 10 pounds 4 1/2 bread loaves 6 3/4 loaves 8 pounds of dough
Batches of Cookies 39 dozen Not sure Not sure 9 dozen 10 dozen 14 dozen
Accessories Included Base package includes dual wire whisps, plastic whip drive, dough hook, dough hook extender, and splash shield. Other accessories available to expand versatility.  Base package includes wire whisps, dough hook, and splash shield. Additional accessories available.  Wire whips, dough hook, and bowl. Additional accessories available.  Coated flat beater, coated dough hook, 6-wire whip, Pouring shield (additional accessories available to expand versatility) Coated flat beater, coated dough hook, 6-wire whip, Pouring shield (additional accessories available to expand versatility) Flat beater, PowerKnead spiral dough hook, wire whip, pouring shield (additional accessories available to expand versatility)
Speeds 4 speeds 4 speeds 6 speeds + pulse 10 speeds 10 speeds 10 speeds
Dishwasher Safe Yes – except for the gear drive and the base/motor.  Yes – except for the gear drive and base/motor Yes – except for gear drive and base/motor The bowl, coated flat beaters, and coated dough hook are. Wire whips, burnished dough hook, and burnished beaters need to be hand washed. The bowl, coated flat beaters, and coated dough hook are. Wire whips, burnished dough hook, and burnished beaters need to be hand washed. The bowl, coated flat beaters, and coated dough hook are. Wire whips, burnished dough hook, and burnished beaters need to be hand washed.
Warranty Three-year motor and transmission. 1-year parts and plastic.  1 year warranty from date of purchase 1 year from date of purchase 1-year limited warranty from date of purchase 1-year limited warranty from date of purchase Five years from date of purchase

Also, as you see above, the KitchenAid Pro Series 7 power is measured in horsepower, which makes it harder to compare the power. However, on one website, it says that it has a 500 watt 1.3 HP motor.


This really comes down to personal preference.

KitchenAid Mixers are known for coming in a beautiful array of colors – you can easily select one that matches your preferences and color scheme in your kitchen. I’ve always loved that bright yellow mixer – it just makes the kitchen look brighter. I believe it’s mainly the Artisan model that comes in the most colors – if you have the KitchenAid Pro, there are just a few standard colors.

The Bosch Universal just comes in white. So if you are hoping for something a little more fun, that’s not going to be the Bosch. However, it’s very classy and looks great on the countertop.

The Bosch Universal is a little bit wider than the Kitchen Aid Artisan, however, if you turn it around, it will end up being pretty similar.

The Bosch is a little bit lighter in weight than the Artisan and other models. It can more easily be bumped in my experience, but newer models have the suction cup feet which keep it very steady.

The Bosch is shorter, so it may fit under low cupboards easier.

Ease of Use

Bosch has more parts, and I feel like because of this, it can be a little bit cumbersome to run at times. In the beginning, I got a little confused about all the attachments and having to switch the gears for different attachments. However, I’ve gotten used to it over time, and I don’t have to think about it anymore.

I do think that KitchenAid is more user-friendly, but that may also be because I grew up using one, and it’s what I used to.

When it comes down to it, I think a lot of it just what you are used to. I’ve talked to people who think the Bosch is an easier machine.

Honestly, neither of them are that complicated to use. Once you figure out what accessories you need to use for what, it’s easy either way!


I do think that the Bosch bowl is easier to clean. After I made the rolls during our mix off, the bowls sat out for about an hour. I was easily able to wipe up the dough that was left behind.

However, with the KitchenAid stainless steel bowl, it was definitely more stuck on, and it was harder to remove with just a damp cloth. I paid specific attention to this because I mentioned to my mom that I thought the KitchenAid was harder to keep clean, but I couldn’t remember why.

I just feel like the bowl and the mixer itself is just more slick, so things come off more easily. Even one day after I had used my Bosch, I was still easily able to remove all of the debris.

If I let my KitchenAid sit for very long, I have to make it soak.

One part of the KitchenAid that you have to really make sure you keep clean is where you attach the attachments, or else they won’t go in correctly.

With that said, I do think the accessories can be trickier to clean with the Bosch because there are just so many nooks and crannies. Fortunately, you can throw almost all of them in the dishwasher (except for the gear you put up through the pole), so that makes it easier!

With the Kitchen Aid, you can put the bowl, coated beater, and coated dough hook into the dishwasher. The wire whip, and burnished beaters and dough hook must be hand washed.


When you look at the MSRP, the KitchenAid Artisan 5 quart is $499, and the Bosch Universal Mixer is $399.

I have never actually seen a KitchenAid Artisan 5 quart at $499, though, and I most often see it on sale for around $300 and even less during the holidays. Because of that, the Bosch Universal Mixer is a little bit more expensive – but it certainly has reason to be a little bit more expensive. I have seen it go as low as $319 for just the mixer, and it’s basic attachments.

Honestly, I am always seeing deals on mixers, so it’s hard to say what price you are going to be able to get the Bosch Universal, the Kitchen Aid Artisan, or one of the mixers above. Regardless, you will end up spending a couple hundred dollars at least – and if you can find a good bundle deal (especially with the Bosch), you will get the most bang for your buck.

With the KitchenAid, they are sold at TONS of retailers all over the country and online, so you can search around for the best deal that way. Bosch Mixers are available in fewer places, so I usually recommend buying directly from the Bosch website to find the best deals. Sometimes you might be able to find a Bosch Costco deal, though those can be rather rare.

Bosch Universal Overview and Review

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

I’ve already written a post about the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, which you can read here – The Ultimate Guide to the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. However, I will give a brief overview and review below for the sake of this post.

When you JUST buying the base model of the Universal, you’ll get the following:

  • Plastic bowl (stainless steel available separately)
  • Wire whips
  • Dough hook
  • Dough hook extender

A note on the plastic bowl – initially, this was a turn off to me. However, I learned that they have a plastic bowl because it is better for bread making. Pretty cool!

Bosch often has some great bundled deals going on, which will give you the most bang for your buck. If there’s ever one going on, I’ll share the details below.

Things I Like

Suction Feet

bosch suction feet

These are great! The Bosch Universal is actually a pretty light mixer (the Compact and Artiste are even lighter). Because of that, if it gets bumped, it would be more likely to move than a heavier mixer, like the Kitchen Aid.

The newer models have these great suction feet that make it steady on your countertop, and it doesn’t move unless you want it to!

Dough Hook

This is monstrous, but it works very well. I really believe the Bosch is the ideal mixer for someone who makes a lot of bread products, and the dough hook does an awesome job at large batches.


I’ve heard people say that a big downside to the Bosch is that it’s not great at small batches – and if you don’t have any of the extenders, then I would agree with that. However, I use the dough hook extender with all my bread – large and small – and I never have issues.

The cookie scrapers are nice to scrap the interior and exterior of the bowl, and they help with smaller batches. I have had some trouble with mine, which I talk about below. However, no one else I’ve talked to have had the issues I have 🙂

The Power

Simply put, it’s powerful! It “only” has four-speed settings, but I find that sometimes, having fewer options is more. Even the lowest setting feels really powerful! At 800 watts, it definitely has a ton of power.

bosch power

Cord Storage

In the video, I mentioned this, but our Kitchen Aid cord got cut somehow. I have no idea how! We repaired it with some electrical tape, but it was kind of annoying. The cord for the KA just kind of hangs out. I really like the hidden cord storage with my Bosch.

bosch cord storage

The Lid

This is probably my favorite part of my Bosch. I LOVE the lid. The fact that it’s closed on top makes baking so much less messy, and it’s easy to add additional ingredients in.

bosch lid

The warranty

The warranty on the Universal is awesome. It’s three years for the motor and transmission, which is longer than most of the standard Kitchen Aid warranties.

Easier to Store

I keep both my mixers on my countertops, but this isn’t ideal for most people (and honestly, I really don’t like having both on my countertop). The Kitchen Aid is taller, so it’s harder to just store it away in a cupboard. Because of the size of the Bosch, it’s easier to put in places like that.

What I don’t like

  • Center pole – I really don’t love this. I find that it gets in the way more often than not. I like to let my dough
  • It does have a lot of components, and it can sometimes be annoying to have to switch out all the parts. I often forget to put the draft shaft in the middle, so I’ll end up picking up the bowl and putting it in with all the ingredients. If you are more keen on details, you might not have this problem.
  • Butter Mixing – A lot of my recipes call for cold butter, and the cookie beaters can’t beat this. I have to use the wired whisks, and even then, it can’t be totally cold. I like mixing the butter in my Kitchen Aid better.
  • Loud – It definitely isn’t a quiet machine!
  • Harder to put in the fridge – the size of the bowl is harder for me to find a spot for in my fridge than the Kitchen Aid. This can be annoying when I have to chill cookie dough.

My Accessories: 

I have all of the standard accessories, plus a few extras:

The dough hook – bulky but works really well.

bosch dough hook

Wire whisps – these work with both the metal and plastic gear. The plastic gear is ONLY to be used with liquid!

bosch wire whisps

Cookie Paddles – these are for making cookies. They seem to work pretty well! If you add in too many mixins, or you are making a larger batch of cookies, I recommend using the dough hook. The neat thing about the cookie paddles are that they are designed to break if it starts to get overworked, rather than hurting the motor.

bosch cookie paddles

Cake Paddles – If you make a lot of cakes, these are a must-have for the smoothest and most consistent batter!

bosch cake paddles

Splash shield/Lid

bosch splash shield

Accessories available:

When people think of the Kitchen Aid, they often think about how many accessories they have. The Bosch has tons, too! Here are some that you can purchase (more details on each of them can be found in the post I wrote about the Bosch previously):


KitchenAid Artisan Overview and Review

kitchen aid artisan

My mom has a KitchenAid Heavy Duty, and she has had it for many years – probably around 20-25 (it was around for as long as I can remember). Although they no longer make this model, they still make parts that fit with it, which she appreciates it. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an expensive appliance that you can’t buy replacement parts for.

We both agreed that the tilt head was easier to use than the crankshaft version, which is what my mom had. The Pro series from Kitchen Aid use this mechanism as well.

What it Comes With:

When you buy your KitchenAid Mixer, it will include:

kitchen aid accessories

Things I Like:

–Butter whipping

I just think it’s easier to beat butter with my KitchenAid, especially when it’s cold.

–Nice for small batches

It does a great job with all of my cookie and dough recipes that are smaller. Everything mixes up well. We also really like to make frosting in it.

–Very aesthetically pleasing

I love how it looks, and I love that you can pick one to match your kitchen. Because it’s so heavy, it’s not really ideal to get it in and out of the cupboard every time you use it.


Although it’s not fun to carry out, chances are, you’ll just put it on your countertop and leave it there. I don’t ever worry about it falling off.


It’s just very straightforward and easy to use. There is not a huge learning curve associated with it.

–They Keep Making Parts

As I mentioned, they no longer make the KitchenAid Heavy Duty that my mom has – however, she has no problem getting replacement parts for it when she needs to.

Things I Don’t Like:

–Stuff flies all over the place

No matter what I do, ingredients always fly out of it, especially if I have to add ingredients while it’s on. Don’t get me started on how much I hate putting powder sugar in it. The pour shield doesn’t do a thing.

–The Cord

It just kind of hangs out, and I often find it in the way when I’m not using it. I think I’ve seen people would command hooks on the back to hold it in place, though.

–Mixing tools not compatible with other models

If you upgrade to a different model, you will likely need to get new mixing attachments.

–Doesn’t seem to get the sides or the bottom very easily

Whenever I am mixing, I usually have to get the sides or bottom using a plastic scraper. Not my favorite thing to do!

My Accessories: 

Coated Beater: These come standard with all mixers, and they are great for a variety of tasks. I personally LOVE the flex edge coated beater – it incorporates things better.

Dough Hook: This also comes standard with KitchenAid Mixers. The Professional Series has a different one.

Wired Whisk: This is great for whipping frostings, cream, egg whites, and more!

The Splash Shield (that I don’t like 🙂

Paddle with Scraper – This is a game changer. I LOVE this paddle.

Accessories available:

The KitchenAid Mixer has TONS of accessories to make your machine even more versatile, including:

You can find all these on Amazon or on Kitchen Aid’s website (make sure to check compatibility with your mixer)


Mixer Mix-Off

As you can see in the video above, we did a little mix off. While we only shared the rolls and whipped cream, we also did a little comparison using my favorite cookie recipe.

Whipped Cream

whipped cream in bosch mixer

For the whipped cream, I used the wire whips from the Bosch and the Kitchen Aid. They both worked really well! The Bosch seemed to take about 30 seconds shorter, but they both resulted in some delicious whipped cream.

However, the texture seemed very different to me. In the Kitchen Aid, it was quite airy. In the Bosch, it was very creamy. Neither of those is bad – it just depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I preferred the creaminess of the Bosch’s whipped cream.

UPDATE – I really have issues making whipped cream with my Bosch. It seems to only work once in a while. It never seems to whip up. Not sure why! I prefer using my Kitchen Aid now for whipped cream. 


I was excited to compare the bread making ability of the Bosch and the Kitchen Aid because I love making homemade bread and rolls. I’ve found myself making larger batches as of late, and my dear old Kitchen Aid was really struggling – one time it turned off completely, and I thought I broke it!

We used my Quick Dinner Rolls Recipe for this “experiment”. This is a very small batch recipe.

I do think that the rolls tasted better from my Bosch. They felt less dense, and I feel like the ingredients incorporated better. My mom made a batch using her heavy duty, and they tasted a lot more yeasty than the ones in my Bosch did.


This is the main place where I’ve been split. I LOVE how many cookies you can make with the Bosch, as well as the potential of the bowl scraper.

With that said, I don’t love that you aren’t supposed to cream cold butter in it – especially not with the cookie paddles. Some of my favorite cookie recipes require cold butter. I also have found that the whisks seem to cream butter better, and it is a little annoying to switch from the whisk to cookie paddles.

Bosch has the bowl scraper, but for some reason, I’ve had issues with it. It doesn’t seem to sit correctly for me, so it doesn’t end up scraping the inside of the bowl, and sometimes it falls off while mixing – the outside it does beautifully, and I LOVE that. After talking with some friends who have a Bosch with the bowl scraper, they don’t have this problem, so I’m thinking it must be a user error. I think once I can figure that out, I will like using it more for cookies because I really don’t love having to use a plastic scraper to get the dough off the side.

With my Kitchen Aid, I like how the paddle attachment can whip butter super easily and fast – even when it’s cold. I do find that even when I’m using my paddle that has the scraper on it, it doesn’t get everything on the side, so I usually have to come in with a plastic scraper, which is annoying. Also, mine seems to have trouble with two dozen cookies, even though it’s supposed to be able to handle 9 dozen. It wasn’t always like this, but as I mentioned earlier, the motor on mine seems to be giving out. Just today I used it to make some Gingerbread Blossom Cookies, and it sounded like it was going to explode. It was shaking all over the place as well.

Considering all of that, I think if you are making larger batches of cookies, the Bosch is definitely going to be your best bet. For smaller batches, though, they both do a good job.

Overall Thoughts

Both of these are great mixers, and I think that there are different people who are better suited for each one.

I think the Bosch Universal is best for …

  • People who will use their mixer a lot
  • People who like to bake bread
  • People who bake in large quantities
  • People who want something more powerful

I think the Kitchen Aid Mixer is best for  …

  • People who will be using their mixer for occasional use/smaller batches (a couple of times a month – just a couple of batches of cookies or 1-2 loaves of bread at a time)
  • People who want the simplest mixer that is still powerful
  • People who want something that can be matched to your kitchen

Honestly? I am keeping both of my mixers. Not only do I think it is useful to be able to use both at the same time (like for the birthday cake and frosting I am making later this week), but I do think they serve different purposes in my kitchen.

2021 Update:

I wanted to write an update and say that for the past year, I’ve started baking A LOT more. I have done lots of sour dough, kamut breads, and, of course, cookies.

Through this, I primarily use my Kitchen Aid, primarily because it’s what I’m most used to. I have a hard time with change. I feel like it’s just simpler to use. I do wish my Artisan had a higher capacity, and there are times where I feel like it’s going to break.

I do think the Bosch is a great mixer, and I know many people who absolutely love theres. I’m glad I have one, and when I am making larger batches of things, it definitely comes in handy.

Experiences from Others

I think any good review shares thoughts from others. I’ve tried my best to be unbiased, but at the end of the day, nothing is truly unbiased. So I thought it would be fun to share thoughts from other people. It was really interesting to me to read all of these

“I have both. Have had for a long time, more than ten years I feel my Bosch is better for large batches such as 6-8 loaves of bread dough and double batches of cookies. It doesn’t do as well for frostings and small batches. I like my kitchen aid for smaller batches and for whipping.” – Dee

“I’ve had KitchenAid mixers for the last 35 years. My first one was a hand-me-down from my mother, and it lasted about 15 years after she gave it to me.It was a 5-quart lift. My second was a five-quart lift bought a refurb from the KitchenAid outlet, also a 5-quart lift. I had it for about 10 years and passed it on to my daughter and got a 6-quart pro, which is what I have now. I bought it as a refurb from Amazon. The mixer works fine but I need to replace my whisk because I think it’s out of alignment and seems to hit something in the bowl. I do large batches of cookies, and I also use the meat grinder attachment on a regular basis. I think it works fine for what I do, and I like the different attachments. I have a wheat grinder, grater, and the meat grinder. I don’t use my mixer for making bread dough, so I can’t say there.” – Marie

“Well for one, I don’t like the open bowl with the Kitchen AId. Even with one of that half bowl covers flour and lose stuff like that always flies out when I turn it on. Even if I try to do a little at a time. And I just hate having to pull the head up every time to get into the bowl. I just like the lid with the Bosch, and it just seems more user-friendly. All you have to do is take the lid on and off. You don’t have to tilt the head up to get the bowl out or anything.” – Mauri

“I think the Bosch is more user-friendly, I think because of the mixer is on the bottom. Kitchen Aid is known for all its attachments. Bosch definitely has a bunch, too. I prefer the Bosch. Kitchen Aid is nice because it’s cute and sits on the countertop, so it’s easy to not have to get it out. The wire whisk on the Kitchen Aid isn’t the greatest in my opinion.” – Kennedi (a professional baker)

“I have a Kitchen Aid Tilt Head and have had it for 8 years. I have never had a problem. My mom has had her Kitchen Aid Lever Raise for 35 years. The motor has gone out once in it, but other than that, she hasn’t had any problems either! My least favorite part is that flour and sugar get in all the screw heads, nooks, and crannies, making it hard to clean.” – Sarah from High Heels and Grills

“I have a KitchenAid. I’ve had it 6 years I think. It hasn’t broken, but it’s a bit louder than it used to be. I think from too many double batches of chocolate chip cookies lol!”- Brittany

“I have decided that the perfect combination is the smaller (5qt) kitchen aid (it does a better job of incorporating ingredients than the professional model) and a Bosch. I like the kitchen aid for smaller things, but I use my Bosch all the time. I felt like ingredients always got stuck on the bottom of my professional kitchen aid- so I sold it and bought the cheaper version. The Bosch is a lot harder to clean, but things mix so much better, it never overheats, and my bread dough especially turns out sooooo much better. I do have a few of the Kitchen Aid attachments and use them a lot (the wheat grinder and the pasta roller).” Kathryn

“Kitchen aid, the mechanism that locks it down into place (top to bottom) broke like 3 used in and I never fixed it. I still use it though.” Christa from Pura Vida Moms

“Kitchen Aid for almost 12 years and we’ve only had to replace the paddle attachment because it started to chip. We’ve had our second paddle for maybe 3 years and it’s starting to chip too… but as far as the mixer- still looks great and works great!” Cindy from Infertilitees 

“Kitchen Aid Mixer – never broken, love it. But I did love my parent’s Bosch just as much – if not more.” – AJ from Slowpoke BBQ

“We had the base model kitchen aid for about ten years before the motor burnt out. We bought a new one (next level up). We love it but we’re finding that it does struggle with more than a double batch of bread. It starts to smell like the motor is burning.” – Stephanie

“Bosch for about 17 years. It even fell off the counter one time when kneading dough and still works. And I have been making at least 6 loaves of bread each week all this time.” -Tammy

“Bosch for over 16 years, with no problems – except for the blender that came with it. It wasn’t that great and broke probably five or six years ago. Can’t remember how.” – Jamie

“I got a Bosch compact as a wedding gift. The only issue I had was that after 5 years the whisk attachment melted off when I was using it. I was making cream cheese frosting for 200 cupcakes for my sister’s wedding. The frosting was thick. The friction heated up the metal shaft and melted the surrounding plastic. I still love and use it, just don’t have a whisk attachment.” – Brianna from Flippin’ Delicious

“I have had my kitchen aid almost 10 years with zero issues.” – Amber from Amber Simmons (Professional HD)

“Kitchenaid Pro for 12 years, other smaller models for 2 or 3. I’ve stripped the gears on the pro twice now. It’s about a $20 fix. It’s also unusual to strip the gears, but I’m also a lot harder on my KitchenAid than most consumers. The first time I was making 144 Dinner Rolls for a party. The second time I was making a giant 10 pound Oreo. ” – Rachel from The Stay at Home Chef

“I’ve had mine for about 5 years. I bought it used from a yard sale so I don’t know how old it really is. It’s a professional model, the kind that the bowl goes up and down, not the head. I love it. I had a mini Bosch too and I like the kitchen aid much better and it takes up less space on my countertop. I use it about 4 times a week. I make all sorts of stuff in it including kneading bread.” Annette (MODEL KSM5)

“Had a Bosch for 15 years. I’ve never had it break down, but I have had to replace my beaters twice and my blender once. The beaters because of user error, and I literally wore out my blender. I LOVE it!” – Rachel

“Bosch for 18 years. Never a problem. Lots of baking and bars have gone through it. My brother has my mom’s Bosch going on 35 years old. Still does amazing with all needs!” Kami

“You most likely won’t have trouble with either and you “could” have trouble with either if for some stupid reason you get a defective one (highly unlikely in both cases). My grandma has had two KitchenAids throughout her adult baking life (19-93 and both still working, second KitchenAid and grandma) and my mom is now on her second Bosch (30-67 also both still working, second Bosch and Mum)” – Lorena

“My mom has had two Kitchen Aids, and she loves them. If you get them serviced regularly (once a year), they hold up well. She had the one for 12ish years before she upgraded to a bigger mixer.” – C.C.

“I have my Grandmother’s Bosch. I don’t know when she got it. I think it was when my dad was a kid or teen. And he is over 60 years old. It hasn’t needed any repairs since I’ve had it, but it is on its last leg.” -Brittani

“KitchenAid for 20 years. Luv it!” Pat

“Bosch. I have a Kitchen Aid and pretty much strongly dislike it. Mom had a Bosch that was heavily used for years and it was wonderful. My Kitchen Aid bowl started to rust after about 3 uses – always hand washed and I had to fight them to replace it. It doesn’t ever, ever pull everything from the bottom. I have a good hand mixer that I actually prefer to use over my Kitchen Aid nearly always.” – Carrie

“I got my KitchenAid for my wedding 18 years ago and haven’t had a single problem. My mom has had hers for I’d guess about 40 years and it’s still going strong.” – Kara from the Joys of Boys

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