Water Toys for Toddlers! 5 Ways to Have Fun in the Sun!

In the hot summer months, the best way to cool down is to play with water toys. Your toddler will absolutely love walking around in a swimsuit and getting everyone around them wet! Water toys make summer fun easy and enjoyable. Best of all, they encourage you to go outside with your toddler and get some vitamin D. We have divided water toys for toddlers into 5 categories; Water tables, sprinklers, pools, splash parks and splash pads! Not only are these perfect for toddlers, but they can be fun for the whole family too.

All of these toddler water toys can be used in an average sized garden and require minimal tools. Most will need a garden hose or an outdoor water supply because filling a pool or running a splash park or pad requires connection to a water source. When using water-related toys, young children should be closely monitored and supervised to ensure their safety. Check out our water and pool safety tips for toddlers to make sure you’re well prepared!

Groundwater level

Many families and classrooms use water tables because they are great toddler water toys that help with sensory issues and improve hand-eye coordination. A water table is an interactive table that holds water. Most of them have shovels, buckets, and floating parts to play with. Many also have features like waterfalls and interior parts for filling, which makes water splash out in different areas.

A water table is one of the best water toys for toddlers as it helps them become independent, learn to play independently, and provide them with a comfortable place to splash around. Water tables can be used indoors, but you wouldn’t catch me in my house with one! This is usually a messy and wet activity, but this is what summer is all about!

Our favorite water table

Water toys for toddlers!

Step2 rain showers Splash Pond water table

The Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond water table is a colorful plastic table with two levels and 15 accessories for water fun. The table itself is blue with green legs, which makes it look a lot like a pond or lake. The lower level is in the shape of a basin and contains the main water. There is a sealed plug in the bottom for easy emptying and cleaning.

This floor pool is the perfect height for toddlers to play independently and has a water wheel, bucket and rubber duck. The upper level is a little higher, perfect for older children. This upper part is smaller and has a series of holes to create a rain effect. There is also a hole for creating a water maze. The age range for this water table is 18 months to 8 years. Buy yours here!

Sprinkler water toys for toddlers!

Don’t you remember running through the sprinklers in your yard all summer? I’m pretty sure our mom let us do this just to clear up the popsicle mess, but I loved it! My kids also love running through the sprinklers to cool off, especially since there are now toys to make this even more fun.

Water toys for toddlers

Our most popular sprinkler toys

Inflatable rainbow sprinkler toy

This sprinkler is an inflatable rainbow with two clouds. It fills up and then it rains down from the rainbow, creating an arch for kids to run around and splash around under. By adjusting the water pressure, you can change the way the water sprays. This water toy is ideal for stand-alone use or as an addition to any garden pool or slide. Here is the price!

Water toys for toddlers!

Sun Squad Cactus Sprinklers

This Cactus sprinkler follows a similar model to the Rainbow sprinkler. But instead of water falling off an arch, it splashes out from everywhere! It’s so cute and I wouldn’t mind standing it in my yard all summer. Check it out here.

Splash pads for toddlers

Another great variation on the sprinkler is the garden splash guard, a round plastic mat that attaches to a garden hose. The pressure of the water fills the mat and pushes water through the holes in the mat, creating a sprinkler effect. This water toy is an easy way to have fun in the garden without taking up a lot of space. You can even put it in the garage or basement for off-season storage. Splash pads are also great for toddlers as they are easy to assemble and use and keep the water fun safe for the little ones.

Our favorite splash pad for toddlers

Water toys for toddlers!

Splashin’Kids Sprinkle and Splash Playmat

A great splash pad option is the Splashin’Kids Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat. The mat is 68 inches in diameter and offers plenty of room for multiple children and family members at the same time. The mat is yellow and has a playful duck pond theme with a water, duck and lily pad graphic in the center. By adjusting the pressure from the hose you can change how the water sprays and when you’re done just unplug it and let it drain between uses. The recommended age for use is 1 month and up, with the ideal age being 18 months to 6 years. Check out the current prices here!

Splash park

If you don’t have a splash park in your community, just create one in your yard! One of the best water toys for toddlers is an inflatable paddling park. These toys implement the fun of inflatable floats and add the splash factor of a splash pad for a private backyard water park.

Candy Zone from Intex

Intex’s Candy Zone is an inflatable pool with a water slide in the middle and a sprinkler function to keep the water moving. At the edge of the pool there are two rails for rolling balls and inflatable lollipops for fun in the water. This is a great way to brave the heat and enjoy refreshing cool water, as well as keeping active kids entertained. The age range is 2 years to 10 years due to the size and required sliding and climbing skills. Buy yours here!

Pools and pool water toys for toddlers!

The last and most classic water toy for the garden is a children’s pool. These will give your little one hours of fun splashing around! Take care of your little ones here too. These pools are small, but there is always a risk of drowning when water is involved.

If you have a pool that you’re going to be visiting this summer, you probably want some pool toys to keep your toddler entertained! Below are some of our favorites along with our most popular kids’ pools.

Step2 play and shadow pool

The Step2 play and shade pool is a shallow pool made of solid plastic for children from 24 months to 6 years. The umbrella attachment provides shade as sun protection and the umbrella stick is supplied with attachments for playing in the water and creating a waterfall. There is a small seat in the pool. This is perfect for toddlers who need a solid base to sit on and play with. This kiddy pool is a great choice for something age specific that can help you stay cool and have fun while you escape the sun. Here is the current price.

Water toys for toddlers

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Fish Hunt Pool Game

“Baby Shark Doo Doo” is likely a song that you are pretty familiar with if you are the parent of a toddler. Now you can sing it together in the pool too. Your little one will love to collect all the fish in their new shark net! Get yours here!

Jungle Squirties from Pottery Barn

There are the cutest little water-friendly toys out there. Your toddler can play with it during bath time or in the pool! I mean look at the little hippopotamus, isn’t it adorable? Buy these animals here!

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In the hot summer months, the best way to cool down is to play with water toys.  Your toddler will absolutely love walking around in a bathing suit and getting everyone around them wet.  Check out our water and pool safety tips for toddlers to make sure you're well prepared!  #Summer #water toys #toddler #toy

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