Uppababy Cruz vs Vista- Which is Best for You!

When it comes to baby equipment, Uppababy is one of the most famous brands! They sell two high-end stroller options, the Cruz and the Vista. Both strollers offer a function to grow with you with a simple metal frame that supports a bassinet or child seat. Many families choose an Uppababy stroller because they want something reliable, easy to use, and something they can use from infancy through school age. How do they compare when it’s really Uppababy Cruz vs Vista?

Overviews of the Uppababy strollers

Uppababy Cruz versus Uppababy Vista


The Uppababy Cruz V2 is the brand’s standard stroller. This stroller costs around $ 650 and is suitable for children 3 months old to 50 pounds. The Cruz weighs 25.5 lbs with the frame (19 lbs) and seat (6.5 lbs). With the purchase of the Cruz, the following are included: child seat with bumper, frame and wheels, insect screen for toddler seats and rain cover for toddler seat.


The Uppababy Vista V2 is the brand’s stroller that includes both the bassinet and the child seat. This stroller costs about $ 950 and is for children from birth to £ 20 with the bassinet seat and 3 months old to £ 50 with the toddler seat.

The stroller itself weighs 27 lbs with the frame (20 lbs) and seat (7 lbs) or bassinet (8.8 lbs). The purchase of the Vista includes: child seat with bumper, bassinet, frame and wheels, insect screen for toddler seats, rain cover for toddler seats, insect screen for bassinet and a storage bag for bassinet.

Uppababy Cruz vs Vista: Seat Differences

Uppababy Cruz versus Uppababy Vista


Ultimately, this stroller can accommodate a child. This is the main difference between these two options.

This stroller can accommodate a maximum of two people, with one at the back. As a rule, however, a child is transported with the specified child seat or with additional attachments for a bassinet, a child seat or a car seat.


The Vista model is designed to carry a child from birth up to 50 pounds. But it can also carry two or even three children with the right accessories. The Vista can easily be converted into a double stroller, which is what really sets it apart.

With the child seat and the additional Rumble Seat accessories, the Vista frame can carry two small children. You can have both children forward or with a rearing forward. In a similar configuration, adding a SnugSeat allows you to have a front-facing child seat and a rear-facing child seat on the same frame. The frame supports two toddler seats or two child seats at the same time.

To add a third child driver, you need the PiggyBack driver board, which offers a standing driver’s seat at the rear. This attaches to the rear axle and allows a child to stand under the handlebars. If you really need a stroller for three people, we recommend our article on strollers!

Winner: Uppababy Vista

Uppababy Cruz versus Vista: handlebars and brakes

Both the Uppababy Cruz and the Uppababy Vista have a telescopic leather handlebar that can be easily adjusted to any adult size. The solid handlebar makes it easy to push with one or two hands and is easy to hold while adjusting the seat or using the footbrake.

This is a very minimal handlebar with no tray, storage space, or cup holder. A carry-all parent organizer can be purchased from Uppababy for easy removable storage. Handlebar covers are also available from Uppababy for additional adjustments.

The braking system for the Cruz and Vista is the same. There are both front and rear wheel locks. The front wheel locks are controlled with a push button lock. The user presses the button with a finger to lock the castors. This keeps the front wheels in the frame for more stability on rough terrain, but can make it harder to make tight turns.

The rear wheels have color-coded, single-acting brakes that are very easy to use. The simple on / off function can be controlled with a tap of your finger, even barefoot. Users have found these to be easy to use regardless of the circumstances.

Winner: tie

Uppababy Cruz versus Vista: steering and wheels

Both the Cruz and the Vista have shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension. This makes for smooth steering and smooth travel over a range of terrain. The front swivel wheels make it easy to steer and navigate obstacles, from shopping to crowds. It’s also great when you travel with your little ones. The Uppababy Vista is only slightly better in this category due to its larger wheels.

The front and rear wheels have visual lock indicators so you can easily find the function and use it quickly. Keep in mind that more weight can make these strollers difficult to steer, especially on uneven surfaces.

Winner: Vista

Uppababy Cruz versus Vista: Wrinkles and Travel

Uppababy Cruz versus Vista

One of the coolest features of Vista and Cruz is the one-step crease. With these models you can fold the stroller with one hand. They also stand folded up for easy access and storage on their own.

This makes it easier to close the stroller while a child is being held, and keeps the stroller in one place while the child is secured in the car before the cargo is stored in the trunk. The Cruz folds a little more compactly than the Vista, but both are very practical.

Some trunk compartments may not be big enough to hold the stroller with seat and wheels. However, the child seat or bassinet can be removed for easier storage.

Winner: Uppababy Cruz

Vista vs Cruz: Car Seat Compatibility

2021 Uppababy strollers are compatible with a range of car seats through the use of their adapter accessories. There is an Uppababy brand car seat, the MESA child seat, which works with your stroller without an adapter.

The accessories for the car seat adapter include one for the Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex seats and one for the Chicco car seat line.

Winner: tie

Fellow mothers reviews

Uppababy Cruz

Consumers find this to be a great stroller for parents. The Cruz is a bit expensive, but it definitely delivers function and overall performance. It’s a great stroller for parents as you can add the toddler features if needed or save the stroller to use once you master your parenting skills. It’s easy to use, looks great, and has everything a family needs in one stroller.

Uppababy Vista


Consumers really enjoy this stroller. They give him good grades in all categories and appreciate the functionality that grows with me. The storage basket is also large enough to hold the gear for most families.

The price is high which makes this stroller a luxury item. However, it seems to pay off in terms of functionality, simplicity, and durability.

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages

Uppababy Cruz

One of the characteristics of the Cruz stroller is how functional the stroller is instantly. This stroller has all of the necessities with the option to customize and add anything a family might need. It’s a great functional stroller.

The disadvantages include price and the fact that additional accessories are required to be used in childbirth. It’s a good middle ground as it can be customized to suit your needs, but it doesn’t add any extra if you’re not interested in a bassinet or seating for multiple children.

Uppababy Vista

One of the pros is the fact that this stroller delivers for a child from childhood to toddler age. It can also be adapted to carry two or three children. The stroller delivers everything that the Cruz offers and also goes straight out of the box with the bassinet and bassinet cover.

The disadvantages include the price, which can be very high for some families. This cost should be weighed against the ability to use the stroller with multiple children as the family grows and that it includes everything for one child from the start.

best stroller

Overall winner: Uppababy Vista

It was close, but Uppababy Vista knocks out the Cruz easily. If you’re on the go, the Cruz might be a better option, but overall, the Vista is a slightly better option.

What will you choose when it comes to Uppababy Cruz vs Vista?

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