Top Ten Easter Egg hunts

Add this Easter EGG citement with one of these 10 Easter egg searches:

1. Pirate treasure hunt – Create cards that your kids can use for their egg hunt. Put familiar things like trees, bushes, the swing, etc. on your card. Maybe place X where eggs are hidden and have them follow the map to look for their Easter eggs.

2. Flash Light Egg Hunt- This is a fun hunt especially for older children. Wait until it is dark to look for the eggs and give each child a flashlight to help them find the eggs in the dark. There are also glow-in-the-dark eggs that are now available in stores to be used for this type of hunt.

3. In-Door Hunting – When we live in the northwest we are never guaranteed a sunny Easter day, so many of our egg hunts have taken place at home. There are plenty of creative places to hide eggs in your home. You might even find an egg or two in a few months.

4. Assigned color egg hunt– Give each child an assigned color to be found during the egg hunt. The best thing to do is to make sure you have the same quantities for each color. You can even give a prize to the first child who finds all the assigned colored eggs. Remind them to leave the eggs that do not match their assigned color so the other children can find their assigned colored eggs.

5. Find an egg Win a prize – Put notes in different eggs showing what prize a child won. The prices can be simple and inexpensive. Make sure every child wins a prize. Therefore, limit the number of notes-filled eggs that each child can find.

6. Math hunt – Write numbers on your eggs and tell each child how many eggs there are with each find. Once they have their eggs add up the numbers on the eggs to see who has the highest total. The winner can receive a prize.

7. Scavenger hunt – Make a scavenger hunt list of the different types and colors of eggs you want them to find. You need to provide them with a list and pencil to use during their hunt. Remind them to only find what is on their list.

Here is an example of a scavenger hunt list

______ 2 blue eggs
______ 5 pink eggs
______2 Spider-Man eggs
______1 two-colored egg
______4 green eggs

8. Personalized hunting – Personalize each egg with the children’s names. Instruct them to find the egg with their name on it during the hunt. You can fill these eggs with items that you know will please that kid, too.

9. Find a number Win a prize – Put a number on different eggs the children will give away for prizes. Divide your prices into numbered categories, e.g. B. No. 1 wins a piece of candy, No. 2 wins sticker, No. 3 wins a chocolate bunny, etc.

10. Buried Egg Treasure – Use your child’s sandpit or fill a children’s pool with sand and bury the eggs in the sand. Allow your children to dig and discover their hidden buried egg treasure.

Happy hunting!

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