Top 5 Benefits to Using Custom Teeth Whitening Trays & WIN: Premium Custom Teeth Whitening Trays from Sporting Smiles

Your smile is the first thing people will notice about you. As a mom, you already have your hands full taking your kids to school and practicing. If you can’t make sure your kids get there on time, stock up on grocery shopping or end your Zoom call for work. During your hurricane of a schedule, your smile will routinely be shown to everyone. What does yours say about you If you want to whiten your teeth in just seven days with a top-notch, easy-to-use treatment, you’ve come to the right place.

Erase years of stains in minutes

How do you refuel as a mother? Coffee, tea, maybe some wine after the kids are in bed? Whichever you choose, the chemicals in these liquids will damage your teeth over time and begin to discolor them. Custom teeth whitening trays combined with a top-quality foam gel can effectively remove these stains and turn dull and grubby teeth into a bright white smile to flaunt. Sporting Smiles combines their custom teeth whitening trays with FDA 35% professional strength carbamide peroxide gel. When used correctly, this teeth whitening treatment can remove years of tooth stains in everyday life.

Tailored for full coverage

Unlike whitening toothpaste, blue whitening lights, whitening strips, or generic whitening trays, custom trays are customized for each person. The plastic trays snap onto your teeth because they were made just for you! When the foaming gel is activated by your saliva, it begins to foam in the shells and reach into the cracks and crevices of your teeth. This ensures that all of your teeth, including your back and in between, are getting a whitening treatment. Treatments like whitening strips don’t even come close to the coverage custom trays can provide.

Safer for your gums

Teeth whitening strips and whitening lights can damage or injure delicate gums. Custom teeth whitening trays are cut to include only your teeth. Having the trays cut to fit your gumline will protect your gums during your teeth whitening treatments. Each individual has a different sensitivity and there is a 22% lower strength carbamide peroxide gel for those who wish to use it, as well as a remineralization gel to help build up tooth enamel.

Simple routine

Mom’s life is all about finding a groove for your schedule. Teeth whitening treatments can be difficult to fit into your schedule, even if you’ve planned it out. The custom teeth whitening trays allow you to plan your day without taking time off from your treatments. These teeth whitening treatments only last 10 minutes and are shower safe. You can whiten your teeth while you rinse in the shower and start your day with a bright white smile.

Clear communication

Your children will not leave you alone and that is fine as a mother. They know that you are their guiding light every day. Whether they need help with homework, a snack, or just a question (or 100), you need to be able to communicate with them. With custom teeth whitening trays, you still have the freedom to speak and speak. When you wear a holder, you’ll understand what it feels like to talk to a custom dental device in your mouth. When your children need constant attention, it is less convenient to keep their mouths closed with other teeth whitening products like the whitening lights or strips that slide around your teeth when their mouth is opened. Thanks to custom teeth whitening trays, you still have the opportunity to communicate with your children when you walk around at home during treatment.

Get that bright white smile you’ve always wanted with high quality teeth whitening trays from Sporting Smiles. Unlike whitening strips, traditional whitening trays, or LED whitening lights, custom trays wrap your teeth perfectly for full coverage whitening treatments. The custom-fit trays are safer for your gums as you battle the coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and yellow stains to make your smile whiter in just seven days.

The foaming whitening gel reaches the cracks and crevices of your smile for a complete treatment not found in other teeth whitening products. These easy-to-use whitening treatments come in handy for first-time users who can remove years of stains with daily 10-minute sessions with the custom trays. Over a million people have smiled with Sporting Smiles, will you be next?

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