Today, I Was THAT Mom…

Today I was 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 mom.

You know the one. You condemned her – this mother on her phone, completely uninterested and unaware of her children’s endless pleadings to “watch π™©π™π™žπ™¨!”

I was her. She was me We were one.

See, we are with my 3 and 5 year olds on the second day of a move abroad and while my husband cleared the rest of the trash in our old house I took our kids to the hotel pool. . .

and then I sat on a garden chair and thoughtlessly sipped my chick-fil-a cup of tequila. I looked at my cell phone and not my kids – the kids who whined for hours and threw shit at me. My son, who rushed across the room a few minutes ago, linebacker style, and hit me against a wall while I was crouching in his suitcase for something, begs me to come into the pool.

No, I was sitting. Alone. I took a damn momaste who after weeks of organizing, arranging, transporting, making calls to disconnect and connect and enroll and oversee all of humanity and Tetris driving an SUV was more than necessary.

I took a break.

I was the woman I would have been disgusted with- β€œJesus, your children are begging for your attention. Pick up your phone. You’re a mother, ”I would have yelled at her silently.

I was her today. And I will never judge another disengaged mother again.

You have no idea what another mom is going through or what her day was like.

Stop judging that other mother.

Give her grace.

Sip your own tequila and move on.

Erin Washington is a writer, lifestyle blogger, and host of Squats and Margaritas on PodcastOne. Follow her on Instagram @SquatsandMargaritas and

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