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January 12, 2021

If you’re anything like me, when it’s time to put away the Christmas decor, I’m so ready to put it away that everything tends to find a random place in a box in the basement. I don’t always remember what I put where and then it feels like some disorganized mess that was left with me for the next year. Last year I took some time to minimize our Christmas decorations and this year I went a little further with the organization. I have a pretty good system and thought you might enjoy seeing what I came up with. Sources are linked below.

Christmas decorations should follow well-known organizational strategies. This makes it easy to keep track of those infrequently used items and find and find what we need when we need it.

When I start decorating, I quickly walk around the house and collect things by type and put them on the kitchen table. Once I’ve taken everything off, I take these items and put them in trash cans or boxes.

SEPARATED AND GROUP BY CATEGORY – Sort as with – soft items such as stockings and the tree skirt and go together in a container. Garland and other greens can be stored together.

I also use these white basement storage containers for Christmas decorations and other items storage. They are large, easy to stack, and keep basement storage bright and light.

I’ve tucked smaller “collections” into 2 gallon zippered bags to keep the items together and easy to grab and decorate. Lights, minor greens, and ornaments are great for keeping things organized that way.

EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE – Make sure you have a place for your decor and that it is easy to find. The children each have their own ornament box – this keeps their ornaments separate and one day they can bring their box home.

ONLY KEEP WHAT IS USED – If there are decorations that you haven’t deleted in a while, donate them instead of continuing to keep them. It’s okay not to keep everything. I think less is more when it comes to Christmas decorations.

I use large shared storage bins for large items like village houses. They hold these items together and eliminate the need for the large, bulky boxes these items were shipped in.

Here are some of my favorites for storing Christmas decorations:

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