These Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies are the Best on the market right now!

There are some unusual products out there that will become your best friends and lifelines when you have a new baby. one of these things is undoubtedly a pacifier. The pacifier will allow you to actually go out to dinner without worrying about whether you might be “those people” with the crying baby. We’ve compiled a list of the best pacifiers for breastfed babies so you can try them all out in your quest for the best fit.

The pacifier may give you a quiet drive again or just sleep at night. It is a source of comfort for your sweet baby, and so it becomes a source of comfort for mom too.

Now, of course, these pacifiers are great for a baby who is breastfeeding or formula-fed. There are just a few other factors to keep in mind while grooming. If you’re breastfeeding, finding the right pacifier can be a little trickier as you don’t want to have any nipple confusion and you may want to start using it a little later. So let’s go ahead and break it all down for you.

The best pacifiers for breastfed babies

The most important thing when giving your breastfed baby a pacifier

  • When- It is important not to give a breastfed baby a pacifier until it is approximately 4 weeks old. You just want to make sure they are in control of all of the feeding before you introduce them to another option and method of calming them down.
  • What- The material and size are the most important things to consider when choosing a pacifier. Most pacifiers are made of latex or silicone. Either option is fine, but keep in mind that latex allergies are quite common. You should also make sure that your pacifier is BPA free.
  • How- Some babies take a pacifier with ease, others take time, and occasionally babies don’t take the pacifier at all. All we can say is to try a variety of options. Finding the best pacifier for your breastfed baby will be worth it.
  • Be Patient – Often times breastfed babies will refuse to suckle on pacifiers that just don’t feel right for them, so we’re giving you 10 of the best pacifiers for breastfed babies.

Top 9 pacifiers for breastfed babies

Philips Avent Soothie

Best pacifier for breastfed babies

We could go on and on about this amazing pacifier, but here is the extremely important fact; It is one of the most popular pacifiers used by mothers and babies. This pacifier is extremely popular and has proven itself. It’s also the pacifier of choice for many hospitals and has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon. Check it out here!

The Pop Pacifier – On Shark Tank – The teat never touches the floor

The best pacifier for babies

Pop experimented for years to find just what they were looking for, but what they came up with was well worth it. When the pacifier hits the floor properly, the nipple jumps back in and stays protected so it stays clean! Of course, the nipple doesn’t just stay clean. It has a gentle “popback” that mimics the original used by mom, making it a great choice for breastfed babies.

Flexy pacifier

The best pacifiers for breastfed babies

The Flexy is made by Nanobebe, who also makes the innovative boobie-shaped bottle to help babies who need to switch between the breast and a bottle. That being said, they obviously know what to do when it comes to avoiding nipple confusion. The teat is very soft and overall, the pacifier hugs the baby’s mouth exactly. Available on Amazon

First Years Gumdrop Newborn Baby

Best pacifiers for breastfed babies

This is another very popular pacifier these days. Like the Philips Avent Soothie, it is highly valued and used by hospitals. It is designed to get as close as possible to the mother’s nipple. It’s a lightweight piece and cut deep enough to stay away from your baby’s nose. It’s also pretty cheap and comes in a pack of two! Check the current prices here!

PATpat pacifier

Pat Pat pacifier

Nothing beats a 2 for 1 in parenting, and this pacifier can also be used as a great teether as your baby gets a little older. The soft nipple is the next best thing for your little one compared to breastfeeding. It is also designed to encourage healthy mouth palette development. Check the current prices here!

MAM Glow in the Dark pacifier

Best pacifiers for breastfed babies

Sometimes the most important feature of your pacifier is simply that you can find it. Any seasoned parent will tell you these things are missing more than hairpins and left socks. This is why MAM was awesome when they created this device to glow in the dark. The nipple is also very soft and will feel like mom. Check the current prices here!

NUK newborn silicone

Pacifiers for breastfed babies

In addition to being ideal for breastfeeding babies, NUK is also approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The reason for approval is the orthodontic shape, which promotes healthy oral development. Although the shape doesn’t closely mimic a real nipple, this shape has been perfected over 50 years and is one of the best for soothing babies.

This is a great choice if you have a baby who is a little fussy and who needs the pacifier often as it won’t interfere with oral development. Available on Amazon

Eve Flo feeding balance

Best pacifiers for breastfed babies

This pacifier was made with the two most important things in mind; calming power and development of healthy absorbency. The shape of the tongue that your baby assumes when breastfeeding is indeed a skill and this pacifier requires that she adopt the same shape of tongue for suckling for sedative purposes. Check availability here!

Munchkin Latch Pacifier – Developed by Pediatric Dentists

Best pacifiers for breastfed babies

Just as your baby clings to you to feed, so must he cling to his pacifier nipple. This pacifier is designed to ensure the bar stays the same to avoid mix-ups during feeding. It was designed by the two people who know best; Children’s dentists and mothers.

Tommee Tippee natural pacifier

tommee tippee pacifier

This is an excellent option for mothers who want to find a pacifier that is as close as possible to a real nipple. For breastfed newborns, this is the best way to insert a pacifier but avoid nipple mix-ups. Tommee Tippee makes pacifiers in different nipple shapes, but the Closer to Nature version is based on the award-winning one

Closer to nature Bottle teats. These are orthodontic pacifiers by nature, they are BPA free and have airflow to prevent rashes and irritation around the baby’s mouth. You can buy the newborn version or a larger version that is better suited for older babies.

Ecopiggy Ecopacifier

Best pacifier for breastfed babies

If finding a natural pacifier for your baby is important to you, this pacifier is for you. It’s made of pure rubber extracted from the Hevea brasillensi rubber tree, and its one-piece design makes it extremely safe for your little one.

Not only is this pacifier made sustainably, but rubber has the benefit of being naturally resistant to your baby’s sharp teeth when they kick in, meaning you probably won’t need to replace this pacifier due to holes or wear and tear. It is available in two nipple shapes, with the rounded version designed to promote breastfeeding.

Dr. Brown’s Happy Paci

dr browns happy pacifier

As a brand, Dr. Brown’s known for helping even the toughest breastfed babies transition to the bottle, so this pacifier is designed with an incredible resemblance to a mother’s nipple.

It’s not just the nipple shape that will remind the baby of reality; It’s made of 100% silicone to be soft and pliable, and the shield is butterfly-shaped to snuggle comfortably around the baby’s mouth. This pacifier is BPA-free and has a one-piece design and is easy to clean in the dishwasher or bottle sterilizer. Due to its shape, it can also be conveniently attached to pacifier clips.

Ali + Oli Modern pacifier

or pacifiers

When it comes to silicone pacifiers, those made from medical grade silicone are the best of the best when it comes to safety. With this pacifier from Ali + Oli you can be sure that your child does not ingest any harmful chemicals. Its rounded shape mimics the feel of a mother’s breast and its shield is concave to allow plenty of air to circulate around the baby’s mouth. This will ensure easy breathing and reduce the chances of the baby developing a pacifier rash. This pacifier is also risk-free: the company offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked.

There it is, our sweet guide to the best pacifiers for breastfed babies. Now go experiment and see what your little one loves to calm them down and get a little rest, mom. You deserve it.

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These pacifiers are ideal for a baby who is breastfeeding or feeding on infant formula.  There are just a few other factors to keep in mind while grooming.  If you're breastfeeding, finding the right pacifier can be a little trickier as you don't want to have any nipple confusion and you may want to start using it a little later.  So let's go ahead and break it all down for you.  #baby products #babytips #momtips

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