The Ultimate EasyPress Guide & FAQs

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The EasyPress is a great tool for people who do a lot of HTV projects – but it can be a little overwhelming. This EasyPress guide answers all of your FAQs!

I was so excited when Cricut released its Easypress machine a few years ago.

My iron just didn’t cut it for consistency, and I haven’t had a traditional heat press (and since getting one … I’m not a huge fan).

So the Easypress was a wonderful addition to my craft room – over the years I’ve collected several Easypress machines in different sizes and colors, some of which are housed in my DreamBox.

Is it perfect Nah. And it’s not for everyone. But for me it was a great machine. I’m a tall iron-on / HTV person so mine has been put to the test.

In this post, I’m going to post some of the most common Easypress FAQs I get – I hope this will be helpful. Feel free to comment at the end of the post with any other questions!

What is the difference between EasyPress and Standard Iron or Hot Press?

You’re lucky! I recently wrote a very detailed post on the subject. You can read that here!

Essentially, an iron is cheaper, but it provides a less even press and requires more pressure.

The EasyPress is available in several sizes, heats up to 365 degrees and offers a very even press. They’re pretty convenient to store.

A traditional heat press is ideal for people who do large-scale projects. We found ours awkward and difficult to use, and in the end we burned down both projects we tried with it.

Buy the EasyPress on or Amazon.

What does a Cricut EasyPress do?

An EasyPress is a type of heat press that allows you to glue your iron to materials on various blanks such as T-shirts. It’s a more consumer-friendly heat press that is a little easier to store and use for some people. It offers professional results with a convenient size.

Can I use non-Cricut materials with my EasyPress 2?

If you use the Cricut EasyPress Interactive Guide, you will find that all of the materials listed are from the Cricut brand. So these settings apply specifically to these materials. However, you can also use your EasyPress 2 with different brands of material. I would suggest finding the material that most closely resembles a Cricut material and running a test press with these settings and adjusting as needed.

What is the best EasyPress size?

When deciding what size EasyPress 2 to get, I suggest you really take into account what types of projects you are running. has a great guide for you to review and asks these questions:

  • Which projects do you work with the most?
  • Are you traveling with your machine?

Ideally, choose the size that most closely resembles the projects you’re doing the most. If you make tons of onesies, you probably don’t want the biggest one. And if you make a lot of blankets, shirts with large patterns, etc., you may be frustrated with the smallest one.

If you’re doing a lot of projects, I generally recommend the 9 × 9 ″ size.

How much pressure should I use with the EasyPress 2?

The EasyPress 2 is the middle ground between an iron and a conventional hot press. You really have to build a lot of muscle with a regular iron – and sometimes it still doesn’t stick.

With the traditional hot press, you don’t need to apply any pressure at all – the machine does it for you.

With the EasyPress 2, you still need to apply some pressure, but I never feel like I’m getting a workout in the process. I just press it firmly and it always seems to get the job done. I’ve found that with the largest size of the EasyPress 2, I have to apply even less pressure due to the weight!

What is the EasyPress mat for? Will it be sold with the EasyPress 2?

The EasyPress mat is great for protecting the flat work surface that you use EasyPress 2 on. It is available in different sizes (which complement the different sizes of EasyPress 2 machines).

I’ve found that it also helps to get an even more even press. It’s heat resistant up to 400 degrees which is fantastic. You can use it with other heat-related projects, such as B. with a hot glue gun.

I also love that it doesn’t slide around at all!

It is available separately from EasyPress 2.

Can I use an ironing board with my EasyPress 2?

It is recommended that you use a flat work surface. Many ironing boards are not on the most stable legs and can be quite thin. In most situations we would not recommend this. However, if you have a very reliable and sturdy ironing board, you can safely use it.

Can you use a Cricut EasyPress with Silhouette?

Absolutely! There’s nothing about the EasyPress that needs to be used with a Cricut machine or Cricut Design Space. Many Silhouette users own and love their Easypress!

How much does a Cricut EasyPress weigh?

It weighs anywhere from 5 to 14 pounds depending on its size – although the EasyPress Mini weighs even less!

How do you use EasyPress Mini?

The EasyPress Mini is a great tool and it definitely works differently than the traditional EasyPress. Read this post for more details.

Can you use the EasyPress on wood?

You sure can! I use it all the time – here is some information on using HTV on wood.

Can you use EasyPress with infusible ink?

Yes – the EasyPress works great with Infusible Ink. I use it all the time!

How do I clean the EasyPress?

To clean the outside, I would recommend using a microfiber cloth and the preferred cleaning solution of your choice – or even rubbing alcohol. I do not recommend spraying anything directly onto your EasyPress, but rather applying the cleaner to the cloth first.

You should use an iron cleaner for the hotplate. If your EasyPress board is still warm and has iron-on glue in it, you can wipe it with a cloth (preferably thick) before drying – be careful as it is hot!

What is the EasyPress mat for?

It is designed to provide a uniform, solid, and smooth surface for your project. I love to use mine, but you could use a towel or thick cloth underneath – just make sure it’s sturdy and stable!

How do I update the EasyPress?

You need your EasyPress, a computer and a USB cable to connect the EasyPress to your computer. Here are instructions from on how to update your EasyPress.

What about EasyPress knock-offs?

I can honestly say I haven’t used any so I can’t give my honest opinion. However, I’ve seen a few on Amazon that appear to be nice competitors with good reviews. Here are a few options to consider.

Is the EasyPress worth it?

I think it all depends on why you are getting it and what you are going to use it for.

If you’re doing a business with your Cricut and want to do high volume HTV projects, I don’t think EasyPress is the best option for you – a more traditional hot press might better suit your needs.

However, if you want something that you can use to create long-lasting HTV projects for personal use, this is a great option. I love and use mine all the time – even beyond HTV – and I’ve been very happy with it. I think if you upgrade from an iron you will be pleased.

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