The Top 13 Best Pampered Chef Products Everyone Should Buy

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Pampered Chef has been around for decades and has an ever-growing library of helpful kitchen gadgets – but which products are the best? In this post, I’ll be sharing the BEST pampering products – both from my own experience and others – to help you make your purchase decision – along with some Amazon dupes!

I don’t go to many sales parties, but when I get an invitation to a Pampered Chef party, I always go. I have long been impressed with the quality of their products and I know I always get a treat or two while attending. However, it can be difficult to know what to buy. If you find yourself in this situation, this post should help you!

Best pampered chef products

Growing up, I remember my mom going to – or throwing the occasional – Pampered Chef parties.

She has accumulated a few Pampered Chef products over the years, and it was interesting to see how useful they were – and how long they last! Some of the products she has are some of the most common ones used in her kitchen.

I’m not a huge fan of MLM / direct selling companies, but I really love Pampered Chef. I often tell my husband that my favorite products in my kitchen are from Pampered Chef – so I thought I’d introduce the most useful Pampered Chef products today that have proven themselves.

I’ve linked to the Amazon site for all of this, but you almost always pay less when you go through a retailer. Just for fun, I’ve also added Amazon “Dupes” of some of these products. They are usually cheaper, but still have great reviews – if you are not so committed to the PC name 🙂

The most useful products for spoiled cooks

Big round stone

My mom has had this pizza stone for ages and it’s wonderful. I LOVE how much you can do with a pizza stone and this one is very high quality. They’ve changed the design since my mom bought it a year ago, but it looks great. They even offer a glazed version that is a little more decorative and pretty. It’s great for pizzas, cookies, breakfast sausages, and more!

Amazon alternative:

Silicone prep bowl set

Over the years this has become my FAVORITE product. I use them almost every day and they are so great. You can heat them, freeze them, and wash them easily. Definitely a must-have in my opinion.

Amazon alternative:

This one has no lid, but looks similar.


I have a feeling this is one of those products that reminds everyone of Pampered Chef. It’s great for chopping vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. We have another brand of food choppers from Bed, Bath and Beyond … and it did NOT work well. I tried it recently and it was a lot easier to use. So it’s worth getting it … especially if you’re like me and don’t enjoy chopping vegetables.

Amazon alternative:

Mix ‘n chop

Okay, this is my favorite product. I just got it, but it’s seriously the kitchen product I’ve been waiting for all my life! It’s a tool that helps you effortlessly chop ground beef, turkey, sausage, etc. into small pieces – and mix in the spices at the same time. Everyone I know who’s tried it loves it.

Amazon alternative:

Popcorn machine

This is another new purchase, and one that I love. I LOVE popcorn, but I feel like all of the popcorn makers I have come up against in one way or another. This one is everything I have ever wanted from a popcorn maker – it’s easy to store, easy to use, and the popcorn turns out to be delicious. It takes a little trial and error to figure out what works best – but it’s amazing. Apparently they just released a family version that I can’t wait for! Here is a video where I demonstrated it:

Amazon alternative:

Measure everything cup

I think it was the Pioneer Woman who recently said that this is the kitchen product that everyone needs in the kitchen. It really makes measuring out ingredients that easy – especially things like mayonnaise because it just squeezes it all out!

Amazon alternative:

Micro cooker

This was the first Pampered Chef product that I bought a few years ago. My mom always raved about it and for good reason! It makes cooking vegetables, melting butter or chocolate, and even making rice a breeze! I have the small one, but I always want the bigger one!

Amazon alternative:

Mix ‘n scraper

There are a variety of sizes of these rubber spatulas, but they’re great!

Amazon alternative:

Brownie Mr.

I was so tempted to get this at my mom’s party. It makes the perfect brownie – crispy edges and sticky inside for everyone! You can also use it to make mini omelets, meatloaf, and more!

Amazon alternative:

Rapid mixing jug

If you enjoy making a lot of juices or sodas, this is a really handy pitcher to have on hand.

Amazon alternative:

Ceramic egg cooker

I think this is a newer product, but it’s one that I bought at my mom’s party. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. You can cook omelets, oatmeal, cakes and more in it. This would make a great gift for a teacher!

Amazon alternative:

Dough bowls

My mom has a number of these and I know she always loved them. You’re on my list to get!

Amazon alternatives:

Whipped cream maker

Nothing beats homemade whipped cream … but it can take a while to make. This whipped cream machine takes 30 seconds to pump perfect whipped cream in no time!

Amazon alternative:

There you have it! It’s always best to buy direct from the Pampered Chef website so you can take advantage of their amazing return policy.

What are your favorite Pampered Chef products?

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