The Power of a Before and After

September 8, 2021

Let’s talk about the power of a BEFORE and AFTER. I think we all agree that seeing a dramatic before and after can be inspiring and motivating. If it happens to be our own before and after, it is all the more satisfying because we know what has entered that transformation.

A small win, even when it comes to a tidy pencil mug or an emptied purse, can feel like a big accomplishment when we feel overwhelmed and it is difficult to get everything done from start to finish.

Here’s an example for you – my side of the main closet turned into a garbage dump this summer and I didn’t take the time to really clean up this room.

Over the past week I made a decision to tidy up the room, clear out, take everything off the shelves, thoroughly clean them and put what I wanted to keep and put the other items where they belong. I found a pair of scissors I’ve been looking for months – yes, that spot has been overlooked. Once I started I just kept going and of course it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. I used the worksheet from Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh, took a few photos of the room to keep me motivated and started the steps from the 5 day home refresh.

What was the key? I start now! After making my plan and getting started, I was well on my way to getting this room in order. I was even able to complete the 3 “Save for later tasks”. I needed a plan, and I finally had to take some time to just do what I’ve been putting off for weeks. In fact, it only took about 30 minutes. Oops – I should definitely have done that earlier!

While I was walking, I took a photo halfway to see what else there was to do. It’s crazy to see what you are missing from just taking a picture and looking at it that way!

I took care of the little details that I was missing until I looked at the picture, vacuumed and got the room ready. If you’re curious, donate to the little vintage basket in the corner.

If this process sounds like one you can do – I know you can! – You will love the 5 day home refresh. It begins next week on Monday, September 13th and continues until Friday, September 17th. Together we will tackle 5 clutter spots in our homes. We start by going through our house and writing down all of our clutter spots, then we pick our top 5. Next week we will be working on one of these areas every day of the week, sharing our before and after and motivating each other in the private Facebook group.

I’ve developed a simple system to help us get started and get out of the clutter to find peace and order. Want to participate?

I know these little results lead to bigger results, habits, and a new sense of calm in our homes. When so much feels out of our control, I’m so excited to share it Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh with you to get BIG results quickly and easily.

Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh costs only $ 15 – that includes a 17-page PDF AND the event with Facebook Lives and a support group.

Are you thinking about how your home should feel – quiet, cozy and tidy? Warm and inviting? No more stacks and a system that really works to keep the clutter out for good? Let’s take care of the stacks and bring some order to the chaos before the next season. Let’s clean up some clutter together!

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