The I Love You Because Family Tradition…..{Free Printable}

I love you because……….
By: Trisha Novotny

Teaching my children to love, respect, honor, and admire their siblings is one of the best things my mother wants to do.

One way to foster this in my children’s relationships over the years has been by cutting out large pink and red hearts out of construction / craft paper every February. I would then write on each heart with a marker: “I love you because ___________.” I’ve cut out enough hearts for each child to write a note for each family member. They were given these hearts a few days before Valentine’s Day to (hopefully) fill them in with their amazing kind words, and then we shared them during our family’s Valentine’s Day celebration.

As a mother, I loved to hear what each child had written about their siblings, and at least for that moment I felt that my children really loved, respected, honored, and admired each other … until the next sibling argument broke out.

Today I made an updated version of this family tradition. Four different styles of I love you because…. Prinatbles to choose from, print out and allow your family to partake in this fun family tradition where their words matter.

Option 1 – I love you because

Click to print option 1

Option 2 – I love you because

Click to print option 2

Option 3 – I love you because

Click to print option 3

Option 4 – I love you because

Click to print option 4

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