The Best Triple Stroller [for Triplets or Tots Close in Age!]

So yeah, you never thought there would be a day when you would look for the best triple stroller, but luckily we are all here together! Don’t worry, we are here to help with all of your stroller needs. We have a list of the best options, from the easiest to clean up when you thought your child could handle their own fruit bag, to what will help you maneuver through a crowd that will cut the ankles as little as possible .

The best part about investing in a triple stroller is that it’s easy to have all 3 of your children in one place, which is incredibly convenient. While a triple stroller is a must have for parents of triplets, don’t be fooled that it’s just for them. They can also be lifesavers for anyone who has 3 children who are close to old age!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the need for triple strollers is somewhat limited, so choices are limited too. That said, I think you’ll find that there are some pretty awesome triple strollers in the mix.

What to look for when choosing a triple stroller

The most important thing to consider when choosing a triple stroller is the seating arrangement that best suits your family. This usually depends on how old your little ones are. As with double strollers, You have a few options; Tandem, side by side, triple umbrella strollers, sit-and-stand strollers, triple jogger strollers, and some downright funky arrangements. We have clearly broken down these categories for you below to make shopping easier for you!

Tandem strollers

The Triplette Piroet tandem stroller from Peg Perego

Advantages- This Peg Perego triple stroller It has space for 3 child car seats, making it an excellent choice for parents of triplets. The seats can also be fully reclined and provide every child with their own footrests. You can point the seats both forwards and backwards on this triplet stroller, which is convenient for different scenarios and great for gluing.

Disadvantage- This triple stroller is very long, which makes it difficult to maneuver. It basically has a steering wheel for a handle. That being said, I would only consider if you have triplets or three babies who are very close to old age. In this case, it may be worth it that it can hold all three car seats.

Foundations triple stroller

Foundations Trio Sport 3-seater tandem stroller

Advantages- Many mothers say this stroller is less bulky than they imagined a triple stroller would be. The bright orange, red, and green color options are fun and easy to spot your stroller from anywhere. I also appreciate the fact that each seat has an individual canopy to block out the sunlight.

Disadvantage- Newborns do not fit well in the seats.

Sit and stand options for triple strollers

Joovy Big Caboose triple stroller

Joovy Big Caboose triple stroller

Advantages- It’s on sale on Amazon right now, so let’s go! This stroller is suitable for children of all ages and is also great for daycare. The rear platform allows for sitting and the two real seats can both accommodate a car seat. Woof woof!

Disadvantage- It’s quite long so be prepared that maneuvering can be difficult. But at least not as tricky as a full-fledged triple tandem stroller.

Triple stroller options

UPPAbaby Vista + piggyback

Advantages- The UPPAbaby Vista is a good choice for young families as it can be converted from a single to a double stroller and then with the piggyback board it can be converted into a triple stroller. It’s also great for those who have older triplets, an older child + twins, or three children of the same age. Basically, it’s a double stroller with the option to buy a connecting board. It drives well, is quite light and can be stowed like a double stroller.

Disadvantage- No seat for the child on the riding board. It’s also more expensive (but worth it!).

Mountain Buggy Free Rider and compatible double stroller

Advantages- It’s literally a scooter attachment for your stroller that your child is likely to love. The big difference is that you have full control that you wouldn’t have if they were on a separate scooter.

Disadvantage- Your child must be 4+ and have a good idea of ​​the concept of scooter riding to avoid boobus.

Other triple stroller arrangements

Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo Accessories.

Triple Adventure Buggy Co. Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo Attachment

Advantages- This stroller had the absolutely coolest design. The bottom is like a typical double side-by-side stroller, but they’ve added a third seat that sits on top. All seats can be leaned back. The front wheels can be swiveled or locked, which is ideal for different terrains. The top seat faces the parents sliding, making it perfect for families with two toddler twins + a new baby. This option is dynamic. Easily switch from 2 to up to 4 seats, all of which are suitable for newborns to toddlers. So, parents of double twin sets, watch out! It also folds up with a single button.

Disadvantage- While the top child gets a lot of attention, it’s hard to see what the bottom two are doing.

Valco Baby X + Toddler X

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X + toddler seat X

Advantages- This all-terrain stroller is another great option. It would work for families with triplets, but probably best for twins + 1 or three children in age. The toddler seat is an additional attachment so that the stroller grows with your family and Valco baby strollers are very durable, so that they last long enough.

Disadvantage- The child seat does not come with a hood, but you have the option to purchase one if you wish. The toddler seat is only suitable for babies from 6 months.

Radio pilot car

The Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon

Advantages- This option is slightly different and not for everyone, but if you’re just driving around your neighborhood a cart could work pretty well for you. There are three seats, cup holders and an ice pack attachment for your back (hey farmers markets!).

Disadvantage- This is just a great option for those of you with 3 young children. They are not designed to last more than a year, depending on wear and tear.

So now you can see that there are some great options when you are in the market for a triple stroller! You just have to decide which configuration best suits your family, be it the traditional tandem or something more unique like a double stroller combined with a rideboard. We hope our list has helped you narrow down what might be best for your family!

Which triple stroller would you choose? Tell us in the comments below!

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The best part about investing in a triple stroller is that it's easy to have all 3 of your children in one place, which is oh so convenient.  They can also be lifesaving for anyone who has 3 children in old age.  The most important thing to consider when choosing a triple stroller is the age of your children as it will determine the type of seating arrangement that will best suit your family.  So check out this list!  #triple #kinderwagen #momlife #triplets #babygear #babytips #parentingtips #parentinghacks

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