The Best Toys for 6 Month Old Baby (Fun & Developmental)

At 6 months old, babies are smiling, cooing and ready to play! While your child may seem like a toddler in many ways, they are going through an important developmental phase in their brain and body. To help your baby develop better, we have a list of the best gifts and toys for 6 month old kids in 2021.

Your baby will interact with you and the world around him in new and exciting ways. You will teething, recognize faces, react to emotions and reach physical milestones such as sitting down, turning around and soon walking.

best toys for 6 months old

Best toy for 6 month old baby

Will playing with toys help my baby develop?

You may be wondering, does my baby really need toys? When you help your baby explore the mechanisms of moving, stacking, building, and sorting, you are really helping them develop fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, and social and emotional intelligence.

Not only is play fun, it’s the most important way your baby can learn, grow, and meet key developmental milestones. So let’s play! Here is our list of the best baby development toys that are safe and fun. These are the best toys for 6 month old babies in our opinion!

Development toy subscription

Before we get into our specific toy recommendations, I have to mention that one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received is actually a toy subscription (where I’m the kind of less, more mom). The Lovevery toy subscription, however, is amazing.

Love toy subscription

For less than $ 40 a month, you can get toys specifically for your child’s age. It’s the perfect way to slowly introduce new toys. All Lovevery toys are high quality and designed to aid in development at every stage. Check them out here!

1. SmartNoggin NogginStik development light rattle

best toys for 6 months old

This toy is really great. We have had it for a few months now and it is still one of our babies’ favorite toys. This is unheard of in 6 month old children! The toy is great for teaching cause and effect and your baby will simply love it. You can shake it, pat things, and chew on it.

The glowing part of the Noggin Stik, mixed with the rattle, not only entertains your little ones (I shake the rattle on her and hit her to change the light, she looks on in amazement) but also helps them to reach milestones to achieve. I also have to say your baby will love chewing on the yellow nubs!

Stacking Cups for Babies - Best toy for 6 month old babies

These sturdy stackable cups are perfect for any type of game! With bright, playful colors and six nesting sizes, stacking and building with these cups will help your baby develop cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.

Each mug has the shape of an animal and a pattern of tiny holes, perfect for sand sifting outdoors or playing with water droplets in the bathtub!

Dreambaby Booster

Do you have a little one who loves to feel at the table (literally and figuratively)? Then you will love the Dreambaby® Grab ‘N Go booster seat. It’s perfect for families on the go and want their child to have a comfortable seat wherever their adventures take them.

The durable Grab ‘N Go booster seat features adjustable seat belts and a 3-point harness to keep your little one safe and protected, along with a convenient storage compartment – perfect for baby bottles, diapers and more.

Crane humidifier and sound machine

We love a good practical gift for babies like the Crane 4 in 1 Humidifier with Sound Machine that you’ll find plenty of uses. It provides up to 500 square feet of coverage for 24 hours and gives you soothing moisture to relieve dryness, constipation, and cold and flu symptoms. In addition to providing moisture, it contains a color-changing night light, an aroma bowl and is a sound machine. Your little one will love the changing night light and sounds!

Activity gym for 6 month old children

A gym is a must for your 6 month old! There are so many options to choose from, but we particularly like this organic wood gym. It’s one of the best toys for 6 month olds on Amazon!

Whichever gym you choose, your baby will love playing with the dangling toys while lying on their back. Later, when they can sit up, they can interact even more intensely with the gym!

Baby Sophie Giraffe - Best toy for 6 months old

Your baby will likely start teething by six months of age. You have probably heard of the baby Sophie Giraffe teether. There’s a reason why! Sophie’s soft texture and numerous chewing parts (ears, horns, legs) make them perfect for relieving gum pain when teething.

Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree, so no chemicals get into your baby’s mouth.

Developmental toy for 6 month old baby

Of course, toys and books are fun, but one of the most exciting parts of this time is your bay is on the move. You are probably ready for your first pair of shoes! BirdRock BabyMocassins are soft and comfortable for babies and very durable.

In fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee. The elastic around the ankle makes it easy for mom and dad to put on and take off, but is strong enough to stay in place so that they don’t get kicked or pulled off by the baby. Plus, they have tons of adorable styles!

best toys for 6 months old

The Oball rattle is a wonderful development companion for your child! Two soft, pliable and tooth-capable oballs, connected by a colorful rattle, attack your little one’s hands, mouth, ears and eyes. We love this mini device because it is easy for small hands to hold and play.

The Original Oball is also an excellent choice for your 6 month old baby!

Llama darling

Loveys are some of our favorite tips for toddlers. They are a cuddly toy and safety blanket in one and these cuddly toys are perfect for cuddling with babies! They are the much-needed comfort your baby needs for teething problems and sleep regressions.

There are a variety of wonderful options to choose from, but our personal favorites are the Llama Knot Lovey, available on Amazon, or this made-to-order cream baby Llama Lovey, available on Etsy.

best toys for 6 months old

Of course, there was more to this list than just your typical 6 month old baby toys, books are an important part of the development too! It’s never too early to read with your baby. Llama Llama’s Little Library by Anna Dewdney is now available as a cardboard book set and is perfect for early morning cuddles, afternoon games and bedtime stories.

They are perfect for reading aloud while your baby cuddles with their llama lovey!

Baby truck

Next on our list of the best toys for six-month-olds is the classic rainbow hoop stacking toy. Your baby will begin to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they stack and unstack the loops. You can even introduce color and size training later!

Our favorite is the wooden Rainbow Stacker by Melissa and Doug. Made from durable, child-safe materials and with expert craftsmanship, this product will bring your little one joy for years!

Fisher Price rocker for toddlers and toddlers

The Fisher-Price Baby-to-Toddler Rocker will be a mom favorite of our best toys for 6-month-old babies. The reason for this is that it starts as a calming baby bouncer or stationary seat with two bat animal friends above their heads.

As your baby grows, you can remove the toy bar and convert the seat into a toddler bouncer! It has a deep, cozy seat, an adjustable backrest, soothing vibrations, and a colorful (and machine washable) seat pad. For development: The fun animal lovers encourage your baby to grab and hit and strengthen the baby’s muscles!

Best toy for 6 month old baby

This baby bike made my little one laugh again and again. The bike sticks well to a table or high chair, so your little one can flip around on the bike without it coming off. The spinning wheel encourages your baby to grab, pull, and hit, which helps strengthen hand-eye coordination. The rotating centerpieces provide a higher level of visual tracking and strengthen fine motor skills.

Best toy for 6 month old boys

If you have a 6 month old child, they are likely on their way to crawling more than walking. But in no time they’ll be pulling themselves up and taking steps.

While your little one is sitting, they can play with the eearly learning center. It has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity. After standing, the wheels can work on carpeted floors so that your child can push it easily enough.

Your cute baby is learning so much from the world around him at this age. However, it’s so important to remember that toys are also an important part of our baby’s development of certain skills. For this reason, in creating this list, we prioritized the best developmental toys for 6 month old children. That being said, suck up this old age mom and take as much playtime as possible!

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frequently asked Questions

What kind of toys should a 6 month old child have?

Toys that help them learn and develop age-appropriate skills, such as cup stacking, arcades and baby walkers.

What are good gifts for a 6 month old child?

1. Baby Sophie Giraffe teether
2. Activity gym
3. VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker
4. Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker
5. Oball rattle

How long should the tummy time be at 6 months?

By 6 months, your baby can play on their tummy for up to an hour.

What activities can you do with a 6 month old child?

1. Read books
2. Play peekaboo
3. Clap together
4. Use interactive toys
5. Sing nursery rhymes

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