The Best Toys for 1 Year Old Girls – 15 Fun Choices!

These toys are guaranteed to keep any 1 year old girl occupied, and many can last a few years as she grows and continues to learn.  As we always say, these toys are probably great for boys too, but our little testers were some cute, adorable girls.  #toyguide #besttoys #holidaygiftguide #ultimategiftguide #christmasgifts #birthdaygifts #toysfortoddlers #toddlertoys #toys #toddler

Many of the toys on this list were chosen for their ability to be used in a variety of settings, from living room floors to running errands in the car. These toys are guaranteed to keep any 1 year old girl occupied, and many can last a few years as she grows and continues to learn. As we always say, these toys are probably great for boys too, but our little testers were some cute, adorable girls. Without further adieu, here are the best toys for year old girls!

best toys for year old girls

Best toys for 1 year old girls

The best toys for year old girls that will grab their attention

Best toy for 1 year old - Lovevery Box

The Babbler Play Kit from Lovevery

This box is full of toys specially designed for your 1 year old child’s developmental age. It will help build fine motor skills and teach them about spatial relationships.

Best toy for 1 year old - pull back vehicles

Pull back toy vehicles

Cars are great toys to play on the floor or on the go, especially when waiting for dinner or changing the lights in the car. This set of 4 cars is sized to be easy to handle with small hands. Each has bright colors. In addition, these hard-wearing cars can simply be put in a diaper bag and always taken with you.

best toys for year old girls

Playskool Explore N Grow Busy Gears

To keep those little hands busy, try this busy gang board. It’s perfect for floor and table games with moving gears and stackable parts. This toy allows your child to be creative and explore the lights and sounds as they learn logic, problem solving, and puzzles.

best toys for year old girls

Fisher-Price laugh and learn Farm Animal Puzzle

Another great beginner puzzle is this farm animal board. There are five farm animal parts that fit into the barn-themed base. If your 1 year old girl places the animal correctly, the chalkboard will name that animal, make the sound of that animal, and place a song!

best toys for year old girls

Safety First stacking rings

This toy takes the classic baby toy, stacking rings, and gives it a modern twist by making all of the pieces plush and textured. This is a great interactive toy that your 1 year old can stack or enjoy each piece individually. Some parts rattle, creak, or wrinkle, and the fabric has a variety of textures.

best toy for year old girls - pop-up tent

Play tent for toddlers

Your little one can have their own tent AND ball pit to play inside and outside! It’s quick and easy to set up, and your 1 year old will love crawling in and out.

Stackable cups under the sea

Stacking cups are great early childhood toys as 1 year olds love to move toys around and explore all sorts of things. These stackable cups have an underwater motif with different animal shapes on the edge. Your little one can use this toy both in the bathtub and while playing, which makes it versatile and twice as fun.

Rocking horse for kindergarten

Every little girl needs her own horse to ride! This Pottery Barn rocking horse is one of my favorites on the market. It’s small so your one year old can get on and off easily. They also have a choice of other animals if you want something a little more unique!

Toys that encourage new skills like music, walking, and more

best toys for year old girls

Musical turtle toy

This toy is a great learning tool as the simple structure, lights, and sounds will help your child learn letters, numbers, and fun songs. The toy is shaped like a turtle with buttons all over the shell. The top of the shell shows letters and numbers with lights on the outer edge and buttons on the turtle’s feet. This is an easily portable toy that is great for entertaining and teaching.

best toys for year old girls

VTech Lil ‘Critters Moosical Beads

Another great toy that elevates a classic staple is this “mossy” cow. The base of the toy is a stuffed cow, and a ring or music buttons or beads are attached to the cow that light up and teach letters and numbers. There are also a variety of phrases, songs, and melodies to keep and interact with your 1 year old.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin ‘Activity Bugs

This activity bug toy is a great self-contained floor toy. There are four beetles, each brightly colored, in a row. Baby can push the bug down to hear a unique sound. There is a switch or button in front of each bug to further engage your baby, teach problem solving, cause and effect, and work on motor skills.

VTech activity cube for busy learners

Each side of this cube offers something unique and interesting, from flashing buttons to sliders, spinners, and sounds, this activity cube is endlessly fun. As another toy with no removable parts, this is a great toy to keep your 1 year old entertained whether you are waiting in line, in the car, or at dinner.

best toys for year old girls

Fisher Price rattle maracas

This toy takes the classic rattle and gives it a fun musical twist. There are two maracas per package, which means twice the fun. Each maraca has a plastic handle with a shaker window in the bottom. Each top is a brightly colored fabric to add contrasting texture.

best toys for year old girls

Top books made of light fabric

Soft cloth books are a great introduction to reading. Plus, with these you don’t have to worry about your 1 year old tearing the pages. These brightly colored, soft, squishy books are a great addition to any toy box. Every book is educational from numbers to animals to fruits. It’s easy to tuck one in a diaper bag or travel bag, anywhere a book can be useful.

VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Another educational toy is this puppy. The body is made of plastic with a funny puppy motif. There are multiple buttons with numbers for learning, and it has 20 songs that play when the puppy is pulled around on its string. This is a fun floor toy as the puppy will be low on the floor and easy to move from a sitting or standing position.

One year old girl's toy - elephant night light

Elephant Critter Night Light Buddy

If your one year old girl managed to sleep in her own room overnight, she will love having a Twilight Buddies Elephant in her room! It’s like a night light, but better.

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Sis Walker

This is the best toy for one year old girls when your baby is learning to walk. It will help her build confidence and get used to the movement of walking while having the sturdy crutch to support her.

Cheeky stack of circles stacking ring STEM educational toys

We’re all about STEM toys, and it’s not too early to start! Perfect for your one-year-old, this simple stacking toy is light enough for them to figure it all out for themselves.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

It’s always fun for me how easy it is to keep the little ones entertained. They seem to think the simpler the better! The Dimpl is a great example of this as there are only five silicone bubbles that it can fold in and out.

Best toy for year old girls that stimulates imaginative play

VTech Pretty Party Playset

This is definitely one of the best toys for 1 year old girls as all of our little testers seemed to love it. Lots of little girls love to play like they’re dressing up and dressing up, and this party playset makes a great beginner toy. This toy has a pink tray that holds the cups, snacks and the teapot. If your little one tips the pitcher to pretend they’re pouring lemonade, they’ll sing a variety of songs.

Baby Stella Soft First baby doll

Another way little girls love to play is with baby dolls. This doll is soft and cuddly, similar to soft toys and teddy bears. It comes with a magnetic pacifier and a removable cloth outfit and a diaper. This is a fun introduction to playing with dolls for a 1 year old who is showing interest.

Pink ruffle plaid apron

Your little girl is far too young to help you in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have an adorable apron of her own!

Baby GUND Princess Castle plush play set

This plush doll set is absolutely adorable and perfectly age-appropriate for your one year old! The wand squeaks and the doll crackles, and your baby will love to check himself out in the little wand.

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