The Best Online Cricut Classes For Every Budget of 2021

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Learn how to use your Cricut with these amazing courses. Owning a Cricut machine doesn’t have to be intimating! Use these online Cricut courses to learn everything you need to know to become a pro!

best online cricut courses

Online Cricut Courses

It can be a hard to know where to begin when it comes to using your Cricut machine. But once you get the hang of it- I promise- it will become like second nature to you and you will become so fast and effecient with it!

However, there is a learning curve to it. It took me a little while to get used to using mine and learning the ins and outs of the machine. I got a little frustrated at times but that is because I was trying to figure it out all on my own- which made the process longer.

There are so many resources out there to help and I wish I knew that then. But I’m here to help set you up for success when it comes to using your Cricut by sharing some of the top Cricut Courses that you can purchase to help you learn everything you need to know.

Why should I buy a Cricut Course?

The last thing you want to do is buy a Cricut machine and have it sit in your closet gathering dust because you don’t know how to use it!

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The sky is the limit when it comes to a Cricut- you can do so many things with it and believe it or not- it can even make life easier for you once you get the hang of it.

The possibilities are endless of what you can make and do with a Cricut. Think of all the projects, crafts just waiting for you. If you bought a Cricut in the first place then chances are you enjoying making things- and knowing how to use it and feeling comfortable with it is the first step.

You could google everything single thing about your machine. But that could be time consuming and take you down a slippery slope of misinformation or confusing tutorials. Or you could purchase a course that has everything in one place to hep you need to get started!

The courses I’m sharing with you are full of great information with well thought out step by step instructions. Enjoy being able to learn from the pros who have taken the guess work out of it and have done the hard part of learning the ins and outs.

cricut made easy

Cricut Made Easy was created by Kimberly from Sweet Red Poppy who is on a mission to help others love their Cricut machines, have fun using them, and is passionate about creating a space where people can feel comfortable learning!

What’s Included

In this course you will find the following:

  • 19 Video Modules(Chapters)
  • 50+ Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • 30+ Cricut Cheat Sheet Printables
  • 160+ Page E-Book “Maker’s Guide to Cricut”
  • All 3 Cricut Machines Covered (Maker/Joy/Explore family)
  • 16 Different Projects with Printable Guides
  • 80+ High-Quality SVG Files
  • Print then Cut Sticker Files
  • Design Space Glossary
  • Exclusive Facebook Support Group
  • Tips and Tricks from the Expert!

Each Module includes multiple videos and printables- and some have a project or even two! There is so much content!

  • Welcome Module: Tips for Success
  • Module 1: Unboxing & Connecting Your Cricut Machine
  • Module 2: Cricut Mats Demystified
  • Module 3: Get to Know Your Cricut Tools
  • Module 4: Dominate Design Space Like a Pro
  • Module 5: Intro to Paper & Cardstock + Flower Bouquet Project
  • Module 6: Vinyl
  • Module 7: Iron-On
  • Module 8: Infusible Ink
  • Module 9: Cricut Pens
  • Module 10: Print Then Cut
  • Module 11: Deep Point Blade
  • Module 12: Knife Blade
  • Module 13: Fabric (Rotary & Bonded-Fabric Point Blades)
  • Module 14: Engraving
  • Module 15: Foil Transfer Kit
  • Module 16: Maker Quick-Swap Tool
  • Bonus #1 – Module 17: Cricut Joy Cards
  • Bonus #2 – Module 18: Cricut Joy Large Scale Projects
  • Bonus #3 – Module 19: Organizing Your Cricut Craft Room

How to enroll

You can find this course by visiting the Sweet Red Poppy website by clicking here

There are limited spots open so make sure you don’t wait.


You can purchase the Cricut Made Easy course for $179 when you use code SAVE50. They also offer payment plans.

  • Two payments of $99
  • Three payments of $70

They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Why you should buy this course:

  • The course starts immediately and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. You can pause, restart or redo modules whenever you want. Enroll now to secure your spot.
  • They have an exclusive Facebook group just for Cricut® Made Easy students. It’s completely optional but it’s a great place to ask questions, get access to the expert, and make friends across the globe while sharing your questions, your wins, and your makes!
  • It’s for people of all skill levels. It covers projects at all skill levels and whether you craft daily or monthly, they have course material just for you!
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • It is compatible for Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, and the Cricut Explore Air family

Master Your Cricut is an online course that breaks down everything you need to know. It’s to the point and a great jump start to Cricutting. I love that it’s broken down into a day-by-day starter guide. Much less intimidating!

Makers Gonna Learn also offers a yearly membership that includes a lot more options for the Cricut-user who just wants EVERYTHING.

What’s included

In Master Your Cricut, you will find 30 lessons- one for each day to teach you everything you need to know. Here are the 30 lessons you will find:

  • Day 1 – Opening Your Cricut – What Comes in The Box?
  • Day 2 – Downloading Design Space, Creating Your Account, and Setting Up Your Cricut
  • Day 3 – Beginner Cricut Terminology You Need to Know
  • Day 4 – Design Space Tour and Overview
  • Day 5 – How To Download SVGs and PNGs to Cricut Design Space
  • Day 6 – How To Download Fonts to Cricut Design Space
  • Day 7 – A Deeper Look Into Design Space
  • Day 8 – Cricut Supplies, Tools, and Accessories You Need as a Beginner
  • Day 9 – What Are The Differences Between Types of Vinyl
  • Day 10 – How To Work With Adhesive Vinyl
  • Day 11 – How To Reverse Weed Adhesive Vinyl and Why You Need To!
  • Day 12 – How To Work With Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Day 13 – How To Iron-On Wood
  • Day 14 – How To Write/Draw With Your Cricut
  • Day 15 – How To Layer Vinyl
  • Day 16 – How To Layer HTV
  • Day 17 – All Cricut Blades and Tools Explained
  • Day 18 – How To Print Then Cut
  • Day 19 – How To Use Printable Vinyl
  • Day 20 – How To Use Printable HTV
  • Day 21 – How To Make a Stencil
  • Day 22 – Craft Blanks You’ll Use Often, and Where To Find Them Cheap
  • Day 23 – How and When To Change Your Cricut Blades
  • Day 24 -How To Clean Your Cricut Mats
  • Day 25 – How To Calibrate Your Machine
  • Day 26 – 5 Cricut Design Space Settings You Need To Know About
  • Day 27- 5 Cricut Design Space Trouble Shooting Tips To Remember From Past Lessons
  • Day 28 – 5 Cricut Machine Trouble Shooting Tips
  • Day 29 – Choosing Your First Project
  • Day 30 – How To Make a Beginner Card With Your Cricut

The Makers Gonna Learn membership is definitely for someone who really wants to jump in and LOVE their machine. There are different tiers, but to get the courses, you have to signup for the yearly membership.

The yearly membership is typically $15.99 a month, but I often see it on sale (at the time of this writing, it is $12.99 a month!)

The yearly membership include:

  • Digital Cut File Library 
  • ​Monthly Cut File Releases
  • ​​Hundreds of Fonts
  • ​Monthly Font Releases
  • ​Exclusive Facebook Group
  • ​Member Only Projects
  • ​100% Ad-Free Experience
  • ​Printable Guides 
  • ​Maker Studio Software Access
  • ​Commercial License
  • ​30 Day Cricut Challenge
  • Frame Building Masterclass
  • ​10+ Online Classes

How to enroll

To enroll in “Master Your Cricut” simply go to their sign up page

If you are interested in the membership options, click here.


The course is $97.

However, for the memberships, they offer different options.

Right now as of Decebmer 2020 you can use the code BEST and save $40 for your yearly membership- and you would paid only 12.99 a month


$19.99 a month for one month at a time or $17.99 for a six month membership.

Each tier includes different offerings, and you will only get access to the courses if you do the yearly memberships.

Why you should buy this course

  • Includes unlimited access to over 1000 cut files
  • New files, training videos, and more added monthly
  • Downloadable guide books, Facebook community and more!
  • It is clearly well-loved and very popular among its users. This is a very active and fun community to be a part of!

cricut academy

Cricut Academy has everything you want to learn, all in one convenient place. You’ve already invested in your machine—now join the thousands of Cricut crafters who have learned to master their Cricut using this course!

What’s included

Your Cricut Academy membership includes access to more than 200 lessons on using your Cricut Explore or Maker

  • 200+ lessons, covering Design Space; tools, materials, mats, and blades; project tutorials, and more!
  • 15+ new commercial-use SVGs per month, plus full access to our growing library of cut files
  • Free printable vinyl guide and printable keyboard shortcuts guide
  • Access to our exclusive VIP Facebook group, where you can ask our team questions, get advice, build community, and share your Cricut creations
  • Facebook Lives that include Design Space tutorials, Cricut crafts, industry updates, and more
  • Automatic entry into big monthly giveaways

How to enroll

Create an account and enroll by clicking this link


There are two ways to join Cricut Academy, monthly and yearly and they are both affordable!

The monthly membership is $12.99 a month. Or save 16% by joining for a full year for $129.90.

They do not offer refunds but you can cancel anytime. Keep in mind that your membership will automatically renew, so make sure you keep that in mind if you only want to subscribe for a short time.

Why you should buy this course

  • All Cricut Academy lessons are completely self-paced—you decide when you start and when you finish each lesson. Take them in any order and come back to refresh your knowledge.
  •  Lessons are based in written text with extensive photos and screenshots with videos and screencasts coming soon.
  • All of the SVGs in the course are offered to members with a commercial license. You may make up to 500 handmade items with the SVGs in Cricut Academy.

jennifer maker svg course

This is the ultimate crafter’s design course. Learn to make anything! Including your OWN designs whenever you want.

While this isn’t specifically a Cricut course, it IS an amazing option for those who want to get a little more advanced in their designing ability.

What’s included

jennifer maker

This step-by-step course teaches you everything you need to know to design SVG cut files.

The CUT ABOVE SVG Design Course is packed with actionable techniques and hands-on projects that teach you how to create beautiful and cuttable designs on a whim. Use your designs for your personal projects, share them with friends and family, or even sell them.

This course includes 8 units and 50+ video lessons designed to get you results in much less time and with far less frustration than if you tried to figure it out on your own.

How to enroll

You can join their waiting list by clicking here

Enrollment is currently closed. It will open again in 2021. Simply add your name to the waiting list to be notified when enrollment opens again.


The CUT ABOVE SVG design course is available at three different pricing tiers, as well as convenient payment plans, to accommodate a wide range of budgets. The payment plans are quite affordable and easy to use.

To find out specific price points join their waiting list

Why you should buy this course

  • You will be taught how to create your own designs
  • 30 day refund guarantee if you are not happy with the course
  • After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
  • The course starts immediately and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.
  • The course presents a new lesson and practical, hands-on creative project each week (every Saturday) over the course of eight weeks.

Master all the ins and outs of Cricut® machines, Design Space®, DIY projects, materials, and more with live webinars led by Cricut experts.

These are free online classes that have been developed by the experts at Cricut, and it’s a great place to start if you are just getting started with Cricut.

What’s included

Free live classes are available in the future, and you can watch past classes.

Past Classes:



We created this eBook because she knows what it’s like to not know where to start! This course has the basics of what you need to get to started. The Design Space section is based on a previous edition of DS, but it should still be helpful!

It is a very simple eBook, so it’s definitely a great option for those who don’t want to watch videos and just want a reference manual.

What’s included

This includes 89 pages of detailed information on getting started with your Cricut machine – from setting it up to using common and fun techniques like using HTV, Print then Cut, and even cutting with wood!

By clicking here, you can view the table of contents!

Cost and how to enroll

This eBook is just $7.99!

Buy the eBook here or by clicking the purchase button below!

Why you should buy this eBook

This is an incredibly budget-friendly eBook created by someone who has done the work to learn how to use the Cricut. You will find it informative and easy to follow!

Which Course is Right For You?

There are a lot of courses mentioned above – and really, you can’t go wrong. However, if you are still wondering which one is best for you, here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Not a fan of memberships and want lifetime access? Trust me – I get this. I avoid memberships in almost all situations. If you just want to pay once and have lifetime access, then Cricut Made Easy is going to be the best option for you. You can save $50 with the code SAVE50, making it $129 for lifetime access.
  • Most bang for your buck educational membership? I LOVE Cricut Academy for this purpose. It is definitely the best educational membership with the most content. There’s SO much information, and it’s constantly expanding. If you want to truly master your Cricut machine and have continued support, this is a great option for you.
  • Need something that holds your hand? Master Your Cricut is a great option. It takes you step-by-step through the first 30 days of starting your Cricut.
  • Want lots of freebies and an awesome Cricut community? Makers Gonna Learn is an awesome membership. It’s not specifically about Cricut education, but the yearly membership does include courses. I think this a great place to go for those who are seasoned and just want to live and breathe all things Cricut.
  • Budget friendly, comprehensive, and no “fluff” ? You may want to start with our eBook. It’s very simple and to the point, and it’s something you can access very easily. Great for people who just want information without all the fluff (even though I love fluff!)
  • You want to design! Maybe you’ve mastered your Cricut and now you want to make your own designs….awesome! Cut Above is going to be the right course for you.
  • Want free videos? Then the Cricut recorded webinars might be the best option for you. These aren’t organized as well as some of the other courses, and they don’t include any freebies – but they are FREE and will definitely get you started on the right foot.

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