The Best Mini Crib to Transform Your Small Nursery

Looking for the best mini cot? Well, look no further!

So you’ve figured out the wall color, the theme, maybe even your nursing chair, but now you have to pick out the most important of them all. The manger! There are so many options that knowing where to start can be difficult. Are you into something trendy? Maybe you want something that will transform your little one and last through childhood, or maybe this is the first of many babies for you and you just want a crib that will stand up to all the wear and tear. Maybe you barely have a room, but you want yours new baby a special place to yourself. If the latter applies to you, a mini cot is a must. They’re the perfect solution to this problem, and there are actually some pretty cute options out there.

Does a mini cot suit you?

Babies seem to bring tons of stuff with them, and just thinking about where to keep everything can be really overwhelming. Between high chair, stroller, sweater and changing table, you may have the feeling that your home has already reached its capacity. When you choose a mini cot, you save valuable space and still have absolutely everything you need. Another great benefit is that mini cribs are often easy to transport, which means they may have a specific space in your nursery, but if you want the baby closer to you, arranging it is convenient. You may be able to do without a cradle or a pack n play!

Mini cribs are available in a standard size of 24 “by 38”. Aside from that, There are some variations of even narrower cots. So be sure to check the dimensions before buying to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Many new models of mini cots are changeable, just like their original size Counterparts so that you can convert them into a cot in due course.

Best mini cots

best mini bed

Babyletto Gelato Convertible 2-in-1 mini cot

The Babyletto Gelato Convertible 2-in-1 mini cot is slim, modern and everything you could want from a mini cot for a child’s room or a small room! This cot has 2 height settings. Plus, with the purchase of an additional conversion kit, it can be converted into a delightful twin-size bed as your little one grows. It is durable and GREENGUARD Gold certified.

You can purchase the Pottery Barn Kids mini mattress and bedding with the crib. Check the current prices here!

Bloom Alma mini crib

Bloom Alma mini cot

Simple, elegant and easy to move. The Bloom Alma mini cot has everything you need and you can conveniently buy the mattress and sheet set in one purchase. It is available in 5 different finishes so you are sure to find the right look for your home.

It can be built without tools and easily fits through most doors, making it easy to move around. This mini cot can be folded up quite small and is therefore also a good option for a travel cot or a second cot for grandma and grandpa. This crib is safe to use up to 12 months of age. Check the current prices here!

best mini bed

Delta children’s mini bed Classic

We were telling the truth when we said that with a mini crib you can still have the best of both worlds. The Delta Children Mini Crib Classic can easily be converted into a twin-size toddler bed with a separately available attachment. The makers of this crib wanted it to be just like their large crib with the same style and safety features, only downsized.

We have to say we love the price of this crib too! It’s so cheap that it can easily be bought as a second cot when you need it. Check the current prices here!

best mini bed

Dream on Me Casco 3-in-1 mini crib

I know a 3-in-1 mini crib seems like a pretty crazy idea! Trust us, it exists and it’s pretty great for urban life and other small spaces. It starts as a mini cot with an attached changing table, but can later be converted into a toddler bed, day bed or single bed. The changing table can be removed anytime, but we think it’s a pretty cool addition! It also saves you having to purchase them separately.

The cot has three different height settings, which is sufficient for a mini cot. It just means your baby is safe at every stage. Did I mention that this crib doesn’t just do everything? but is it actually really pretty? You have to love each of the finishes and the timeless look. Check the current prices here!

best mini bed

Stokke Natural Convertible Sleeper

Dare to be different with Stokke. From strollers to cots, everything they do is a little different than usual in the best possible way. This crib is round indeed. While technically not a mini, its strange shape allows it to be placed in more unique or smaller spaces. It’s also on wheels so it’s portable and can move around your home when needed. This cot can hold your child up to 12 years with a few attachments! Check out the mint green finish if you’re looking for something really funky and cool. Check the current prices here!

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