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This makes it easy for Cricut mats to get dirty and lose their tackiness. Just because they get dirty doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. Here are the best tips and tricks for cleaning Cricut mats, so you can breathe life into your mats and re-glue your mats!

dirty cricut mats

If you’ve had your Cricut for a while, you may have noticed that your cutting mat has gotten a little dirty and less sticky over time.

While it is normal for your mat to collect dirt and grime during use, it can have a negative impact if that grime remains on your mat.

That said, the longer you wait for your mat to be cleaned, the harder it will be to make your favorite Cricut projects come true in the future!

Take a few minutes to clean the Cricut mat instead of worrying about it losing its effectiveness. These simple cleaning methods will help you keep your mat clean between uses so you never have to worry about your mat getting sticky again.

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This also helps you save money in the long run so that you don’t have to buy a new mat every time it gets dirty or sticky! My goal is to save money whenever possible, so I love making sure my Cricut mats get the whole life out of them!

Before and after

Before I shared the cleaning methods, I thought I’d share a before and after of one of my dirtiest mats. This mat was left on the floor and got a lot of extra dirt that otherwise probably wouldn’t have been there.

I don’t actually have the best role model – but it’s this blue mat on the right side of the picture. The picture below shows some scratches that were permanent but clean, sticky and perfect to use!

Accessories for cleaning your cutting mat

Cleaning agents for Cricut mats

When you have the right tools on hand, getting your Cricut mat clean is pretty easy. To clean your mat you will need:

  • Mat Scraper: Use your Cricut mat scraper to remove bits of glue and other small debris found on paper that could become trapped on the top of your mat. If you don’t have a scraper, a hard plastic scraper will also work like a kitchen spatula for this step in the cleaning process.
  • Lint roller: A lint roller is a great tool for removing smaller particles of dirt like dust and pet hair from the sticky side of your mat.
  • Baby wipes: The moist, soft texture of baby wipes is great for cleaning your Cricut mat when it gets dirty.
  • Soapy Water: To thoroughly clean your Cricut cutting mat, you may need to soak it in soapy water to thoroughly clean the mat.

How to clean a Cricut cutting mat


Here are some ways you can clean and re-glue your Cricut mats!


Here are some of the supplies you might need!


Scrape off dirt with a scraper or credit card


Use a lint roller to get more dirt


Wipe easily removable dirt with a baby


Use LA Awesome’s Totally Awesome Spray for really hard-to-clean mats – the yellow bottle is best, but that works well too.


Use a microfiber cloth after applying the spray


Wash with soap and water!


Does the mat have to be sticky again? Try 2 way glue!


After your mat has dried after cleaning, just lay it on. Let it dry and it will be just as sticky as the day you opened the mat!


And voila! As good as new.

There are four basic steps to cleaning your Cricut cutting mat.

And the good news about this process is that your mat may not require every step. To determine if your mat needs light or thorough cleaning, just follow the steps below. I’ve added a few different options for each step, all of which are simple and budget friendly!

If you find that your cutting mat looks clean enough after completing step one or two, you can stop there and start your crafting. However, if your mat is still dirty and dull, you will likely need to follow all of the steps to thoroughly clean your cutting mat.

Step 1: scrape off the debris.

Scrape material off the Cricut mat

If you’ve just used your Cricut or have recently cleaned it, your mat may only need a light cleaning to remove some of the clinging residue from the sticky side of the mat.

If so, all you have to do is run your scraper over the sticky surface of the mat to loosen any adhering residue. Keep moving the scraper along the mat until you have removed all of the extra material that may be preventing your projects from sticking to the mat.

Other options:

Don’t have a scraper? Here are some other tips:

Step 2: roll off the lint.

After you’ve removed the visible residue from your cutting mat, your mat may still not be as tacky as you’d like. This is because there may still be small bits of dust and hair stuck to the mat that your scraper was unable to remove. A lint roller is ideal here.

Roll your lint roller over the sticky part of the mat to remove those stubborn little debris. The roller will help pick up any lint stuck to the top of your mat. And as an added bonus, it can transfer some of its stickiness to the surface of the mat.

Cricut Mat Cleaner

Option one:

Baby wipe on Cricut matt

Before removing a wipe from your baby’s wipe container, check the packaging to make sure that these wipes are bleach-free and alcohol-free. These two ingredients will damage the sticky surface of your mat. So make sure that the wipes you use do not contain bleach or alcohol. When you are sure that these wipes are safe, simply rub the wipe over the mat slowly, making sure to wipe it down in a straight line.

Option two: soak soapy water.

Does your mat still look dirty after scraping, rolling and wiping it? It’s time to take a bath!

Fill a container large enough to hold your mat with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap.

Put the mat in the water and let it soak for five to 10 minutes.

If there is still material stuck to the mat, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the mat until all debris is removed.

Rinse the soap off the mat and let it air dry completely before using it.

Avoid drying the mat with a cloth or paper towels as the lint from the fabric is likely to stick to the mat and force you to start the cleaning process again.

Option three: LA’s Totally Awesome Spray

This is an amazing all-purpose cleaner you can get from The Dollar Tree (it outperforms our favorite Dollar Tree cleaners). When I was working on this post, I was actually running out of this, so I tried Totally Awesome’s degreaser in LA and it worked fantastic.

Although this is listed as my third option, I usually use it over soap and water just because it works so well. I just spray it on and scrub the mat with a microfiber cloth.

Final step

Let it dry!

After it looks nice and clean, it’s time to let it dry. Air drying is usually best rather than trying to use a rag or paper towel. You can hang it up to dry or just leave it flat!

Like Cricut Mat

Cricut mats don’t always stay sticky for very long – especially when cleaning. But don’t worry – you can re-glue them for an even longer use!

Here are a few options to consider:

Option one: Zig 2-way glue

This is my contact point! It’s super easy to use and I think mine. Mats are as good as new (if not better!) When I use these. You can get this from Amazon or many craft stores.

Option 2: Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Spray

I own this spray but haven’t used it myself – I’m just not a big fan of sprays and I really love the 2Way Zig Glue. However, this is something I have seen highly recommended by other Cricut users, so it is definitely something to consider! You can buy it here on Amazon.

Option three: Scotch Super Adhesive Spray

Keep Cricut Mats

One of the best ways to keep your mats in good condition is to keep them! Obviously, keeping them off the ground (one that I’m not always the best at) is a good first step.

I think command hooks are great for hanging. You can hang them on a wall, on a door, on a closet … whatever!

Personally, I have a command hook on my DreamBox. The DreamBox is pretty much any cricutter’s best organizing tool, and I’ve customized mine to have a great space for all of my mats! That’s a pretty big buy, of course, but if you choose the right one, make sure you use the code CLARKS100 Get $ 100 Off!

I would also recommend putting the plastic that came with the mats back on after use. Another of those “do what I say, not like me” things, but it will help improve the longevity of your mats.

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