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There are so many things that you never think about before becoming a parent, like the fact that a baby’s skull bones don’t fuse until they are 9-18 months old. For this reason, flat head syndrome is quite common in babies. Fortunately, if your child develops this syndrome, it is usually easy to treat them by changing their position and buying a flat baby pillow.

Newborns are known to be fragile because they have not yet developed their muscle tone and cannot support their own head. Your newborn’s head is soft because it had to pass through the birth canal. Until the skull is developed, it is important that you include tummy time in your baby’s routine. It is important to consider proper sleep techniques, as well as head and neck support, to aid your baby’s development. The best way to support a baby is to monitor the amount of time they spend on their back and use a special pillow to support the baby’s head if they develop flat head syndrome.

Flat head syndrome

You may be wondering what exactly is flat head syndrome. In flat head syndrome, a part of a baby’s head is flattened by sustained pressure on a specific area. The most common cause is spending a lot of time on your back. This can be in a cot, swing, car seat, or stretcher. You should let your baby sleep on their back to prevent SIDS. Definitely keep practicing this unless you speak to your pediatrician about changes. Since you need to get them to sleep on their backs, which puts pressure on the back of their heads, just make sure they don’t lie on their backs too much when they are awake.

You can treat this syndrome by changing your baby’s head position throughout the day. This may mean spending more time holding them (hooray for a cuddle!) And playing with them during tummy time. Of course, you can also use a flat baby pillow for treatment at home. They are one of the best ways to adjust where pressure is placed on the head. Using a pillow designed to treat or prevent flat head syndrome can help reduce flatness and avoid a flat spot. There is also the option of medical treatment with therapy and equipment to correct the flattened area if necessary.

What to look for in your baby flat pillow

When purchasing a pillow specifically designed for Flat Head Syndrome, keep the following in mind:

  • Shape: Most flat pillows hold your baby’s head in a ring rather than in a specific place.
  • Support: The pillow should certainly provide the right support.
  • Age-appropriate: The pillow should be specially designed for the age of your baby. Fortunately, there are a variety of pillows on the market. This is an easy way to ensure that the model you choose suits your baby’s needs and is safe to sleep in.

Top 5 best baby flat pillows

Baby flat pillow

Baby pillows for newborns from WelLifes

This baby pillow has a rectangular shape that is very similar to a traditional pillow. The difference is that the center has a slope. An oval is sewn into the pillowcase to create a cradle for the baby’s head. This reduces the pressure on every part of the head and ensures a more comfortable sleep. The design paired with the 3D air net construction and filling helps ensure that your baby feels comfortable.

On top of that, the cute patterns make it easy to adapt the pillow to any children’s room theme. This is a great flat pillow to try early in a baby’s life to help with sleep issues. You can even use it as a preventative to reduce the chances of them ever developing a flat spot.

BabyMoov Lovenest baby pillow

Another great option is this heart-shaped baby pillow. The design of this pillow provides excellent head and neck support. This will help calm your baby down as he falls asleep, along with the proper headrest to reduce flat spots. A pediatrician designed this pillow to help evenly distribute pressure on the baby’s head to encourage proper head development.

I also love that this pillow is easy to clean and very portable. It’s a great option for use anywhere from the crib to the bassinet, stroller, bouncer, and the floor. I love that the whole pillow is machine washable so it can just be tossed in with all of your laundry! It’s also available in multiple colors, making it a great baby shower gift or an easy fix for early flat head symptoms.

Boppy Noggin Nest headrest

Babies spend a lot of time on their backs; the car seat, their crib, swing and stroller. It is important that babies have proper back support in these situations, which is why this is a great baby pillow.

The Boppy Noggin Nest headrest is a semicircular pillow with a cradle in the middle and a rectangle made of fabric to rest behind the baby. This means you can use it in any car seat, crib, bassinet, or stroller. It offers support no matter where you want to go! Many child car seats have similar built-in support, but this baby pillow will provide support as your baby grows, reducing head flat and preventing further growth.

Baby flat pillow

BAMMAX Memory Foam Baby Flat Pillow

This pillow is made of super soft, breathable memory foam. The rectangular shape makes it best for newborns as it can fully support the head and neck. I also think it’s great that this pillow is so light that it can be easily taken with you and moved between the car seat and the stroller.

Baby flat pillow

Babymoon Pod 4-in-1 multipurpose pillow for babies

Finally, this 4-in-1 multipurpose baby pillow is a great option for those looking for a pillow that can do just about anything. You can use this C-shaped pillow for breastfeeding support, which is a huge perk! Of course, it also offers head and neck support when sleeping on the back, in the car seat or on the floor. This simple pillow has multiple configurations that you can use as your baby grows. The four uses of this pillow are breastfeeding, tummy time, travel and flat head prevention. This is a great all-round pillow with a soft cover that comes in a variety of patterns and with multiple uses.

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