The Best Dollar Tree Craft Supplies (and What to Skip!) (2021)

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The dollar tree is the perfect place to buy Craft material! You have so much to choose from – and a lot of it is just as good as the expensive stuff! Read on to learn Which craft materials to buy from the Dollar Tree!

Dollar tree craft supplies

Every craftsman knows that it is so easy to spend a lot of money on craft supplies. Have you heard the joke that craftspeople have two hobbies – crafting and buying handicrafts?

Well it is true!

Personally, I love to have a large supply of items that I can use right now. But it can add up quickly – that’s why I like to buy my craft supplies from the Dollar Tree.

If you’ve ever peeked into their crafting department, you probably know they have an impressive range to choose from. And for the most part – it’s pretty high quality and just as good as the stuff you would buy at the high end craft stores.

Many Dollar Tree stores have integrated Crafter’s Square, which is basically a paradise for handicrafts. Every time I stop by I am always impressed with what my shop has. I’ve even heard that some stores have some imitations of Cricut that I can’t wait to pick up (you know how much we love Dollar Tree Cricut Projects here!)

However, not everything is worth buying! I’ve rounded up the best crafting supplies, as well as the ones you should skip – so you don’t have to. These are consumables that we personally love to buy along with those that have the best reviews on Have fun doing handicrafts!

The best craft supplies for dollar tree


They have colors of all kinds and from well-known brands. We love to stock up on paint over and over again – the blackboard paint is a lot of fun!

paint brush

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I never have enough brushes, especially foam brushes. I think the quality is great, especially when you consider what you pay for!

Paint accessories

Wood crafts

This is my absolute FAVORITE section in the Dollar Tree – the wood-crafting section. This is seriously a gold mine for kid crafts, gifts, and more.



I couldn’t believe it when I first saw the canvas at the Dollar Tree. We use this constantly!


Craft container

googly eyes

Card stock


They have many different types of yarn and they are very abundant in the amount you get!


Wreath shapes

They have wire and foam shapes and are great for making fun and simple wreaths. Here is a Halloween wreath that we made a few years ago.

Craft sticks

Piercing and Scoring Tool

Baker’s string


Cutting tools

Multi-colored pompoms


Items to skip over

These craft items have 2 or less star ratings on Dollar Tree’s website, which means they are unlikely to hold up or perform as well.

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