The Best Diaper Bag for Twins to make Mom’s Life a Little Easier!

Buying a diaper bag for twins doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Don’t get me wrong, I know pretty much anything with twins feels like a daunting task, but we are here to help you with this task! Simply put, parents looking for a diaper bag for twins need something that can carry all of the equipment needed for two growing children. This bag should also have room for parents’ belongings, from keys and a phone to a wallet and maybe even a tablet.

Must-have features of the best diaper bag for twins!

The following properties were considered by our group of twin mothers as “must-have” for a twin diaper bag:

  • Isn’t too big
  • Doesn’t look like a diaper bag
  • Handles equipment for two children
  • Space for parents’ things
  • Lots of pockets
  • Organized layout
  • Insulated pockets
  • Easy to carry
  • Self-supporting
  • Stroller straps

These main points make each bag on this list ideal for parents who have two children, either twins or a family of different ages. Diaper bags are no longer what they used to be, now they’re streamlined, functional, and mostly neutral to suit every family size and structure. Each of the top 8 bags has these properties, but also goes beyond measure with fashionable colors, unique structures and adaptation to the growth and needs of children.

Tote-style diaper bag for twins

Pottery Barn Classic-Diaper Bags-c

Our personal favorite diaper bag for twins – Pottery Barn

This super cute diaper bag is stylish enough to take with you wherever you go. With three inside pockets, sturdy straps and a practical changing mat, it can stow everything a mother with twins needs.

One of the things I liked about this bag is the magnetic closure, making it easy to close when you can barely do without a hand. Plus, this bag is super easy to clean! Just grab a damp cloth and voila, the dirt wipes away.

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Best diaper bag for twins

Satchel diaper bag for twins

This first bag from Lekebaby on our list takes the traditional layout and style of a diaper bag and enhances it to create a tote, shoulder bag and crossbody bag with a modern flair. The exterior is a water-repellent charcoal polyester. The leatherette handles and the white arrow detail give the bag a certain personality and remain gender-neutral.

With 9 outside pockets and 8 inside pockets, this bag offers space for everything two children need, as well as space for keys, wallet and a water bottle for the parents. This is a great, fashionable multi-purpose bag for everyday use that can hold 5 complete outfits and still offers space for a tablet.

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Changing bag for twins

Messenger bag

Tote bags are great because they can take a lot, but with twins, even tote bags can get heavy. This tote bag from Maman is available in 6 colors and has an integrated messenger strap that makes it easy to carry the bag crossbody and free your arms to take care of both twins at the same time.

This bag looks like a handbag and has two exterior front pockets that are great for keys and cell phones, and two insulated side pockets for bottles for easy access. The bag can be opened wide for full access to the interior. There are a variety of pockets inside and the stroller straps are integrated so you can’t misplace them or lose them in the bag.

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Backpack / tote diaper bag

Hybrid backpack and tote bag

If you like the look of the first Lekebaby bag on our list, but want a little more on the go, this backpack-tote-hybrid bag has a lot to offer. Made from the same hard-wearing polyester, this bag offers the functionality of a backpack with the spaciousness of a tote bag. The front flap is equipped with synthetic leather and arrow details as well as an insulated outside pocket for bottles.

The interior has many pockets and compartments that keep things tidy and at the same time offer the open space of a typical carrier bag. The rear compartment holds wet clothes while the rest of your gear stays dry.

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Backpack-style diaper bags for twins

Backpack diaper bags are probably the most popular with mothers these days. They are easy on the back and offer many fashion options! Here are the best backpack diaper bags for twins.

Backpack diaper bag for twins

Backpack with front opening

This neutrally tinted backpack from Bliss Bag has a front opening with a main compartment for three bottles, diapers, accessories and space for parenting equipment.

There are a total of 20 pockets including an insulated outside pocket for bottles and long side pockets to store extra outfits, wet wipes and anything else you have on hand. This is a great bag for carrying gear on the go or buckling up on the stroller and it can definitely cater to your needs as the kids grow up.

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Changing bag for twins

Fashionable & functional backpack diaper bag for twins

The Skip Hop Forma diaper bag backpack is super roomy and the straps are well padded, which makes it a great way to carry it for long periods of time. There is an insulated pocket for snacks or bottles as well as a practical zip pocket.

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Top opening pocket

Backpack with opening at the top

Another standard backpack-style diaper bag is this top-opening backpack from Bag Nation. It comes in a dark anthracite gray, which distinguishes it from other multifunctional backpacks on the market. As a top-opening backpack, this bag has a large number of pockets on the front and sides as well as a deep center pocket in the middle. This means that equipment for events or travel destinations can be easily stowed away and things are at hand. There are a total of 14 pockets, including a side insulated bottle pocket, a handkerchief or wipe pocket and a lanyard. In addition to the rucksack, this bag has a removable changing mat and a bag for small items.

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Backpack diaper bag for twins

Tactical backpack – A great option for dads!

If you are looking for a fully functional backpack that can also be used as a diaper bag, this tactical backpack from HighSpeedDaddy is a great option. The bag is available in several neutral tones and has the classic military or tactical look. There are two insulated side pockets as well as compartments with front opening and top opening.

Besides the outdoor look of this bag, it’s a great choice as it can carry almost anything and you can use it as a multi-purpose bag. The main compartment offers space for a laptop or tablet. In addition, the changing mat works from the newborn phase to toddler age.

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Travel backpack diaper bag for twins

Travel backpack

When you travel, the best diaper bag for twins is functional, easy to use, and ideal for day trips or long weekends. This tote backpack from HaloVa offers a slim backpack with a lot of space. The insulated front pocket holds three bottles, which make it easier to pick up and take with you. The large top pocket offers plenty of space for outfits and necessities, while the rear bottom pocket is waterproof to store wet things or empty bottles. The bag is rounded off by a side pocket for storing towels, which makes this bag the perfect companion for traveling with children.

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There you have it, our best changing bags for twins. If you have any questions or know of another great model, leave a comment below!

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