The Best Baby Play Mat for Developing Motor Skills

Playmats are a safe place for your child to hang out alone or with you. They come in all shapes and sizes with different activities and themes. TThe best baby play mat for your little one will not only entertain them but also help them develop important motor skills.

They are essential to have time for your stomach. They are also a great cure for baby boredom as they usually have lots of toys. Below I’ve rounded up the best options on the market for you!

The best baby play mat for developing motor skills

When you find yourself lost in the land of endless baby toys and necessities, you might be wondering what the big deal about play mats. Why do you see them in the homes of so many of your other mom friends? Well, sometimes you just need your baby to be entertained for a minute! A play mat can help you with this.

Of course, you always need to keep a close eye on them, but a play mat can free your hands for a few minutes.

Skip-hop activity gym

I thought it would be best to start our baby playmat list with an option that really has everything you could ever need. It contains 17 different developmental activities that will help your baby develop as well. If these 17 are not enough, you can really attach any toy you want to the hanging loops.

It’s a bright mat with different textures to touch, sounds to hear, and a lot to see. This mat also comes with a matching pillow to support your baby, which makes tummy time more comfortable. Check the current prices here!


This portable play mat is super soft and perfect for tummy time that starts very early. It’s breathable and hypoallergenic with 1 inch of comfortable padding. We had one of our rookie moms give it a try and she got huge praise! Her all-time favorite feature, of course, is that she can easily fold it up and use one hand to carry it to different parts of the house to drop it off.

Everything that makes being a mom a little easier is worth it in our book! Learn more about it here!

best baby play mat

Lovevery The Play Gym

At the end of the day, all that is really important to you is that the play mat is good entertainment for your baby. Development perks are a pretty cool addition, however! Designed by experts in child development, the Lovevery play mat will stimulate and teach your baby in a pretty nice way. It has 5 different “development zones”, which means that your baby can use this play mat for a whole year.

The last stage even turns the mat into a fortress, honey! As they develop, new and exciting things will grab their attention on the mat. One of the coolest things about them all is that they provide a parenting activity guide that shows you what to do on the mat with your baby at their certain age. Check the current prices here!

Cushion cover

If you need a play mat that can be used multifunctionally as a rug, this is our absolute favorite choice. Cushmats are trendy and fit seamlessly into the latest living styles. They fit into any room and offer your little one space to play, whether it’s your living room or playroom.

One of our rookie mothers tried a Cushmat and is totally obsessed with how easy it is to clean and it gives her three year old a safe place to play in the living room. It’s super padded which is important to them as they have hard tile floors. Not to mention that these mats are safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic! Check out these awesome playmats here.

best baby play mat - box and barrel

Rainbow baby activity gym

How smelly cute is this Crate and Barrel gym? It’s a fluffy little cloud with three colorful arcs that form a rainbow. The cloud is so soft that you might want to crawl on it for a nap yourself. While it’s a fairly simple play mat, when it comes to the accessories that come with it, sometimes a little can go a long way for a baby. It has five weather-themed rattles, but you can easily swap these out for other hanging toys if your baby is looking for something more. Check the current prices here!

Pottery barn play mat

Pottery Barn Kids Animal Friends Classic Activity Gym

Pottery Barn is the master at making children’s items that are both adorable and 100% functional. This baby mat is so soft and cute and I love the neutral animal theme. It has 5 multi-sensory hanging toys, but the mat itself will grab your baby’s attention with an elephant ear to wear and a textured tree. When you remove the mirror toy, you can throw it straight into the cold wash and hang up to dry. Check the current prices here!

best baby play mat

High quality gray Nordic wood Baby Play Gym

Simple and chic describes this play mat perfectly and we know you will love the look of it in any room in your home. It’s a simple wood design with gray accents. If you already have the perfect padded blanket that your baby will love, just put this wooden bow over it. You can buy the stand with the toy attached, or find your own to attach to the loops. I have to say that the toys they sell are quite stimulating and adorable. The icing on the cake; it is handmade. Check current prices here!

Best baby play mat

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Maybe you have the next Mozart in your hand, and there is no better way to find out than to put a piano at your little feet. Just like the Skip Hop Activity Gym, this one is Fisher-Price Includes Kick & Play Piano Gym loads of different stimulating activities. It’s super bright and has toys that will appeal to all of your baby’s senses; from a mirror to hanging toys to a piano that they can play with their feet. The arch can even be folded down so your baby still has access to all attached toys during tummy time. Check the current prices here!

Baby play mat

Infantino 3 in 1 Grow with Me Activity Gym and ball pit

I don’t know about you, but having a ball pit in the house was definitely a childhood dream of mine. Not only is this play mat adorable with lots of interesting toys, but you can also lift the sides to create a mini ball pit. Not to mention that the whole mat looks like a turtle, which is not only incredibly cute, but also gives you convenient storage space for all of the balls right in the turtle head. Check the current prices here!

Best baby play mat

3 Sprouts play mat pocket

You should be able to take playmats with you everywhere, right? Finally there is someone who can! This play mat folds easily into a bag so you can take it with you wherever you go, and better yet, any toys you had on the mat fold up in it too. It doesn’t have a bow piece or attached toy, but if you want to keep it simple or travel frequently, this is the perfect mat for you. Check the current prices here!

Best baby play mat

Wander and Roam baby play mat – Eco-friendly option!

This is another option for all moms who want to keep it simple and really only need one mat, not all of the toys included. This cute foam mat rolls out on the floor, providing your little one with a safe and comfortable place to hang out. It’s super easy to roll up and stow away when you don’t need it. It’s great for new caterpillars and hikers, especially if you have unforgiving wood or tile floors. Big bonus; You can safely do yoga right on this mat, so you may want to keep it even if you no longer have a baby! Check the current prices here!

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