The Beginning of the End – Marriage New Years Resolutions

Winnie the Pooh once said “When you turn 100, I hope I’ll be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” I realize he’s just a cute little bear and he probably told Piglet But this quote happens to be one of my favorites when it comes to my marriage.

You see, the day I said I did was the beginning of the end. The beginning of a life journey as a wife and the becoming of Mrs. Stephen Ray Novotny and the end of a selfish life. I was now committed to the marriage vows that I made before those who sat in the pews at my wedding reception, before God and before the man I had to have and keep from that day on, for better or for worse, for rich , for example poorer, sick and healthy, love and appreciate; From that day until death we part.

2021 marks the beginning of our 35th year of marriage. We will celebrate December 6th and the 35th anniversary of marriage. Looking back, I’ll be honest and say it was more difficult than we dreamed of, but the adventure has been worth it up and down every moment, every risk, every one. We’ve gotten stronger, closer, and I can’t imagine life without him.

As I enter 2021, I made my list of resolutions for the marriage news year and I want to challenge you to make your own list.

My new year’s resolutions for marriage in 2021:

1. Have a servant heart towards my husband.

2. Date my husband weekly, even if it’s just a long walk or a coffee. (He gets coffee, I get hot chocolate)

3. Encourage him in verbal words, notes, emails, and text messages (yes, he’s a cool tech geek).

4. Pray together consistently (daily would be my goal)

5. Say “I love you” more often, you can never say it enough.

6. Set an example of honorable marriage for my adult children.

7. Support him with the skills I have to make him successful in his business.

8. Be his greatest cheerleader.

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