Ten Little Shoes [The Breathable Toddler Shoes You’ll Both Love]

Toddlers are always on the go, so they need a good shoe to keep up with them! Our rookie mom squad decided we needed to test some toddler shoes with our busy little ones. Ten little shoes are a popular choice with many mothers, but more importantly (and you know how important this is if you’ve ever battled a toddler to put their shoes on) toddlers love them.

Ten little shoes

Ten little shoes rating

Karissa from Rookie Mom Squad and her little guy have tried Ten Little Shoes and they conclude that every toddler needs at least one pair of them. Below is Karissa’s review, including what she loved about these toddler shoes and what she would change.

Here’s what I loved about them:

Ten small reviews

They are breathable and light.

I love that these shoes are made of breathable material yet strong enough to withstand rough play (a must for a wild 2.5 year old).

My son loved that he was allowed to adjust his shoes!

Ten small shoes come with weatherproof stickers so your child can design their own shoes. My kid was so excited. I’ve never seen him so happy to get a new pair of shoes! Because he loves her so much, getting him to attract her is also a breeze.

There are many color options.

We tried a couple of the original style and I loved all of the color options. There’s also the Everyday high-top style which is a great option for colder winter days.

Finding the right size is easy.

Shopping for shoes online is usually difficult, but getting the size right is actually pretty easy with Ten Little’s online sizing guide.

The fabric wicks away moisture immediately.

My little guy had a similar pair from a different brand – but these are nice because they aren’t a moisture wicking fabric. We have weed so we went out to play every morning and his old shoes soaked up all the water, but Ten Littles drains it off right away!

If I could change one thing about ten little shoes

I wish the removable soles had stayed in place a little better. Every time he takes off his shoes, the soles pop out. Plus, they’re a total win in my book!

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