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It’s spring and it looks like there might be a light (finally) at the end of the dark tunnel we were all in. That being said, we’re all still staying home more and we’ve rounded up some nifty must-haves – you’ll definitely want to make things even better!


Even when the gyms start opening, most of us have added (or are still thinking about) some kind of home fitness routine. Well, we found an amazing product for those pesky abs. Stealth is an incredible tool that works 29 muscle groups while playing a video game! Yes, you heard that right. You download a free app, stick it on the board, then move around while using your body to control the video game! Brilliant (and so effective) !.

DNA vibe

Whether you’re an athlete or in the pain of sitting at the computer all day, relief is on the way with DNA Vibe’s revolutionary jazz band. This is the first affordable light therapy system for pain relief. Light therapy is FDA approved and promotes muscle relaxation, improves blood circulation, and helps your muscles and joints feel better! It’s 100% painless and so easy to use when you’re watching TV or reading a book. Definitely recommend to reduce muscle and joint pain!

Comfortable dream

Now I don’t know about you, but even when the weather gets warmer, I always freeze in my house. And driving on the road in the car when my husband blows up the air conditioning. Well, my kids have always been fans of The Comfy, but this new one, the Comfy Dream, is super light, soft and seriously just great. It doesn’t weigh you down, is made of microfiber, and is so comfortable you really don’t want to take it off. The lavender is just beautiful. It really is a must have and a great gift.

De novo deluxe self-cleaning

We have 3 dogs and as much as I try I just can’t keep up with the pet hair that is literally everywhere. It sticks to our clothes, couch, etc. I’ve tried lint rollers, but they’re just not that affective. I finally found something that works! The De Novo ™ Deluxe self-cleaning lint brush changes life. It actually removes hair from clothes and furniture and then you put it in the base and it cleans itself! Did I mention that it is also double sided for more distance performance? Brilliant.

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