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March 29, 2021


It’s spring cleaning month with me! This week we close the month with BEDS + FLOORS. If you have any questions, feel overwhelmed, or don’t know where to start, please contact me and ask for help. Thank you for coming to see me this month – hope you enjoyed it!

Pictured: Homekeeping Planner

I plan my week in the Homekeeping planner to correspond with the weekly tasks – I’ll share this method with you in case you want to structure your week that way too. If you do that Clean mom routine They know it’s a holistic approach – assembly line style. Instead of cleaning room by room, we do one task every day – Monday is bathroom day, Tuesday is dusty day, etc. This is more efficient, saves tons of time and keeps your home clean all week.

Monday – bathroom (Bathroom day)
Tuesday – dusting (Dust day)
Wednesday – Deep vacuuming (Day of vacuuming)
Thursday – wash floors (Day of floor washing)
Friday – vacuum garage / veranda + CATCH ON EVERYTHING THAT WAS NOT DONE (Catch-All Day)
Saturday – wash bedclothes + turn mattresses (Bed linen + towels day)


  • Deep dusting – In the spirit of spring cleaning, I will also dust the house and the oil furniture thoroughly. This is a great DIY for Citrus Wood Polishing Wipes – perfect for spring cleaning.

  • Deep vacuuming – We’ve already vacuumed and washed floors. This week, move around any furniture you need and vacuum under furniture and beds if you can.

  • Wash floors – Since we already washed the baseboards this month, take the time to do a really thorough floor wash this week. I have a post on Wednesday with my favorite mop and bucket recipes – stay tuned.

  • Vacuum garage / sweeping veranda – If the weather cooperates and it works for you, this is a great time to sweep / vacuum your garage and porch or front steps.
  • Wash bedclothes + turn mattresses – If you wash sheets and towels on Saturday, flip your mattresses and wash your sheets and pillows thoroughly if necessary. Here is my DIY for a mattress freshener and how to wash pillows.

Here’s how to brush in the spring when you don’t have time

Spring cleaning takes time, but so does regular cleaning. It’s maintenance, and if you spend a few minutes cleaning a little each day, you will save all week of time. I know spring is in our home when the kids’ activities start and the schedules are full. If you are cleaning or planning to clean in the spring, how do you take the time? Take a look at your schedule or your day and look for a few time slots to move around in. Do you think you don’t have time? Take a look at your phone usage and I bet you have at least 15-30 minutes to save on most days. Think of the time that you don’t waste time, but cleaning and debugging will save you time in the long run and you will feel better too.

Take your time. Decide when to take the time to do some spring cleaning and write it down. Gone all day and exhausted when you get home? Pick 2-3 days a week to do a task or two before going to work or when you get home. Ask your family members for help. It has been known that I pay in the form of ice cream or a special toy in return for help. There is nothing magical about the days of the week – if you want to set aside Saturday morning for the month of March and tackle the cleansing, go for it. Make up your mind with a little bit at home all day and decide when is the best time for spring cleaning. Be aware, however, that this may not happen the way you intended it to. Be flexible and realistic. If you have preschoolers, make them a spring cleaning bucket (feather duster, water in a spray bottle, and a microfiber or cotton cleaning cloth) and let them help you.

Look at your mindset. Be positive and do your best and most importantly, have fun cleaning. Spring cleaning is a good time – your home is ready for spring and summer, and you will feel better about yourself. Don’t worry about how long it will take you to do the cleanup, do your best, work at your own pace, and enjoy the process.

All contributions to the Spring Clean with Me series can be found here.

Rather than looking at a huge to-do list with all of the things you don’t know when to get around to doing this, think of this as an everyday approach to spring cleaning. Just like with the Clean Mama routine, you will think “something every day”. It doesn’t have to be all, but if you add a task or two each day in March (and April, if necessary), you’ll find that you’ve almost lured yourself into spring cleaning. I love, love, love spring cleaning and I love sharing my tips and tricks with you. I want you to enjoy it a little too.

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SPRING CLEANING WITH ME SCHEDULE – I’ll link the posts when we go!
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Follow the Clean Mama Routine
– If you haven’t tried the Clean Mama routine but want to do a spring cleaning, Start with the daily chores and add spring cleaning to these OR set a timer for 15 minutes a day and do what you can. I’ve developed and refined the Clean Mama routine for the past 15 to 20 years – the final improvements you see today are the result of more than 60 hours a week, traveling for my job, the launch of Clean Mama, and the Pregnancy with our third. When the routine helped us keep our home tidy during this chaotic time, when the last thing I wanted to do was clean, I knew I was up to something. You’re too busy not to try – trust me! Here is a post to help you figure out how to do the routine in a busy life.

As you familiarize yourself with the Clean Mama Routine, it will take less time and you will develop habits that will help you keep your home consistently clean. I share my weekly tasks on Instagram every day – follow here: @cleanmama

You can find these downloads on the Free Printouts page. If you need a detailed guide, you can download it:

The Clean Mama routine is also available in the Cozi + Clean Mama app. Here you can sign up!Are you ready to go I’ll be back later this week with a post on my favorite DIY cleaning recipes for spring cleaning, an in-store sale, and more!

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