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February 27, 2021

Spring cleaning may seem like an old and new approach to cleaning, but I’m here to show you how to do a little spring cleaning even when you’re busy! Let’s do the spring cleaning right – I guess after all the time we’ve spent in our homes over the past year, we can all use a little spring cleaning! Don’t miss the spring cleaning sale in the shop – it starts on March 1st! There are discounts on some products as well as 10% off your entire order.

March is spring cleaning month!

Rather than looking at a huge to-do list of all of the things you don’t know when to get there, think of this as more of an everyday approach to spring cleaning. Just like with the Clean Mama routine, you will think “something every day”. It doesn’t have to be all, but if you add a task or two every day in March (and April if necessary) you’ll find that you have almost lured yourself into spring cleaning. I love, love, love spring cleaning and I love sharing my tips and tricks with you. I want you to enjoy it a little too.

Here’s your checklist to get you started:

  • CONSEQUENCES: Make sure to join on Instagram @cleanmama
  • SUBSCRIBE TO: If you have not subscribed to the blog, you can do so by putting your name and email address on the FREE PRINTABLE PAGE
  • DOWNLOAD + PRINT: Once you’ve received the password (you only need to enter your email address ONE TIME) check out the Spring Cleaning Checklist on the FREE PRINTABLE PAGE – this is what we are tracking for the month of March.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS: Spread the word on your social media and tag me so I can share too! Cleaning with friends is always more fun!

VIEW EVERY MONDAY FOR NEW POST: Every Monday for the month of March, I’ll work out the plan for the week, tell you how I’m approaching spring cleaning, and then I’ll have a post or two during each week to help with the tasks for the week. Make sure to check Instagram for DAILY updates from Clean Mama HQ (my house).

SPRING CLEANING IS THE MONTHLY FOCUS FOR MARCH: You can find the monthly focus in the Homekeeping Planner and in the subscription to the Homekeeping Society. If you’re looking to work with a small group, join the Homekeeping Society for assistance!

SPRING CLEANING WITH ME SCHEDULE – I’ll link the posts when we go!
WEEK 1: Preparation week + laundry room
WEEK 2: dusting + wiping
WEEK 3: Thoroughly clean the kitchen
WEEK 4: Windows + bathroom
WEEK 5: beds + floors

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