Spooky Stoops- A Halloween Decorating Guide for Every Kind of Mom

Are you ready to decorate your fall porch? We are sure! Give us all fall doormats, pumpkins, wreaths and orange mothers. Below are some of our favorite ideas for creating the perfect spooky staircase for your home.

1. The classic autumn look

How to create this look:

If you want your porch to scream Halloween with just small hints, this is the perfect look for you! Hang up a pretty wreath and line up as many orange and white pumpkins as you can find.

Bonus; You can remove the Halloween accents and keep your porch decorated like this until Thanksgiving Day!

2. The floor mat center piece

How to create this look:

This layered doormat look makes me pass out and the hanging witch hats naturally round off this look. Not to mention the witch’s feet are such a fun touch.

My 3 year old was constantly trying to figure out how the witch’s feet ended up in our front yard last year and it was really hilarious.

3. The farmhouse haunt

How to create this look:

Take the classic look with hanging witch hats from above, add a little farmhouse touch and voila! This look has minimal decorations sitting on the floor, which is great if you have a young child who likes to “redecorate”.

My favorite thing about this look is the little hanging banner right on the door and I think it’s great that the ferns can stay in galvanized pots all year round.

4. It’s fucking bats (on the porch)

How to create this look:

Does anyone else have the video “It’s freakin ‘bats” in their minds in a loop throughout the fall season? I do, and maybe this cute and cozy porch look with rocking chairs is my favorite.

5. The cozy meeting point

How to create this look:

This is the scariest look on our list with the tiny makeshift graveyard and the creepy crawling spider. However, it’s definitely not scary enough to scare off your neighbors, which is a plus (maybe!).

Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. This is a great guide for moms who want to decorate for fall! I love the idea of using doormats, pumpkins, wreaths and mums – it’s the perfect combination for a spooky stoop. Thanks for the decorating tips and inspiration!


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