Rastelli’s Review 2021 + Coupon: Is it Worth Ordering?: A Butcher Box Alternative?

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Rastelli’s is a meat and food delivery service that provides high-quality cuts of beef, steak, and seafood straight to your door. Here is our review of our experience, a coupon code, and a comparison to another meat delivery service we have used!

Meat Delivery Service

We love a good cut of meat around here, and it seems like we can’t always find the best quality at our local grocery store.

Food delivery services are becoming more and more popular – and I think it can be one of the best ways to get high qualities cuts of meat, chicken, and fish.

We have tried various delivery companies, and Rastelli’s is one that we’ve tried a few times.

Rastelli’s has one goal in mind – to deliver clean, responsibly raise and delicious meat to their customers.

They take great pride in selecting only the highest-quality cuts of meat from the best farms across America – and delivering it straight to the consumer’s kitchen.

Rastelli’s has been around for two generations, and while their market has certainly changed, their commitment to making high-quality meat accessible still stands.

Over the past year, I have really been trying to be a little more selective about the foods I feed my children. While we certainly aren’t perfect, when I can get a better product, I do.

So when Rastelli’s offered to send us some of their products to try out, I quickly jumped on board.

We’ve been able to try a variety of what they offer, and I wanted to share a bit about how they work and what we thought of the meat.

How Rastelli’s Works

It’s really easy to use Rastelli’s. The process to select a box and checkout on their website wasn’t confusing, and I felt like I could easily customize my order if I wanted to.

First of all, Rastelli’s has different base plans. These contain several of their “core products” (such as chicken, ground beef, etc.), so you can select which one has the staples you use the most. Here are the base plans they currently offer:

. These contain several of their “core products” (such as chicken, ground beef, etc.), so you can select which one has the staples you use the most. Here are the base plans they currently offer:

  • Beef
  • Seafood
  • Chicken
  • Specialty

Each of these categories has different cuts of meat to select from, which is really nice!

They are specifically designed to be simple so you aren’t getting products you won’t use. However, they have lots of great add-ons that you can add to your order, which makes it nice if you need something a little different once in a while.

They don’t require any kind of subscription or commitment, which I LOVE. I hate when companies try and lock you into something for a long period of time.

However, if you love their products, you can have it set up a subscription, which gives you a 10% discount.

After you place your order, they cut and package everything and then send it straight to your door. I love that everything is individually packaged – you don’t have to do anything but put it in your freezer when it arrives.

I was very impressed with the box when it arrived. Everything was packaged well and nothing was leaking.

What Does Rastelli’s Offer?

Over the past few years, Rastelli’s has expanded their offerings to include more than just curated meat boxes. In fact, we were able to get some of their delicious Holiday offerings this past Christmas, and I was a huge fan – if you want a hands off and delicious Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner…definitely keep Rastelli’s in mind.

Here is a brief overview of what you can order from Rastelli’s (you can check out their website for full details and anything that’s more seasonal):

  • Curated Boxes
  • Meat & Seafood a la carte – if you just have one specific kind of meat that you want, you can buy it here! This includes:
    • Various types of steaks
    • Salmon
    • Burgers
    • Chicken Breasts
    • Chicken Thighs
    • Hot dogs
    • and more!
  • Holiday – We love their holiday offerings! They have items like oven-ready Prime Rib and turkey roast, as well as delicious oven-ready sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach (I’ll do more of a review of these below)
  • Oven Ready – These are exactly what they say they are – pre-seasoned and pre-prepared foods, all you have to do is cook! They have meats, appetizers (like bacon-wrapped shrimp…umm…delicious!), and stuffed chicken breasts.
  • Organic – While not all the meat from Rastelli’s is organic, they do have beef and chicken products that you can buy organic. Here is what you can get:
    • Organic Ribeyes
    • Organic NY Strips
    • Organic Steak Craft Burgers
    • Organic Ground Beef
    • Organic Filet Mignon
    • Organic Whole Chicken
    • Organic Chicken Drumsticks
    • Organic Chicken Wings

Rastelli’s Prices

The price will obviously depend on what kind of meat you are getting if you choose any add-ons, and if you do a subscription.

As I already mentioned, if you do a subscription, you will get an additional 10% off. Below, I will be sharing prices from some of the base packages for meats that I think people are most likely to use on a regular basis. This is based on the NON-subscription based prices

These are also their non-antibiotic meats, but not their organic offerings. You can sometimes upgrade to an organic option for a bit more.

I was going to do a price comparison to grocery store prices, but it is so hard to do a product for product comparison. Feel free to take these prices, though, and do your own comparison!

Mixed Grill Box

As of right now, this box is $79.99 for (4) 6 oz. sirloins, (4) 6 oz. pork chops, (2) 16 oz. packs of chicken breasts, (8) 5.3 oz. burgers

Big Savings Bundle – Mixed Sampler

For $299 you will receive (12) steak craft burgers, (6) packs chicken breasts, (6) packs chicken thighs, (8) pork chops, (8) Ribeyes, (2) 12-oz packs of bacon, (8) cod filets and (8) salmon filets.

Chicken Sampler

For $69 you will get (3) 16 oz. packs of chicken breasts, (3) 16 oz. packs of chicken thighs, (3) 16 oz. packs of chicken drumsticks

Seafood Sampler

For $109 you will get (6) 6 oz. salmon filets, (4) 6 oz. cod filets, (2) 16 oz. packs of shrimp, (6) 4 oz. salmon burgers

Is Rastelli’s Organic?

All of the meat they send to customers is responsibly raised and antibiotic-free.

However, not all plans are inherently organic. They do have organic options, though, so if that’s important to you, it’s nice that they have the option.

Our Experience

We got the steak and salmon plan, which was fun, because those are products we don’t always buy.

The checkout process was simple, and our order was shipped quickly. It was $169, which included:

  • 4 6 ounce sirloin steaks
  • 4 10 ounce Ribeyes
  • 8 Faroe Island Salmon Filets

That comes out to be about $10.56 per serving – if you are on a subscription, the price would be 10% less.

Because these are pretty high-quality cuts of meat and salmon, I would say that’s a pretty fair price.

Anyways, we tried the salmon first. I’ll admit that I’m not a big fish eater, but I do love salmon when it’s cooked well.

The salmon was plump and pink, and it cooked up beautifully in my cast iron skillet.

One thing I highly recommend investing in is a good meat thermometer. When you are paying a premium for a higher-quality cut of meat…you want it to be perfect.

I could definitely taste a difference from the salmon I would typically buy at my grocery store.

As far as the steak goes, Forrest cooked them for him, my dad, and my brother one night when I was going out with my mom and sister-in-law.

I asked him to share his thoughts, and this is what he said:

“I thought that they were sealed well. No signs of freezer burn. They were still juicy. I thought my steak was delicious, and Daniel and Dad like theirs. My steak was soft and juicy.”

They had been in the refrigerator since early August, which is why he referenced the freezer burn thing. We’ve dealt with our fair share of freezer-burned meat (even within just a few weeks of freezing it), so Rastelli’s definitely passes that test.

Overall, we were very pleased with what we got. I would like to try a box with some of the less fancy cuts of meat, since that’s what we use on a more regular basis and would be more likely to replace with Rastelli’s.

Rastelli’s Holiday Oven Ready Options

This review was originally written back in October of 2019, but we recently were able to try out some of Rastelli’s oven-ready options, and we thought it was a good time to update the post.

I love that they’ve added options that you can just throw in the oven and have an amazing meal in a short time. It definitely is a great “hack” for the holidays if you don’t have time (or just don’t want to) make all of the components of the dinner from scratch.

We received the following items:

  • Honey Baked Ham
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing

First, let’s talk about the honey baked ham:

This was truly delicious, and it couldn’t have been easier. We put it in our smoker for a short time, and then we covered it with the included glaze packet – and it was so good. Everyone who tried it raved about it, and we were thrilled to have leftovers.

It definitely has a lot of servings – we had 7 adults and 8 children, and we still have lots of it leftover in our freezer.

Next, the cranberry sausage stuffing.

rastelli's stuffing

This was my least favorite item that we tried. It was a little dry, and I’m not sure I loved the flavor. It still tasted good – and I definitely had a nice serving. But as far as stuffings go, I’ve had better.

Now the Mac and Cheese is another story.

I thought this was fantastic – and I am pretty particular about my mac and cheese. It was very creamy, and it had a pretty mild cheese flavor. If you like a stronger cheese flavor, you might be disappointed. But for me, it was perfect.

And finally, the creamed spinach.

rastelli's creamed spinach

This was pretty good! I love a spinach dip, and it actually had a consistency of some of my favorite spinach dips – so I definitely enjoyed it. However, it had enough substance to it that it held up as a great side dish as well. I thought it had a really nice flavor.

Overall, I think that the oven ready holiday options from Rastelli’s are a great option for anyone looking for a little more hands off approach to the holiday season. I always will prefer homemade, but it is a good option. I especially loved the ham!


  • Meats are high-quality
  • They cooked up well, even after being in the freezer for a few months
  • Takes the guesswork out of selecting meat from the store. Even when you go to the store, there’s no guarantee that it’s the best cut from the batch, even when it’s a more natural cut.
  • They personally select the best quality cuts to send you
  • Family-owned company
  • Everything is individually wrapped and sealed – you just have to put them in the freezer
  • No month-to-month contract
  • Organic options
  • Lots of different options beyond just meat


  • Although I think the prices are pretty comparable to similar cuts of meat from the grocery store that are of similar quality, it is more expensive than buying just “regular” meat. So if you aren’t used to buying the better meat from the store, it can be a bit of sticker stock.
  • You have to wait for it to arrive. So if you run out of ground beef, you can’t just run to the store to pick up some more of what they have – you have to wait for it to arrive.
  • The base plans don’t have any that are just ground beef and chicken. HOWEVER, with the add-ons, you could try and create one that is more similar to what you would buy at the store.

Rastelli’s Versus Butcher Box

Overall, I think the quality of the meat from both companies – as well as the prices – are pretty similar.

However, I do feel like Rastelli’s is a little easier to navigate, and I just think they are a really good company. I think some of the prices may be a *little* bit cheaper, and I appreciate that you get a discount for having a subscription.

I also like that they don’t require you be on a subscription. Butcher Box does have a subscription – though they allow you to “freeze” your plan if you need to.

I think Butcher Box may offer a few more extras that I saw, and they always have some big promotion going on. Rastelli’s may do these as well, but I definitely don’t see them on a monthly basis.

I think a lot of it just comes down to what you are wanting to order, what “extras” you want, and, inevitably, the pricing.

Although I didn’t have issues with Butcher Box, we get a lot of comments on our post with complaints. I haven’t seen complaints about Rastelli’s, so if you’ve felt frustrated with Butcher Box, it’s definitely worth trying. We had zero reasons to complain, and the meat was great.

I also feel like Rastelli’s has expanded their offerings to offer more than Butcher Box in terms of non-meat items, such as their oven ready collection, which I think is really awesome.

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