Quick Tip : Use a Colander for Fruit + My Favorites

Quick tip: use a strainer for fruit + My Favorites – Clean Mama

September 24, 2021

I have been storing fresh fruit on the counter in a decorative colander for years – I love the utilitarian yet functional atmosphere it gives the kitchen. I also think it will keep fruit fresher longer as the airflow through the holes in the colander is increased.

My aqua sieve cracked a few weeks ago and I went looking for it. I found a large white ceramic strainer and thought you might want to see it, plus a couple of other favorites I found in my search.

I ended up going with this strainer from Crate & Barrel – I love the simple lines and look and the slightly creamy color. It looks great in the kitchen.

I’ve put together a few more strainers that will create a similar look in case you’re in the market for a new strainer too.

  1. Mila matt white sieve from Kiste & Fass
  2. White coated steel Set of 2 from Amazon
  3. Ceramic sieve by Williams-Sonoma

Do you have a bowl of fruit? Have you tried a colander?

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1 thought on “Quick Tip : Use a Colander for Fruit + My Favorites”

  1. That’s a great tip! I love using a strainer for storing fruit. It keeps it from getting too squished and helps to keep the counter organized. Plus, it’s super easy to rinse off the fruit and it looks great too! Thanks for this helpful tip!


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