Pregnancy Feet? Here are 15 Great Shoes for Swollen Feet!

You probably already know that at some point in your pregnancy you won’t be able to see your toes, but you may not have thought of the swollen feet dilemma. Here are the best shoes for swollen feet to wear while pregnant. And yes, we made sure they are cute and on trend!

Pregnancy feet? Here are 15 great shoes for puffy feet!

What to look for in shoes when pregnant and your feet are swollen

Sometimes the pregnancy seems to fly by and sometimes you just want to fast-forward. It’s always good to be prepared as you don’t know what’s around the corner and since many women struggle with swollen feet, you’ll want a pair of comfortable, stretchy shoes.

When looking for the perfect couple, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid shoelaces– At some point your belly will be so big that you can no longer see your feet. This of course makes it difficult to tie the shoes. That being said, it’s best to avoid shoelaces altogether. Who needs them?
  • Say no to buckles or straps– Just like with shoelaces, buckles and straps only get really difficult with a big belly in the way!
  • Support matters– If your feet are swollen, you don’t want to wear shoes. This makes it tempting to buy the thinnest type of shoe, but you should definitely consider some support. A supportive shoe is especially important if you are on your feet a lot. Even with the strongest shoe, you reserve the right to demand foot rubs.
  • The more elastic the better– Your feet will likely fluctuate quite a bit in size, so the more stretchy the better. This makes it easier for the foot to get in and out.
  • There are cute options!– Reading all of the above is easy to get discouraged and think that there will be no cute shoes during pregnancy. Not correct! There are tons of cute options out there offering all of the above.

The 15 best shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy

1. New Balance Fuel Core – The everyday shoes for swollen feet (which you can wear even after pregnancy!)

Shoes for swollen feet

Yes, these don’t follow all of my rules. However, you can easily tuck the laces into a slip-on shoe. These New Balances are a great choice if you refuse to buy a shoe that you only wear while pregnant. They are super trendy so you can wear them through to motherhood.

2. Birkenstock in Arizona Suede – The easiest to put on and take off

Shoes for swollen feet

If at any point in life you have the excuse to buy stocks and socks, pregnancy is definitely it. You have to use that, because Birkenstocks are so comfortable! Once they have formed on your feet, you won’t want to wear anything else. They’re perfect for swollen feet as you can stretch the strap before you put it on.

However, I caution you to rub these in before your feet swell!

3. TOMS Classic Slip Ons – The shoe that adapts to your foot

Shoes for swollen feet

I know TOMS were a big deal years ago, but I’m ready to bring them back! There are tons of cute color options, my personal favorite is the gray and tweed on top. Plus, they’re super easy to put on and take off and are stretchy enough to adapt to your swollen feet.

4. Old Navy Flip-Flops – an easy must-have for pregnancy

To keep things simple, you can’t go wrong with Old Navy flip flops. They are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Plus, they come in almost every color imaginable and are definitely budget-friendly. This is basically so close that you won’t be wearing shoes.

Bonus; These will also be great to wear in the hospital when your baby debuts!

5. Adidas Slides – The best shoe for your hospital bag

I would like to thank everyone who made Adidas slides popular again. These shoes can be worn in public whether or not you have swollen pregnancy feet. They are perfect for every occasion, from the supermarket to the doctor’s appointment.

These are also another great option to pack in your hospital bag (along with some fuzzy socks, of course). They come in a variety of colors, from traditional black and white to pretty mint on top.

6. UGG Women’s Slipper – The most comfortable shoes for swollen feet

Shoes for swollen feet

These slippers are life changing. They’re extremely soft and comfortable, so you’ll likely want to wear them around the house all day. Also, they have a rubber floor in case you have to walk outside. If you have been pregnant through the winter, these are definitely a must.

7. Target Slip-On Flexible Lower Shoe – The best shoe that can be paired with your maternity leggings

I love this camo print slipper. The non-slip rubber sole is super flexible, which makes it easy to put on even with swollen feet. I think these would look super cute with leggings and a long t-shirt. Here you can find our favorite maternity leggings!

8. Sketchers Go Walk Joy – The most stretchy material of all

They might not be the cutest option on this list, but there’s a reason they have long been popular with pregnant mothers. These shoes are made of super stretchy material so you will never have any problem getting them on your swollen feet. They’re lightweight and padded on the inside, which makes them a great option if you’re on your feet for long periods of time.

9. Teva Sneakers – The best shoes for adventurous pregnant women!

Shoes for swollen feet

Folks, I’m obsessed with these tennis shoes. They’re made of breathable mesh and keep your feet cool. This net also offers excellent elasticity, so you can wear your swollen feet in these shoes even during pregnancy. The sole is super light and offers sufficient support. This is a great tennis shoe option if you’re looking for something that doesn’t have the hassle of laces to tie.

Check out more of our favorite Teva sneakers below!

10. Crocs Women’s Busy Day Stretch Asymmetrical Wedge – The best shoe for puffy feet if you are a working mom

Shoes for swollen feet

If you’re a working pregnant mom, these Crocs will make you feel comfortable and look professional. The footbed makes you feel like you’re on clouds. They get the job done whether you have to stand or walk around for long periods of time. To give you an idea of ​​their extensibility, the top of the shoe is a type of yoga pant material.

11. Amazon Essentials Ballerina – A cute option for the working mom

This is another option for working pregnant mothers. These are an Amazon Essential, which means they are super affordable. They are also available in different colors so you can perfectly match them with your wardrobe. So many flat shoes get really narrow at the toes, but these have a rounded toe to give your feet plenty of room. Any extra space in a shoe is a godsend when you’re pregnant and your feet are swollen.

12.Converse Shoreline Low Top – A Classic (But Stretchy!)

Shoes for swollen feet

If you are a reversed girl who is afraid of giving up during pregnancy, these are a great compromise. The back is stretchy so it can easily adapt to a changing foot. In addition, no laces to tie! Loosening the laces allows you to pull the tongue out very far so that you can easily slip your swollen foot into it.

13. Naturalizer Yola Slip-On Sneaker – A trendy shoe for swollen feet

Trendy and comfortable, these slip-on sneakers are the perfect maternity shoe. The high platform makes them a little more chic than the usual slippers. It’s a great shoe to wear (although you should know that pregnancy, whatever the occasion, is a passport to dressing comfortably). The footbed also has a lot of padding! They also come in a tan and a pretty charcoal color.

14. Women’s Neida Eva Two Band Slide Sandals – An affordable option if you love Birks

If you love the Birkenstocks but not their price, Target has come to the rescue with these two band slide sandals. As with the Birkenstocks, you can adjust the straps before putting them on if you have swollen feet. This pair is also made of plastic, which makes them good waterproof shoes for the summer months.

15. Chaco Classic Athletic Sandal – The best shoes for hiking with swollen feet

If you’re not going to allow pregnancy to interrupt your outdoor activities, then you’ll need to get yourself a pair of Chaco Classic sandals. They have a buckle, which is not ideal, but as long as you have a hiking partner they can help you. This is a great shoe for puffy feet as it is customized to fit your foot with easily adjustable straps.

Don’t worry, you will one day have your normal feet back that fit in those cute ankle boots in your closet. Until then, there are at least plenty of ways to deal with it and plenty of cute shoes to choose from. In the meantime, drink plenty of water and keep your feet up if possible!

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