Pottery Barn Glider Review; Is the Wingback Swivel Glider & Recliner Worth It?

Check out this Pottery Barn Glider review of one of our all-time favorite chairs!

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No child’s room is complete without a comfortable chair. Regardless of whether it is a seesaw or a lounger or both, every new parent needs a place in the children’s room to be able to sit. This is especially true for breastfeeding mothers who need a quiet place to feed their baby or pump. Finding the perfect chair for you may seem impossible, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, we’ve found it for you.

Step into the Pottery Barn Kids’ Wingback Swivel Glider and Recliner. This chair does everything! Lean back fully into a sleeping position, slide back and forth, and rotate in full circles for full range of motion.

The Wingback Swivel Glider & Recliner; A Pottery Barn Glider Review

What we love

Specially designed for the needs of new parents and nursing mothers, this plush deck chair is overcrowded, thickly padded and has plenty of room for shoulders and elbows. The chair is virtually silent as it rotates and leans back so as not to wake a sleeping baby. In addition, the reclining mechanisms (even for us little mums) are easy to reach and are made so that they can be used when holding a baby.

We love that it rotates 360 °, glides like a seesaw, but also leans back in case you have to sleep in the nursery.

A variety of options

Wingback Swivel GliderPhoto via Pottery Barn

Of course, we couldn’t leave all of the gorgeous fabrics and colors out of this Pottery Barn Glider review! This deck chair is available with both manual and electric reclining options. However, with the power option, you pay a little more. There are five different types of fabric:

  • Classic Twill: A classic woven firm cotton with a soft texture that comes in three colors: white, navy and gray.
  • Textured Weave: A raised weave and a textured fabric that comes in 20 different colors (mostly white, navy, brown and gray tones, but blush, a pretty light pink).
  • Plan Weave: A tightly woven fabric that is available in 8 different shades of white and gray.
  • Velvet: A long-lasting performance fabric with a soft sheen and plush pile that is available in five colors: olive, silver gray, light red, platinum and ivory.
  • Leather: made of aniline-colored leather. The full-grain or upper-grain leather is soaked in a transparent, non-toxic dye without any subsequent pigmented topcoat being applied. The dye penetrates the skins and lets the natural grain shine through in a brown caramel color.

Depending on the fabric you want, you’ll determine the price (between $ 1,299-2199) and how long it will take to receive the chair. Due to the time frame, we recommend ordering as soon as you have decided on a kindergarten topic. Most chairs take more than 10 weeks to ship.

Construction / durability

An integral part of this Pottery Barn Glider Review is construction and durability. This chair is built to last, with a laminated hardwood frame and steel springs for extra cushion and support. The tongue and groove joinery ensures lasting strength and endurance.

When you purchase the power option, you get a three-year warranty on the electrical front panels, power lines, and motors.

The fabric options are all durable and can be cleaned on site with regular upholstery cleaner or soap and water. If a bad stain occurs, protective covers that are machine washable are available! This chair should last you for years.

Is it worth the price?

Ceramic barn glider ratingPhoto via Pottery Barn

Of course, no matter how bright our Pottery Barn Glider review is, one important question remains open. What’s the price?

The lowest starting price for this chair is $ 1,299, which can be a deal breaker for most. However, this chair rotates, slides, and leans back quietly and is designed to last. If you are buying this for your first child’s nursery but are planning to have more kids we won’t have to buy another in 2-3 years, this one will still be in great shape.

The back of this chair is just over 3 feet high, making it one of the larger nursery loungers suitable for larger parents. The seat is nearly two feet wide, but also two and a half feet deep, giving parents extra space to soak up the plush.

You might find a daybed that is cheaper or a seesaw, but I doubt you will find some that can do all three with this level of comfort.

What real parents say

Check out more Pottery Barn Glider reviews from mums like you!

* Opinions / ratings from the What to Expect.com community forums

“My rotating glider from the ceramic barn was by far my most expensive purchase and I don’t regret it at all. I’ve been using it every day / night with all three of my kids for the past seven years for the next month. From feeding at night to cuddling and reading a book before bed. “- AutumnSky002

“I bought the modern Wingback Glider from Pottery Barn Kids. The chair is great, but it took me 13 weeks to get it. “- Kinsey035

“I swear by this glider and deck chair. I got it for my first baby that I had last year. I loved that it glides and sits back. It is totally worth it !!! My husband goes well with it too. Good for tall people ”- kelsey246

“We have children’s swivel armchairs from the pottery barn. I love it! Our cot is well decorated – I already owned it since it was my first child.

Most of the furniture in our house is pottery barns and I’ve always been super satisfied with the quality and customer service! I am obsessed with the chaise longue and it is really comfortable. “–Sburrows2013

“We had the glider in our son’s nursery and it was my favorite baby item !!! This time we get one that goes with our living room furniture and keep it outside as the baby shares a room with big brother! “–Saraberry23

“I received my modern PBK glider when they got a 30% discount, used my PB credit card and got an additional 10% discount. For me it was the variety of fabrics to choose from, but above all the size. I am tall and oversized and my husband is over two meters tall. I didn’t want a chair that felt like it was breaking as I rocked my (probably huge) baby. It didn’t want anyone to pinch my bum either.

PB has some great options that are wide and have a higher back. It’s not a magic chair, but it feels like it’s going to last, creating a nice normal chair for his bedroom that moves forward. (I already washed the protective cover from my SIL after an unfortunate breast milk accident when I tried the chair? And it washed perfectly.) ”–JillBjan

“I love my rotating ceramic barn glider deck chair, it’s so comfortable and we use it every day. We didn’t get it until my little guy was maybe 8 months old and had an Ikea rocker before that as my husband didn’t think it was worth it. Man, he’s the first to eat his words these days and admit he was wrong. I’m really looking forward to having it from the start this time, especially if this little one is something like his brother and just wants to be held on a lot at the beginning. “- maggieb428

“So we order a modern glider and deck chair in the children’s shop in the pottery barn. I saw it online but called our local store to see if it was in stock and they wanted us to order from them so badly due to the decline in in-person store purchases. We did it because they found us great discounts and were great with the customer service. The glider was reordered which was fine but I told them I needed it before the baby arrived. You did it! It was great and has weathered a lot of milk / formula / pee stains in the past year and a half! Still looks great and works great! “- Nellygnu

This chair is high on our list of the best gliders for a reason. It’s extremely comfortable and durable enough to last for years (which means you can use it on multiple babies!). We hope this Pottery Barn Glider review of the Wingback Swivel Glider and Recliner has helped narrow down your choices for the perfect kindergarten chair!

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