Our Favorite Summer Baby Gear: Baby Rash Guards, Sunglasses and more!

Summer is just around the corner, which means your kids will just have so much more time to gather all of the seasonal things and must-haves your kids need. From sunglasses to hats to baby rashes and diapers, we’ve compiled a list of gear to make your summer fun and easy!

The weather isn’t the only thing that changes in summer. The equipment and essentials for your kids will also change slightly to cope with those hot sunny days!

The internet and stores are flooded with baby / kids products that are marketed to you as a parent. This can be very overwhelming and cause unwanted stress. Don’t worry anymore, below we have compiled a list of our favorite summer baby items so you can prepare for your summer activities and vacations.

Our favorite summer baby items

Summer baby equipment - Baby Rash Guard

Summer Gear Baby Rash Guard - pink swimsuit

Baby Rash Guard – From Carters

On our pool days in the summer months, we not only load tons of sunscreen, but also make sure that our children are adequately protected from the sun. Nevertheless, skin rashes are always a MUST to protect my children from the sun!

Carter have a wide variety of baby rash protectors for babies and toddlers every year to keep your little one safe from the sun! These rashes have UPF 50+ sun protection and are a perfect addition to your summer must-haves for your kids. Here you can find the current prices.

Summer Gear Baby Rash Guard - Rainbow Pool Play Center

Rainbow Water Play Center – From Aim

Water play centers are so much fun for your kids in the hot summer months, especially when you don’t have access to a pool. Quick and easy to set up, this adorable sun and rainbow play center from Target includes a water sprayer that operates from a standard garden hose.

Sun protection for your babies and let them have fun on the soft water slide and with the inflatable toys provided. Here you can find the current prices.

Summer Gear Baby Rash Guard - Parasol

Mark & ​​Graham Sunshade – By Pottery Barn Kids

Are you planning to go to the beach this summer? You might want to invest in this Pottery Barn Kids sun protection tent and protect yourself from the sun and wind! This light and easy-to-assemble sun protection offers integrated UPF 50+ protection and can be conveniently packaged small for easy packing! Here you can find the current prices.

Summer Gear Baby Rash Guard - sunglasses for toddlers

Toddler Dino Sunglasses – From the children’s place

Every summer bag needs sunglasses for your children! Your kids will love these adorable dinosaur traveler sunglasses from The Children’s Place! These lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays and are pretty savvy when it comes to pricing too! Here you can find the current prices.

Summer equipment Baby Rash Guard - Summer Sun Play Yard

Portable Pop N ‘Go Play Yard – from California Beach Co.

It was a lifesaver for me last summer to have a spot outside where I can safely drop your baby down to play! This Pop N ‘Go portable children’s playground gives your children the ideal spot in almost any place you take them to.

Each tent is a portable pop-up that comes with a UV protective cover and carry bag for added comfort and convenience. It also includes a security lock that keeps the pop-up tent securely in place until you’re ready to pack it up! This is perfect for newborns, babies, toddlers, children, and even pets. Add this to your summer must-haves! Here you can find the current prices.

Summer equipment baby

Summer Gear Baby Rash Guard - sun protection

Children’s sun protection – From Hallo Bello

Without a bottle of sunscreen, no summer bag is ready to protect your family from the harsh rays of the sun! Hello Bello is the brand my family turns to when it comes to protecting our skin from that annoying sun.

This mineral and plant-based sunscreen not only protects and cares for your family’s skin, but is also reef-friendly, water-repellent and protected with a sun protection factor of 50! We love this sunscreen because it is made without oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, PABA, nanoparticles, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and common allergens (soy, gluten, peanut). Here you can find the current prices.

Rock the locks

Of course, one of the best things about summer is the time you can spend outdoors, especially swimming in your local pool or days at the beach. All of this has one downside, however, which, after all the fun, grazes through the knots and tangles in your child’s hair. You should have a good detangler on hand to make this process easier for everyone!

Here’s what Lo of Rookie Mom Squad had to say about Rock the Locks:

“As the mother of two toddlers who are far too passionate about their long (princess) hair, I am always desperate for products that make it easier to brush and care for their hair.

Enter Rock the Locks Detangler. It smells nice, it’s easy to open and use, my 4 year old loved the packaging immediately and we were both so excited that (perhaps for the first time in a year) no one cried during the “hairbrushing” period. Any product that really makes 5 minutes easier as a mom has my thumbs up. “

Here you can find the current prices.

Summer equipment Baby Rash Guard - Baby Pool Floatie

SwimWays Baby Spring Water Float – From the goal

We used one of these floats for my two children so that they can enjoy the pool in the summer! We found this was a great swimmer to introduce our kids to the pool and to protect our babies from the sun with its clip-on shade.

This floatie is super easy and convenient to store and transport for vacation trips and is ideal for babies aged 9-24 months! Here you can find the current prices.

Summer equipment Baby Rash Guard - sun hat

Summer equipment Baby Rash Guard - sun hat

Cotton sun hats – by H & M.

Sun protection hats are so important that you have them on hand for your children during the hot summer months. These sun hats from H&M not only protect the top of your children’s heads, but also the neck, which gives you the added security that your children are protected from these harsh rays.

H&M has an amazing range of sun hats, but the muted colors are our personal favorites!

Here you can find the current prices.

Summer Gear Baby Rash Guard - beach and pool bag

Beach bag and pool bag – From Amazon

Personally, I am addicted to the sack! As a mom, this PERFECT bag can really be a game changer when it comes to getting through those busy days. Having a bag for summer activities can really change your mom game and be a convenient handle on the way to the door!

This summer beach and pool bag on Amazon has it all. This bag is 100% waterproof so you can keep your smartphones, tablets, credit cards and more safely! Machine washable and equipped with many pockets, this bag will quickly become one of your favorites in summer! Here you can find the current prices.

Our favorite summer baby gear: baby rash guards, sunglasses and more!

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Our favorite summer baby gear: baby rash guards, sunglasses and more!

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Frequently asked questions about Summer Baby Gear & Baby Rash Guards

Do Babies Need Rashes?

A rash prevents your baby from getting too much sun. Since you cannot apply sunscreen to your baby until he is 6 months old, a rash protector provides important protection.

What does a rash protector do for babies?

Rash Guard protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and can prevent sunburn.

Do babies need a swimsuit?

Babies are recommended to wear swimsuits with a UPF rating for sun protection. Many public and resort pools require your baby to wear a swim diaper. You can wear this under your bathing suit.

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