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April 10, 2021

I’m really excited to share a brand new kit with you in the shop today – it only costs $ 10-17. I’ll be talking quite a bit about the Clean Mama Routine and a Flexible Routine on Instagram next week – make sure you join in!

Tired, overwhelmed, and skeptical that a cleaning routine might work for you? I know what it feels like to want a home this clean but don’t have the time or energy to figure it out. This is why I created the Clean Mama Routine. I was exhausted, working outside the home as a teacher and part-time worker, trying so hard to keep our small home clean. As I started setting up a system and taking a little time each day, that routine slowly but surely began to work for us. After years of implementation and almost every work and child scenario, I can proudly say that the Clean Mama routine WORKS in any scenario. However, you may need to tweak or tweak it for your life and your home.

Whether you’ve heard of the Clean Mama Routine or tried it in the past, you may be doing aspects of it but need a little help to get fully on board. I’ve converted your feedback and comments into Clean Mama’s Guide to a Flexible Routine. It’s a whole guide to help you get it implemented on YOUR schedule – I’m very excited to share it with you!

Set up a cleaning routine that works with your schedule, not against it!

The Flexible Routine Guide shows you how to implement Clean Mama’s simple and proven methods to clean your home with the least amount of time and effort. Struggling to find a cleaning routine that suits your busy or untraditional schedule? This pack is the tool you need to finally set up a system in your home.

This printable kit costs $ 10 (reg. Price $ 14) – this is an incredible price for what you get. Remember, this will change your home and your routine!


  • Quick start guide
  • Routine at a glance
  • Sunday planner
  • Monday planner
  • Tuesday planner
  • Wednesday planner
  • Thursday planner
  • Friday planner
  • Saturday planner
  • Rotating tasks, January – December
  • Monthly focus, January – April
  • Monthly focus, May – August
  • Monthly focus, September – December
  • Take a look at the week
  • Weekly planner (pre-filled)
  • Weekly planner (empty)
  • Monthly planner
  • Daily routine
  • stopwatch
  • resources

I really enjoy the daily to-do checklists – each day of the week has a one-page checklist to walk you through the routine. There’s a place to help you decide what time of day is best for you, and a thorough rundown of each day with tips on how to simplify it, identify different implementation times, and break down tasks. Every day also has a place for daily tasks – imagine I take your hand and guide you through your day.

Once you’ve done the daily and weekly chores, you’ll be looking for these thorough cleaning and organizing chores – this kit contains them Rotating tasks AND the monthly focus too!

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