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As some of you may have noticed, there was a 17 day break between the last two posts. That’s the longest since the blog started. I think I was officially on my first blogging slump and came back from it.

What is a blogging break-in?

A slump is a slowdown in an activity. I’ve always thought of a blogging break-in as that leisurely, lazy process when you just don’t want to focus on your blog and focus on something else. It turns out it’s not always true. I just had to do other things, but I really missed my blog and the community. So hi Guys, how are you?

The other end of the tunnel

Now when I get back I thought I’d turn this experience into a positive one that sums up the things that caught my eye trying to come back. I will also ask you some questions. If you’d like to answer any of these questions, please let us know your thoughts in the comments. I hope both the post and the comments are helpful to other people going through similar situations.

It was like that for me

I was afraid to return to a project that had remained untouched for so long

I think it was one of the main obstacles that kept me away for longer. I felt like I had neglected a hungry monster and it might eat me up now when I finally show up at the door. Fortunately it was a mistake. No monsters behind the doors, just my old blog and lots of familiar people in the comments and twitter replies. 😍

Reply to comments and messages

This was my top priority because it is the people that I am here for. You helped me get back on track.

Something very exciting happened in my absence

I was featured in an article called The 19 Best Scribendi Book Blogs In 2019 !!!

Of course I am overjoyed about it and it also encouraged me to return here sooner.

My ingenious plan how I can avoid such long breaks in the future

I will try to schedule multiple posts in advance so that if I recur, I can still stay connected with everyone without spending time writing new posts.

questions for you

  • How was your experience with blog break-ins or other long breaks in your projects?
  • Afraid of returning to a project after staying away for some time?
  • What do you try to address first when you return?
  • Has anything exciting ever happened to the project while you were away? Did it help you get back?
  • Do you think there is a way to avoid break-ins?

I hope to hear from you! I wish you inspiration and enough time to do what you love to do!

If you want to chat more, here is my first post with questions about blogs.

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