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August 19, 2021

Have you tried the laundry stripping technique that was circulating on the internet and in mom circles long before the internet? I shared a post with instructions on how to peel your laundry naturally (linked below) over a year ago, and while it’s a method that works, I’ve experimented with MACHINE peeling off the laundry. It works, it’s definitely easier, and the best part is that you let the washing machine do the job for itself. No lugging heavy tubs with wet laundry from the bathtub to the washing machine.

What is taking off your laundry?

Traditionally, stripping laundry just means removing some residue from some detergent and fabric softener, or a build-up of minerals from hard water that you can’t remove from your laundry using traditional washing methods. You will see that this method is regularly discussed in cloth diaper groups and laundry forums. It consists of filling the bathtub with hot water, soaking the laundry, stirring and babysitting the laundry, after about four hours taking care of the satisfactory dirty water, rinsing and washing as usual. It is a process! You can see more here, but I recommend following the much easier method in this post! (I have a top loading machine, but I also share some tips for a front loading machine.)

Does Clean Mama take off laundry regularly?

I don’t do this regularly because I don’t notice I’ve built up from detergents or minerals, but of course our sheets and towels need to be well stripped every now and then and after seeing the results this is a procedure I use when I feel that our laundry needs a thorough cleaning. We have a communal fountain and our whites can get a creamy tint from time to time and that takes that really easy.

Why do you want to dispose of laundry?

If you have sheets, towels, cloth diapers, or other laundry that you think won’t get clean or have debris in the fibers, peeling them off can be a good option. I recommend this method over some other methods because the ingredients are safe AND effective!

Natural washing off – NO Bathtub required!

Gather the laundry that needs to be taken off. You don’t want to overfill or overfill the machine – in other words, don’t throw all of your laundry in it. I’ve collected white towels to show you this method – white sheets and towels are what I use the most.

Gather the ingredients:

Put the ingredients on top of your CLEAN laundry – make sure what you wash is clean first. This method can be used on whites and colors.

Set the washing machine to HOT and SOAK – each machine is different, but the premise is that the water is as hot as possible and you want the laundry to soak for at least an hour or two.

This is how I set up my machine:

If you need to stop / stop the machine to soak it, you can – this is most likely what you need to do with a front loading machine.

Once the laundry is rinsed and clean, put it in your dryer and dry it as you normally would and enjoy your clean and fresh laundry!

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