Must Haves for Meal Prep – Clean Mama

Must Haves for Meal Preparation – Clean Mama

April 27, 2021

I’ve just started a new series – Simple Shortcuts. In this post you will find all the details and my favorite meal preparation tips. Go to Instagram to add your favorite tips to the Stories question box. While we’re in food prep mode, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share some of my food prep must-haves today.

These are my most common meal prep products – they make meal prep a little easier and more enjoyable. You can see all of my Amazon favorites here and my Meal Prep favorites in the Meal Prep category.

  1. Multipurpose trays – I have two of these and I use them every day. They are great for mixing ingredients, salads, fruit and dough and also look great on the table as serving dishes.
  2. Stainless steel bench scraper – I love this for collecting ingredients from a cutting board.
  3. Glass measuring cup – I use this for measuring liquids and other ingredients. – I like to have a few different sizes to make measuring and pouring easy.
  4. Meat / potato masher – Ideal for quick and thorough cooking of minced meat.
  5. Instant pot – I use my Instant Pot weekly for quick meals, but I especially love it for meal prep!
  6. Stack mixing bowls – These are cute, but the handles make them extra comfy.
  7. Stainless steel mixing bowls with lids – These are great for mixing / prepping and storing in the fridge.
  8. Measure Cups – I like the way these feel, nice and heavy, and they have lines inside for half measurements.
  9. Divided storage containers made of glass – I store 99% of our meal preparation ingredients in jars. – I love these split containers and these glass containers too.
  10. Reusable silicone containers – These gusseted bags are great for storing frozen food as well as these silicone trays. Wash in the top rack for the dishwasher and reuse hundreds of times.
  11. Baking molds – I like having multiple baking pans of the same type when duplicating recipes. If both go in the freezer they stack up nicely and if they don’t I can spread the ingredients evenly. I also have these covered baking pans.
  12. Kitchen scissors – If you don’t have kitchen scissors, this is the only thing to choose from this list. I use these daily to cut up food, mince meat, open food packaging, and much more. They are a must in the kitchen.

Hopefully this list will give you some ideas if you are looking for some small meal preparation inspiration – do you have a must have for meal preparation?

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