Must Haves for Evening Routines – Clean Mama

Must haves for the evening routine – Clean Mama

June 2, 2021

I’ve just started a new series – Simple Shortcuts. You can see all of the posts in the series here, so make sure you head over to Instagram to add your favorite tips to the Stories question box. While we’re in the evening routine mode, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share some of my must-haves for my evening routine as well.

These are my must-have products for the evening routine – they actually make the evenings a little easier and more enjoyable. You can see all of my Amazon favorites here and the Evening Routine favorites under the Morning and Evening Routine category.

  1. SCRUB – My Nightly Sink Scrub Routine is a simple addition to any evening routine that helps keep the kitchen clean with a simple evening cleaning addition.
  2. SCRUBBING SPONES – Wiping the counters and washing dishes made easy! Sponges are versatile and ideal for quick and thorough cleaning.
  3. CLEANING CLOTHS – These are my all-time favorites and in my opinion the best out there and perfect for wiping the counter and kitchen table down at the end of the day.
  4. CANDLES – A little ambience with a candle or the spraying of an essential oil mixture.
  5. COFFEE / TEA CASHOLDERS – I love a good coffee / tea cup and I really enjoy using double-walled glass mugs for that evening cup of tea.
  6. HOT TEA – I like this Teavana green tea blend for the evening – it has a bit of caffeine in it, so I’ll have my mug around 6:30 or 7:00 p.m. Of course, you can also prepare a glass of water or something else for your evening routine. I also take a night vitamin.
  7. CHARGING STATION– We love our charging station – it holds iPhones, iPads and charges quickly. We store it in my office – super convenient!
  8. ANALOG ALARM – I love having an old fashioned alarm clock – we rarely have to set an alarm clock with two dogs who like to get up at dawn, but it’s nice to have.
  9. READ – Even if it’s only a few pages or a chapter, I like to read a little before bed. Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home is a great choice for a bedtime book 😉

I hope this list gives you some ideas on how to get inspiration to start an evening routine – do you have a must-have for an evening routine?

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