Must Haves for Easy Meals – Clean Mama

Must Haves for Simple Meals – Clean Mama

May 18, 2021

I’ve just started a new series – Simple Shortcuts. You can see all of the posts in the series here. Go to Instagram to add your favorite tips to the Stories question box. While we’re in Simple Meal Mode, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share some of my must-haves for my simple meals as well. If you are looking for food prep, here are my must-haves.

These are my simple must-have meals – they make dinner a little easier on the table, especially on weekdays. You will see some of my favorite cookbooks (I love cookbooks!) And a few favorite products. You can see my favorite meal planning products in the Clean Mama Shop and my favorite cookbooks in my favorite Amazon shop in the Cookbooks category.

  1. Thriving Home’s Freezer Prep Sessions – I love a pre-scheduled session and Thriving Home’s are my favorites. They happen to have a sale this week if you’re interested.
  2. How to cook without a book – This book was recommended to me by a blog reader – thank you! It’s fun and teaches that all recipes are variations on a theme and show how to cook without a cookbook. Practical and helpful tips, I really like the methods and tips presented.
  3. Daily dinners – Quick and easy family meals, this is a great cookbook!
  4. Weekly Menu Planning Notepad – If you want to write down your meal plan for the week and keep it handy for your family or yourself, the menu planning notepad in my shop is a great option. The kids love to know what’s for dinner, just like me.
  5. Half-baked harvest Super easy – Tieghan’s recipes are some of my favorites – this cookbook is great for simple weekday recipes.
  6. Homekeeping Planner – I love to have a plan and the homekeeping planner does my homework for me and has a place for meals. There are still some homekeeping planners left – late summer 2022 releases.
  7. Cook once, eat all week – Cassy Joy Garcia doesn’t disappoint with these approachable, family-friendly healthy recipes that you can “cook once, eat all week”.
  8. Dinner rotation and menu planning guide – I love using a recipe folder to store recipes online. I use the printable kit included in this guide, as well as the menu planning and grocery inventory prints.
  9. The Complete Make Ahead Cookbook – This is one of my all time favorite cookbooks, full of time-tested recipes that are great for prep, batch cooking, and freezing.

Hope this list gives you some ideas as inspiration for making a list of simple meals. Do you have a must for simple meals?

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