Movement and Exercise During Pregnancy [A Holistic Guide from a PT and OB-GYN]

There is a ton of information on the internet about how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, but nothing beats the chance to hear directly from an expert! That’s why I was so excited to interview Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA. She has been practicing holistic therapy for 22 years and recently published a book with Dr. Anita Sadaty, a highly respected holistic gynecologist. Her book guides couples through conception and pregnancy, with an emphasis on wellness and exercise.

Exercise During Pregnancy

We recommend buying a copy of her book for a comprehensive guide, but you can check out some of Patricia’s tips below!

Exercise and exercise during pregnancy

First, can you tell us about your book “The Wise Men ‘s Guide to Your Healthiest Pregnancy and Birth”?

The Wise Women’s Guide to Your Healthiest Pregnancy and Childbirth is a joyful twist to guide women and men through prejudice, pregnancy, labor / delivery, and postpartum with exercise, diet, breathing, lifestyle medicine, and wisdom.

The book includes strengthening, stabilization, and flexibility exercises, breathing exercises, nutritional advice, ancient wisdom based on today’s science, and good, old-fashioned tips to support women during this wonderful time of great change.

What are some of the most important things to focus on for a healthy, happy pregnancy?

A positive attitude, good support, exercise, good nutrition, and proper breathing all contribute to a healthy and happy pregnancy. The number one priority for a pregnant woman to stay happy, healthy and have a healthier baby is supportive and positive relationships. This book guides the reader to set up their support network to stand out during this time and prevent problems that so many women can develop (postpartum depression, pain, anxiety).

Why should women prioritize exercise and exercise during pregnancy?

prenatal yoga

The best way to have a healthy pregnancy and baby is to exercise! Exercise is the best way to reduce inflammation that will help you pass positive genes on to your offspring. Exercise also helps you sweat out toxins, has improved mental health, and keeps you strong and fit for labor / delivery.

In order to move well, we have to breathe well! Breathing is the basis of everything. The problem is that 100% of pregnant women have a breathing disorder. Because a pregnant woman cannot access her diaphragm, she cannot breathe completely efficiently. The good news is that by doing the breathing exercises in this book you will be able to compensate for it in the best possible way to reduce the likelihood of symptoms. Such symptoms can include nausea, anxiety, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, and more.

Does exercise even benefit the baby?

Absolutely! Because exercise is the first way to reduce inflammation in the body, you are more likely to pass positive genes on to your baby, and mute or dim the lights on the negative genes. If women exercised at least 30 minutes of walking a day during pregnancy, it increased the neuroplasticity of their baby’s brain.

The only thing to avoid is extreme sports and high intensity sports as they can be negative and can inflame you. Men and women should exercise moderately and do something they love 6 months before conception, and women should keep exercising during pregnancy as long as their gynecologist clears it.

Can you give us some exercise examples that are safe for pregnant women?

Brisk walking for 30 minutes or more a day, preferably outdoors and perhaps with some of your favorite music. Cycling is great and especially good if you develop gestational diabetes. Dance is awesome and poses a triple threat: you get triple the health benefits because dance gives you movement, meditation, and music! Strengthening exercises for the lower glutes, gluteus medius, core, pelvic floor, shoulder blade stabilizers, legs, calves, and feet can be very helpful!

My book includes pictures and descriptions of specific exercises, stretches, nerve mobilization and even self-mobilization exercises to help women feel good and strong during pregnancy.

We even consider proper posture, breastfeeding and postpartum body mechanics.

If you could only give one piece of advice to a pregnant mother, what would it be?

Exercise During Pregnancy

Visualize your entire experience of prejudice, pregnancy, labor / delivery, and postpartum. Think about how you want this time in your life to be, how to move gracefully through the challenges with ease, how to be and win the best mom! ENJOY this wonderful time of marriage!

What was your favorite movement during pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!

Expert bio

My name is Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA and I have been practicing holistic physiotherapy for 22 years. I am also a behavioral analyst. I was a professional dancer and since 1999 have brought women back on stage after pregnancy or injury or have played high-level sports. I have a specialty in tennis, dance, core, breathing and the cause of pain to get rid of it forever. I am the founder of WiseBody PT, co-founder of First 1000 Days of Wellness, chairman of the Global Wellness Institute for the First 1000 Days Initiative (for perinatal wellness), and author of the wise woman’s guide to the healthiest pregnancy and childbirths.

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