Mommy and Me Classes [6 Types You & Baby Will Love]

Everything changes when you become a mom, and it can be difficult to find new routines and activities that are beneficial for both you and your baby. While it may seem a lot easier just to stay locked up at home, the two of you have to leave the house every now and then! There are all kinds of mommy and me courses that not only get you out of the house but also help you make new mommy friends.

6 types of mom-and-me classes

These courses will be fun for your baby or toddler, but also enriching. They often help teach new skills and help the two of you bond. Dealing with other babies also gives your little one a good foundation in social skills. And best of all, there are so many types of Mom and Me courses out there that you can really find something that interests you or that you liked before the birth.

The classic rotating Mommy and Me courses

While the classes we talk about below have a specific service, you will also find a weekly class with rotating activities. Activities can include learning songs, works of art, or just playing time on their indoor playgrounds. This type of course is offered by Gymboree, one of the original providers of Mommy and Me courses. You may also have a My Gym, Kidville, or YMCA near you that does the same.

Gymboree makes it very easy to find a course near you; Listen.


Music lessons with mom and me are very popular, and I think it’s probably because most babies really like music. These classes really keep their attention and allow the two of you to have a lot of fun together. Music lessons are great for little babies who love to be carried away to some good tunes and toddlers who dance around and maybe even pick up an instrument. Not to mention that dancing and singing together with your little one is a great way to let go and just connect. Who knows, maybe you are laying the foundations for the next Mozart or John Mayer, whatever your thing.

Music Together has a wide reach, as does children’s music.

Mom and me classes

Mom and I take swimming lessons

Swimming lessons can really start at any age, and if your family is often by the water, the earlier the better. Mommy and Me’s swimming lessons will likely focus on introducing your baby to water and helping you move around a little. While some families choose to start earlier, a good time to start swimming lessons is usually around 1 year old. Mommy and Me swimming classes can also be helpful in giving you tips on water safety and helping you set the limits for your family on water activities. These courses can usually be found at the YMCA, but you can have a local company offering them too!

Hiking groups

I know you’ve seen this large group of mothers walking around the neighborhood pushing their strollers in their backpacks, wondering what the hell inspires them to get up and do some sports. Well what you’re seeing is a walking group from Mommy and Me, and their inspiration for cardio is likely the company of other new moms! Not to mention pushing the stroller around is actually a really great workout that doesn’t require a gym membership or babysitter.

Some of these groups will be looser and others will really focus on fitness, like FIT4MOM. You can check out their Mommy and Me Stride 360 ​​Class here and search for a location near you.

Mom and me classes

Playground groups

Once you’ve got your hands on a wild toddler, you’re on the hunt for the perfect playground to keep them entertained. I recommend going to a playground group that has meetups scheduled so your toddler can make some simple friends and you have other mothers to chat with while you slide the swing or your 2 year old off the slide pull that it climbed up wrong for the seventh time today.

You can probably find one of these groups by searching on Facebook near you.

Mom and me yoga

We highly recommend yoga to mom and I! In fact, we have an entire article for you to read that explains when your baby is old enough to start participating and why it’s so beneficial for both of you. In short, we love that yoga is often self-caring and encouraging you to look within. New moms can definitely use some of this. In babies, yoga can support motor and sensory skills. You can probably find a yoga studio near you that offers a Mommy and Me class, and I would recommend visiting your local YMCA as well.

If you’re looking for new mom friends and a community to lean on, be sure to check out our Rookie Moms Facebook group!

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  1. I think mommy and me classes are a great way to find a balance between taking care of your baby and taking care of yourself. It’s nice to know that you can do something together that’s beneficial for both of you! Thanks for sharing these 6 types of classes – I’m sure I’ll find something that works for us!


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