Looking for a Custom Baby Name Sign? Here are 10 Adorable Options!

There is one nursery trend that I can’t get enough of these days; adorable name tags hanging on the wall! First off, they’re definitely Instagram worthy. However, I really love that they are a simple and modern decor that holds a room together. If you are looking for a custom baby name tag for your child’s nursery, look no further! I’ve rounded up all of my favorites below (including the one I just bought for my newestcomer’s nursery!).

10 adorable custom baby name tag options

Freestanding name badge made of wood

This is the name tag I recently added to my baby’s nursery! When I saw it, I knew it had to be the right thing. It came from an Etsy shop and you can adjust the font and size to suit your needs. When you place your order, read the instructions carefully and see what you want to be uppercase and lowercase.

Round custom baby name tag

custom name tag for babies

While I love the sign I chose, I quickly realized that hanging the sign would have been a lot easier if it had been on such a base since we have wood paneling on the wall. This is something I would recommend you to consider! This is a great option and the shop allows a lot of customization. You can buy the base alone, just provide the first name or the first and middle names. There are also tons of different fonts.

Two-layer baby name badge

Name tag for babies

I love the layered look of this sign and the way the bold white makes it pop! Depending on how you style it, it can either exude a modern vibe or a bit more boho vibe. I think this style looks best with a longer first name, but the shop can also make a sign that includes both the first and middle names.

Semicircle macrame sign

Macrame name tag

Looking for something unique? This semicircle macrame sign would be the perfect finishing touch for a boho-themed nursery. Plus, I think this piece can be moved from a nursery to a large nursery when the time comes!

Custom name snippet

cut out baby name tag

I love the bolder look of this baby name tag. You can order it in black, silver, gold, gray or unpainted. It’s thinner than many of the other options, so it’s flush with the wall.

Mini dip name tag

dipped nameplate

This dainty sign would be perfect on a smaller wall or above a changing table. I also love adding color on the submerged part of the shield. This shop has a wide variety of colors including pinks, blues, greens and oranges.

Custom baby name tag on canvas

Baby name tag on canvas

While wooden signs have taken the world by storm, a good canvas sign can also be a great addition to your baby’s nursery.

Baby name tag with floral design

Flower name tag for babies

How cute is this bright, floral baby name tag? This shop has many font and color options so you can find the perfect addition to your nursery. You can also choose the stain color for the wood.

Remember that the two pieces (the name tag and the flower piece) are sold separately. Get the flower piece here!

Neon name tag

Neon name tag

If you want to have the coolest kid’s room on the block, you’ve got to put a neon sign in! This shop handcrafts its neon signs from durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly LED neon strips mounted on a clear acrylic backing.

Name tag with a wooden base

Name tag

How do you create an accent wall … without actually creating an accent wall? That shield!

Designing your baby’s nursery is different from anything else. You create the space in which you connect, feed, change and play with them. If you are looking for a custom baby name tag, I hope this list of my favorites helped you find the best option for your nursery!

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