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March 13, 2021

I’m so excited to share all of this Laundry products in the Clean Mama Shop are fully stocked and ready for you! You will see some new packaging, new products with a new formula, and new bundles in the shop. I also have a weekend coupon code for you – use the coupon code SWEET LAUNDRY for a 10% discount on all laundry products in the shop. Come see what’s new and don’t forget to subscribe and save 15% if you prefer!

Sure Lemon + Clove Laundry Super Powder is back with a fresh lemon yellow package – darling!

I’m really excited to share a new fragrance – French Lavender Laundry Super Powder! If you love lavender and want a soft scent, you will love French lavender.

There was a slight reformulation to do that Laundry super powder even more effective. It’s struck two head Washing powder for stain removal and effectiveness. It’s so great to know that the ingredients are not only safe for your entire family, but also effective! If you’re a Super Sleuth ingredient like me, you’ll notice a few changes to the formula. These changes make it BETTER – for all of you powder laundry fans this is huge! I found the previous formula pretty amazing, but those improvements knocked it out of the park.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable sodium lauryl sulfate, mannanase, protease, amylase, cellulase, Maris Sal (sea salt), maltodextrin, natural fragrance *

* free of solvents, dyes, made from essential oils and essences of plants

If you noticed Vegetable sodium lauryl sulfateYou may have thought, hmmm, isn’t SLS bad? The SLS we are familiar with is typically a petroleum-based product that is known to be environmentally harmful. It can cause mouth pain from toothpaste and skin irritation from shampoo and personal care products. The vegetable sodium lauryl sulfate contained in the super powder for laundry is NOT the same ingredient!

The following is vegetable sodium lauryl sulfate:

  • Very safe and very effective for lifting up dirt
  • 100% vegetable
  • Derived from coconut or palm kernel oil (RSPO certified)
  • Biodegradable
  • Laboratory tested to not contain 1,4-dioxane or EDTA
  • Powerful Surfactant – That means it’s great for removing dirt, stubborn stains, and stubborn odors
  • Removes particles, dirt and debris from clothing so that it can be rinsed off
  • Removes oil and grease from fabrics
  • Not a carcinogen
  • Not an endocrine disruptor

Take all the powders as a bundle and save! Use the coupon code SWEET LAUNDRY For an additional 10% discount on all laundry products this weekend – this also includes laundry spray and wool dryer balls! Act fast, this sale is on Sunday, March 14th at 11:59 pm CST.

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