It’s the Little Things #138 – Clean Mama

July 29, 2021

Got a little bit of that and what I found this week including a page preview for the 2022 budget planner (!), A delicious frosty recipe from Half Baked Harvest, a Gorp / Trail mix recipe from Goop, and a fun episode of Instagram , The labeled Cottage.

There is something nostalgic about Wendy’s Frosty from back then. I look forward to making this delicious version of Half Baked Harvest this week.

over half-baked crop

I don’t want to say it but school is just around the corner and this Gorp recipe from Goop looks satisfying and easy for an after school snack.

via goop

I really enjoyed the journey of @theletteredcottage looking for a perfect home for their multigenerational family, selling their house and looking for the “Farmette” idea. Consequences!

via @theletteredcottage

A couple of Clean Mama Items:

The budget planner 2022 is coming! The cover reveal (there are 4 covers!) Is coming next week, Monday, along with all of the pre-order information! I can’t wait to show you guys what’s coming – the changes are so, so good!

Summer is busy but laundry and dry cleaning still need to be done. Did you know that I have subscriptions available in the shop? Subscribe and save 15% and get reduced shipping costs! Choose between monthly or quarterly delivery, pause, skip and cancel at any time. View all articles available for subscription here.

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