It’s the Little Things #112 – Clean Mama

January 1, 2021

What a week! What a year! Happy 2021 🙂 I hope the last few weeks have been relaxing and although it is different, I hope well too. We spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve differently, as you may have done too. It was fun trying different things and while I missed my loved ones we had a little and sweet vacation break. There’s a lot to share this week – let’s dive in! Here is a link to all of the posts in this series.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered and ordered Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home? I was blown away by the excitement and support from the book – it’s so much fun to finally have this little book baby into the world. If you love it, I would love for you to leave a review and share the book on social media! Tag me so I can share 🙂 again

Did you catch that New Years Sale Announcement? Let’s celebrate the New Year’s sale in the 2021 Clean Mama Shop! Use the coupon code 2021 for 15% off your entire order through TODAY January 1st, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Hurry up, the sale ends tonight.

If you want to start your calendar or planner with the New Year, get the weekly wall calendar and / or homekeeping planner now for fast delivery AND all notepads are finally back in stock! Buy all paper goods here.Make sure you use the coupon code 2021 for a 15% discount.

Many new products are on the way to Clean Mama Shop over the next week or two – can’t wait to share what’s to come!

Will you come to me / us tomorrow? The 2021 Quick Clean Home Reset? We will channel this urge to clean and de-disturb and use it in our homes. Want to participate? It’s free! and fun! Check out this post for the free printable version and all the details – I can’t wait!

I found this organic vanilla bean paste on Amazon and used it in a couple of baked goods for Christmas – it’s a fun find and can be stored at room temperature too. Do you see it in the top right? I love using turntables for condiments – sweet condiments are on top and savory condiments are on the bottom. You can probably tell my favorite Spice House condiments are. You can see all of these products (except the Spice House spices) in my Amazon favorites in my Amazon shop here.

Are you an all-rounder on December 26th or a slightly longer person? I’m the latter, especially this year, I’m in no hurry to knock it all down. We always wait until after the New Year and then slowly start taking it off and putting it away. I’ve taken stock of our storage solutions and I’m looking forward to placing exactly the things that we want and need to keep away and donating the rest. Would you be interested in what I am working on for vacation storage?

What are your plans for this first weekend in 2021?

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