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January 21, 2021

How do these resolutions come from? That clean and organized house and all the new habits you wanted to start? If you feel like motivation is leaving you or never showing up, I have something that works and will help you get started quickly and make real progress in a rush. The Clean Mama 5 Day Update is back! Last August, over 1000 homes found real progress and support in new ways.

If you need support and help freshening up your home, I am here to help and ready to work together in our homes to create a retreat from what is going on outside these four walls.

Think about how you want your home to feel – quiet, cozy and tidy? Warm and inviting? No more stacks and a system that really works to keep the clutter out forever? Let’s take care of the stacks and sort out the chaos before the next season.

I have created a simple system to help us get started and overcome the chaos to find peace and order. Want to participate?

I know these little results lead to bigger results, habits, and a new sense of calm in our homes. When so much feels out of our control I am so excited to share Clean Mommy’s 5 Day Home Update with you to help you get BIG results quickly and easily.

Clean Mommy’s 5 Day Home Update It’s only priced at $ 15 – that includes a 17-page PDF AND the event with Facebook Lives and a support group.

Heads up: This is an event with a PDF guide. If you want to participate, you need to secure it by January 31st so that you can enter on February 1st!

Let’s clean up clutter together!

If you feel overwhelmed, the clutter is building up, you need a small or big reset, a starting point, or just what you need to get things back to normal, this is this 5 days home refresh is for you!

If clutter is stress, let’s work together to clean up clutter, reduce stress, and put some systems in place to keep the clutter out forever.

Do you want a tidy house? Give me a few minutes a day and I’ll give you a tidy home.

WHAT: In just 5 days, you will find your biggest clutter in your home, clean up the clutter and learn the system to keep it clear for good.

WHEN: February 1st – 5th – Daily FB LIVE coaching and a private FB self-help group


  • Do you need Facebook to participate? NO, you can do the 5 day update at home alone and without the group and group support. The price is the same.
  • I want to start right away. Do I have to wait Of course not! Start immediately – we will start in the group on January 21, 2021.
  • I have little kids, big kids, a job, I don’t really like dealing with clutter. How much time will it take? The 5 Day Home Update is a 5 day event. Give the event as much time as possible – 10 minutes a day is enough for real changes!
  • I’m new to Clean Mama. Should I have the Clean Mama routine “down” beforehand? NO! Don’t wait, this might be just what you need to get started!
  • Can I watch life anytime? They are saved in the Facebook group for you to view as you like.
  • Can I get a refund? No refunds for PDFs due to the nature of the product.

We will select 5 clutter spots, take photos before and after taking photos and work together through our houses. It will be so. a lot of. Fun!

Here’s a look at some of the Facebook group’s before and after – it was so effective to share our before and after as a group together. We helped each other, gave each other encouragement, ideas for rooms and it’s just great fun! If you’re working through my latest book, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home, this is a great way to work through the book 🙂

Get the 5 day update of your home now, join the private Facebook group using the link in the PDF, mark up your planner or calendar for February 1-5, and get ready to clear the clutter eliminate together!

Please note: this is an event – this product is only available until January 31st. It could come back as a different event, but you can only enter this round if you buy before 1/31/2021.

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