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July 17, 2021

Do you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated and stuck in the routine? I’ve heard from so many of you that you want responsibility, connection, and support. I am here to help! Did you know I have a course perfect for creating a reset in our homes and routines? If you haven’t tried the Clean Mama Routine yet, this is the perfect place to start! If you’re doing the Clean Mama routine but feel like you’ve lost your way or need a fresh start, START HERE!

I bring them Start your routine of course back for a 3-DAY FLASH SALE because I feel like this is something that you might need right now. (If you’ve already bought, log back into the portal and join us!)

Regular price is $ 129 – get it now for $ 89!

When you are ready for a reset, you need to do it quickly and effectively. Jumpstart Your Routine is my method to quickly clear up clutter and reset our home and remove the overwhelming demands that can creep into everyday life.

BONUS: When you complete the course you will get my Monthly Subscription, Homekeeping Society FREE for one month, and this month’s Homekeeping Society Bonus Coupon is Free US Shipping!

What’s in the course?

  • 11 professionally edited videos
  • 31-page workbook / guide to walk you through the course – completely updated!
  • Emails sent to you after each module to help you keep moving
  • 9 short and simple modules
  • Step-by-step guide to walk you through quickly resetting your home and routine
  • 3 Facebook lives to get you started quickly and to keep you up to date

Here is a little video insight into Jumpstart Your Routine….

The regular Jumpstart Routine course costs $ 129 – sign up now for a 25% discount to take part in the live coaching that starts THIS Tuesday, July 20th.

Wouldn’t you like to finally transform your home from its current state into cozy, comfortable and simplified? What if you could let your cleaning company go? Or do you not have to rent one at all? This ALWAYS happens when my readers learn to keep up with their homes. Work at your own pace with online help and encouragement and move on!

Regular price is $ 129 – get it now for $ 89! No coupon required!

Ready to start? Click here to go to the course page and to register!

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