Is Cricut Access Worth it? Everything You Need to Know

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Cricut Access is Cricut’s premier subscription service that offers access to hundreds of thousands of images and fonts, as well as exclusive discounts. But is it really worth getting? This post answers frequently asked questions and concerns to help you decide if it is right for you.

Is Cricut Access Worth It?

Whether you currently have your Cricut machine or have been a user to begin with, at some point you have to wonder whether you should sign up for Cricut Access.

Cricut Access has a lot of great features, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. It has changed a lot over the years, and I’m glad Cricut kept improving it.

It’s a program I subscribe to year after year because I think it offers a lot for your money – especially if you’re not that good at designing your own projects.

This post is everything you need to know about Cricut Access so that you can decide whether or not to invest in Cricut Access!

What is Cricut Access?

It’s a subscription service offered by Cricut that gives you access to fonts, images, and other discounts.

Their pricing model has changed over the years, but here are the current pricing tiers. They really simplified it from what they used to have.

Cricut Access Comparison of Plans

Here are the most current plans they offer:

default bonus
images 100,000+ 100,000+
Fonts 500+ 500+
Licensed images 10% reduced 10% reduced discount 10% reduced 10% reduced
materials X. 20% sale
Free shipping over $ 50 X. Yes
Priority member support Yes Yes
monthly price $ 9.99 / month Not a month
Annual price $ 95.88 / year ($ 7.99 per month) 119.88 / year (9.99 per month)

For me personally, I don’t buy a lot from, so the benefits of Premium aren’t that enticing.

Questions to ask before signing up

First, let’s discuss whether you should purchase a Cricut Access subscription. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you often buy images or fonts from Cricut at cost?

If so, Cricut Access is a great option. The cost of a few fonts or images is definitely paid for in the cost of the subscription.

How often do you use your machine?

If you rarely use your machine (less than 1-2 times a month) this may not be the best idea – especially if you are creating your own designs.

However, if you are a frequent user, Cricut Access is likely a great investment for you.

How often do you purchase physical products and materials from Cricut?

Get a 10% discount on physical product purchases, including machines, with your subscription. The Premium package gives you a 20% discount on materials and accessories, which is pretty impressive.

What kind of projects are you doing?

Are the projects you write hard – and do you want them to be more fun? Do you like to use more complex images (i.e. ones that you couldn’t make with the shape tools yourself?)

Do you create your own pictures?

If you’re pretty good at making your own images and don’t want to buy a lot, you probably don’t need a subscription.

Are you buying pictures from elsewhere?

Etsy is a great place to find cut files for your Cricut machine. They also offer another variety. I recommend browsing through different categories of images and see if you like the styles that Cricut offers.

If you buy a lot of fonts and images from other sources, Cricut Access may not be the most effective solution for you.

Are you satisfied with downloading and installing fonts on your computer?

You can find great fonts from DaFont and similar websites. If you want to conveniently install the fonts on your computer, this is a good option. However, you always need to check the licensing of the fonts you download. It is convenient to only have the fonts that are compatible with Cricut Access preinstalled.

How many new fonts will you use?

If you only have one or two fonts that you want to use, or if you want to download fonts to your computer for use in Design Space, purchasing a font-only subscription might not be the best idea. However, if you want access to a lot of Cricut fonts without having to download them yourself, a subscription might be worth it.

Is Cricut Access Worth the Money?

I think if you plan to use your device a lot, and you want images and fonts to be readily available at all times with little effort, then Cricut Access is definitely worth it. As you saw above, the most expensive plan is $ 11.99 per month. Most of the fonts in Cricut Design Space are $ 4.99, and most images are around $ 1.99. That can add up quickly!

I think it’s worth the money simply because I like the convenience of it. I like to know that when I go into Design Space, I almost always find exactly what I’m looking for – and it’s almost always available through Cricut Access.

What if you cancel?

Note that if you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the images and fonts that you have used in the past. So if you want to have access to certain images and fonts forever, it might be best to buy them outright.

What plan should I get?

First of all, you need to decide whether to pay monthly or in advance. If you want to pay monthly (no initial prepayment), congratulations! Monthly will be the best option for you.

However, if you need to pay a little more upfront for more features, opt for Annual or Premium.

By looking at the table above, you can compare and contrast the differences above. With Annual, you pay less all year round with a few fewer benefits. With Premium, you pay $ 2 more but get the added benefit of up to 50% off licensed images, fonts, and finished projects, plus free economy shipping and premium support for members.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cricut Access


  • Simple – you have access to thousands of images and hundreds of beautiful fonts at the touch of a button. No need to download fonts or images to your computer and mess around with uploading them to Cricut. I know people often have trouble uploading pictures and making them cuttable!
  • Low cost – especially if you pay annually
  • Large selection – they have options for every occasion!
  • Additional discounts on digital images and cartridges (not included in the subscription), as well as on physical products


  • You pay the fee even if you don’t use it that month
  • You will lose access to the fonts and images if you cancel
  • It has a lot of fonts and images, but not everything. You may be looking for more complex designs on Etsy, which would add an additional cost.

Comment below with any other questions you might have!

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