How to Write a Letter to Santa & Get a Letter Back!

Shortly before Christmas, the hunt for a new advent calendar for this year is due (because they simply MUST contain chocolate). Although our tree is not quite tall yet, there is still a lot to plan for Christmas!

From buying gifts to sending out the annual family newsletter, this is the busiest time of year! But I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share with you a little magic tip that I got to know a few years ago!

When it comes to writing letters to Santa Claus, kids take it seriously. I mean, my kids have been working on this year’s Christmas list since about December 27th last year. But now it’s time to get serious, curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and start writing!

Even if my children don’t “believe” in Santa Claus, we love to see Rudolf on Christmas Eve and read books about the Santa Claus story. It’s a fun little game. We have lots of little friends who believe in Santa Claus. So this is the best middle ground we’ve found in working for our family.

If you’re a family that has devoted themselves to the magic of Santa Claus every year, I’m going to share two magical ways you can get a personalized letter back from Santa this year!

How to send your child’s letter to Santa Claus

If your kids already know how to send letters, a trip to the post office is essential!

Did you know there’s a town in Indiana called Santa Claus? Even better, you write letters back to your child yourself on behalf of the great man.

Send your letter Santa letter to:

45 North Kringle Place

Santa Claus, IN 47579

This Indiana post office is the only one in the world whose name is Santa Claus. In 1914, the postmaster began writing letters back to children on Santa Claus’s behalf, and today she works with the non-profit Santa’s Elves Inc. the Santa Claus Museum, organizes volunteers to answer any Santa letters that flood this tiny post office during the holidays. In 2015, 22,000 letters were answered.

If you have a kid writing a letter to Santa Claus, this is an adorable way to bring some magic into December!

Have your letters already been sent to the North Pole or are you still working on them?

PS – If you’re still working on your family Christmas newsletter for this year, check out these tips to make it the best ever!

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